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Ask #57: Nightflare

I wasn't sure if this question was meant in a, like, "You got too angry that one time!" kinda way, or the "How are you not angry all the time?" kinda way, but the general consensus is that he does not do anger management classes X'D 

Question asked by Alex-Canine845

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He's the less angry because he's the only one not actually committing crimes

Or is it the other way around

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A fine mix of both XDDD

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Certified Nightflare fan here, I don't ever remember him getting angry ever

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He got angry exactly one time when Ace was berating Haunter XD

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At least I am not the only person who knows how to control their anger
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should have been:

"r u angry?"

No we have a tank
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I was not expecting an oversimplified reference to be here. :lonely:

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No anger issues! Good boi!
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he is a VERY good boi (exceptwhenhe'sbeinganaccessorytocrimelmao-)

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The good boi in the team
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who's an emotionally stable boi

you are

oh yes you are

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