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Deviantart admins are trolling my account

By QuilesART
The website deviantART, this website is trolling my account.

Many time ago they deleted some of my works, I ask to the help desk the reasons to delete in every work because I din't broke any rule, and the guy in the help desk didn't tell me a reason,  but of course because he can't.
After that they stop trolling my account for many time, but I started doing artworks about the manipulation of the rules here by the admins and the behavior like trolls and they started to delete my works again.
I made new works about that situation and they gave me a daily deviation trying to shut up my mouth, but I can't shut up about this situation. So they actually continue trolling my account and they delete my works, no matter if I broke the rules or not, like in my last work "chandelier" I didn't broke any rule in that work but they deleted that few minutes ago.

This website sucks, is not a website for art, is a website about manipulation, censorship and help to make more popular the friends of the admins. So they must change the name of this website. Something like deviantARTSUCKS, deviantCensorship, deviantManipulation, deviantMafia...

Now all the trolls used by the admins who follow me just to report my works and silence my opinions will report that journal

I don't broke any rule but I'm waiting to see how the deviantART admins delete my account to get my silence even If I didn't broke the rules. I know they are afraid to do that because i have many people who follow my works, so they just act like trolls to make me go out from that website.

Now report that, trolls
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I love your work... but I don't understand why you consider this a problem.  Its run by a private corporation, and they can set and impose whatever rules they feel like.

If you want freedom... create your own web site, post cleaner images and direct people to a riskier site.

That is what other artists do.
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This is so true, I am experiencing this now, though there's varying time between deletion, close to a dozen images must be gone by now. This image should be the daily deviation! :D
BennoBrehm's avatar
They are more frighten of us then we of them!
DanielJuno's avatar
Well depicted. I'm suprised so many nude photo portraits get by with it.
MercenaryX's avatar
Unfortunately I cannot refute this.
Dzonatan's avatar
An asshole with a point is still an asshole.
Shock art can get you only so far until people go "yeah no fuck sherlock! Tell us something that isnt already known to us".

So every post must only contain ideas that have never been seen before. I see...

Dzonatan's avatar

I did change my stance since then I lean more towards "A point with an asshole is still a point".

Rastifan's avatar
Pose a dildo on a table and the pic will be removed. Rules says no sex toys. Pose a woman on the ground with her guts spilled out, and it is fine.
Explain that logic. Seems DA just slammed a bunch of rules together without giving it any intelligent thought.
Yereren's avatar
Lo mas lindo de Deviantart es cuando no permite tu contenido (que es más que claro que es arte) pero si permite una horda de dibujos asquerosos, feos y fetichistas. Página asquerosa :heart: 
FutaFairy's avatar
Well I've tried to report several obvious child porn postings, and always get a nasty note from the admins telling me to stop unless i know the actual age of the models, or the age the artist was envisioning in the case of drawings. Funny that they ride you, but let the kiddie porn peddlers ride.
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Deviantart is a private website and you have to play by their rules. That's not censorship. That's using another's forum and abiding by their rules.

You're also very talented.
createjc's avatar
Glad to know that people handle their disgruntled feelings in a mature matter.
the7thsphere's avatar
You are PRECISELY the reason we have a 1st Amendment in America. Good art, good work, good job, keep upsetting people. Their censorship and angry responses mark them as compliant with everything your art exposes the wrongness of.
createjc's avatar
...those are all sexual acts. Therefore, it's by fucking definition porn. This is angry slandering, not better than namecalling. You have a problem about how things are done, go about going against it in a respectful manner.

Creating art is disrespectful. Okay.

LisasDailyDraws's avatar
Great job. I support it. Fight the bullshit.

For those saying Deviantart wasn't meant for porn, you're horribly misguided. Nudity and human sexuality doesn't have to be shamed. That's just childish and rude. As long as the model is not underage, there is no problem. Get off your high horse.

And you know what? Deviantart actually wasn't meant for whiny children.
Especially the ones who want nothing but positive regard for their shitty OCs, but here we are, with repetitive shitty OCs filling up and blocking out the good stuff in any possible fandom search you could conceive.
An art website where a majority of people are bad and don't want constructive criticism. Does anyone see how fucking problematic that is?
It's a much worse problem than the porn. You can't even fucking filter it out, that's the worst part.

Children aren't supposed to be on here anyway. There's also a mature filter to protect them. If they lie about their age, that's their fault.
LadyLunoma's avatar
Bruh my OC's aren't shitty. 
squirrels-are-evil's avatar
Don't mind your critics, your artwork speaks loudly when it comes to it's message
Nightcool's avatar
Perhaps you never thought that deviantart wasn't for PORN.
When I came on here, the only time I found porn was when I looked in the deep closet of da. But now it's right there, out in the open. What of a kid comes on here?
Next thing we know, another serial killer is on the loose.
LisasDailyDraws's avatar

I must be the most prolific serial killer out there.

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