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Cum on my Facebook

By QuilesART
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Deskjet 1050 J410 series
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He is saying that social media is shallow and egotistical. I agree.

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Seriously doe, I absolutely love this! Your artstyle to me, epic jobe mate!

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Yeah, this pretty much sums it up, but to keep up to date, just use instagram.

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Very interesting what people read into this picture and take away from it. I am not sure what it "really means" but a thought for the people who are righteously outraged by the image: is a society that eroticises exhibitionist narcissism (all genders), degradation/masochism (primarily for women/girls) and domination/sadism (for men) really healthy and thriving or is it sick and possibly dying?

Is male centered porn really a desirable template for female sexuality? Why are many men still so eager to subjugate women (and why do many women eagerly take part in their own subjugation)? Are social media and internet culture warping our brains by making it easy to focus on our obsessions and basic instincts (which we then try to reflect in the reality of our lived lives)?

It's easy to quickly and self-righteously's a lot harder, and much more uncomfortable to *think* and reflect before jumping to conclusions.
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Try to censure this Mark Zurkerberg!
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can somebody explain the meaning thx
mysognist thinks social media addiction is akin to being promiscuous.
there is nothing wrong with a woman being promiscuous, btw.
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I'm really glad you pointed that out. Thank you.
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hell no! fuck slutshaming ughh
Check out the rest of this guy's art. It's all the same theme.
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Yeah its gross... Using slutshaming and also sexualization sometimes of young girls to push forward an agenda... Gross!
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nope. not even close. but you definitely sound intellectual. well done.
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uhmm this is very sexualizing and slut shaming art? idc to sound intellectual - i can explain in easier words / more thoroughly for you?
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well you like to share your opinion and explain things to strangers, i figured that much out on my own. thanks for sharing your art as well. or was that just your ticket in here?
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I'm glad don't DO Facebook.

I do gmail!
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ok dude, your data is being stolen either way

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This was three years ago.
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