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Improvement 2003-2012

I felt a bit insecure of my art, so I decided to update my art timeline to see how I have improved during the last couple of years.

I have now realized that I have actually improved since 2009 when I last did one of these. I am not sure if I have improved that much the last year, but hopefully I will see some improvement when I do one of these the next time.
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that's such major improvement!
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I fear doing this, as I see I did so little since 2009. Great to see your improvement and constant finalizing your works :thumbsup:
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A lot of times learning, growing, and improving is like this. Please don't get discouraged. I know when things in real life are very busy for me, I cannot always tune them out, or focus them into the piece I'm trying to work on.
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When I look at this timeline I see improvement, but the steps between years are often not that big that you see them. It is when you compare pictures some years apart that you see the improvement.
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:nod: I know I'm slow to improve, but that is because I cannot always work at it 6 or 8 hours a day; or even in 3 hour blocks, in peace and quiet, at times. It is the quiet time on task part that teaches our hand-to-mind connection to paint truly what our eye-to-mind connection sees and knows.
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