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Explorers of Shadows Pg.439

By Quilaviper
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Darkening's master strategy: Just freeze everybody until they're too cold to fight lol

(But seriously, I know, this page took forever, I suffered very much on it and I have no real explanation asides from depression and lack of energy, I'm sorry, but I hope you enjoy it anyways *jazz hands* I've come to realize I kinda like drawing ice)


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ah yes with max attack use explosion, (overkill maybe, totally causes no problems to the user and victreebel can totally learn it)

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QuilaviperStudent Digital Artist

True, but Explosion would nuke all his allies, too ;P (Minus Haunter, I guess lol)

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QUICK, GRAB A MAGCARGO! It's so hot it can burn the damn sun, much less Articuno

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Yes, Quilaviper is BACK baby!

Also, if battles are done in real time like in the Pokémon anime, a move like Growth seems so strong. Very little cast time, pretty huge benefits. But then again, there's no point in fighting fair when you're up against a possessed Articuno.

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Coughing blood is a very bad sign it indicates internal bleeding or a punctured lung its a silent killer in most situations and should be medically taken care of ASAP. That being said I can see why you did as fire types needless to say are far more weak to ice. Your lucky though that damage calculations in the Pokemon only World/Lands nerf weakness multipliers by a good amount other then the Human-Pokemon World/Lands. Or otherwise you would be coughing up more then just blood. I assume its a protective measure by Arceus herself to prevent her children from killing each-other.

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And Yes i know, Haejigoku more like Hae its Goku. Anyways jokes aside yha I look at medical injury as the more critical thing first. Comes from being in a very medically inclined family. As for the time between pages take your time, will always be here. Afterall mental care is especially important in this day and age with all that has been happening as of late so take what time you need.

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this page did take a while, but it looks SO beautiful that I honestly don't mind, keep up the good work and stay healthy :D

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FloatTheBuizelHobbyist Filmographer

oww, that gota hurt, i have coughed blood once, and that was when i fell on my fence, one of those 2 foot plastic fences that has spikes, almost passed out. "almost!"

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Gopher09New Deviant

It's Back Yay

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TheGalacticDragonStudent Digital Artist

finally caught up on this looks great ^_^ you uploadingg this page reminded me to read this XD

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The16BitCharadeHobbyist Digital Artist

Man seeing this was a healthy dose of nostalgia I was about 12 when I started reading this comic I'm in my 20's now. Time flys ^^;

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Darkening has the best strats. That's why he is single.

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YellowRaichuHobbyist Writer

It lives! Quilaviper lives!

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Someone bring a medic... but not for them

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atomic-wallflowerHobbyist General Artist

HAIJEGOKU ABOUT TO BE OUR ULTIMATE BEAST!!!!!!!!!!!!! but also holy shit I love your ice????? it's so GLOWY-- oh god I miss consuming your media like nothing else thank you for this delicious morsel

(now go to sleep you magnificent bastard ily)

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QuilaviperStudent Digital Artist


Thanks, I'm dead now XDDDD

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not on this page you aren't

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