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Deskjet 1050 J410 series
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Wooooooooooooooo..... Awesome, man, that!... wow.... 
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should have little hands
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is that Hillary or Trump (I hate Hillary)
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Why would you assume it's even a US politician (he's waaay to skinny for that). There are political catastrophes happening outside of your borders as well ;)  
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the timing and the fact that an earlier pic from gunsmithcat was about the 2016 US election too and ....this is obviously a......"vulture capitalist". :p
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Ca-CAWRRR!! Whoot? 
katiejo911's avatar
Does it matter?
JackHologram's avatar
Hillary would sell it, Trump I will give, him a chance. 
rarefreak's avatar
just a really honest question......

why? :)
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really good question.
rarefreak's avatar
reading this 3846394373943743473 times makes one quite curious. ^^
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I think this is just a politician in general 8B. But thats my view
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