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Ask #55: Haunter

That scene is from Pg.377 ( Explorers of Shadows Pg.377 by Quilaviper) but I redrew it because ALL OLD EOS PAGES LOOK LIKE TRASH, GODDAMN-

Question asked by GuyroMaster 

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Old EoS pages?? that page can't be from more than 3 years ag- 2016?????? WHAT

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the articuno fight has been going on for four years, when will my suffering end X'DDD

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i agree with that

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The sudden change in expression is great, he was moments away from saying too much.

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Thank you!! Haunter's expressions are some of the most fun ones to draw sgdhgfjgkhlhkjj

and truuue, that boi better not dig a further hole for himself lmao-

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Kyra: hey haunter don't worry mr. hood doesn't hate teams he just dislikes them to the point where if he had a choice he would rather find a sylveon and hug it till his problems manifested themselves as joyous gumdrops and rainbows

Shyra: i think what my twin is trying to say is stop hanging around the emoest child out of special children of the corn crop

kyra could be worse, he could be a cabbage patch kid.

shyra is that what happens when a child of the corn finds happiness?

Ebony: i just want to know who decided to make corn the vegie of emo sadness.

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Now enemies become friends?

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For whatever reason Haunter is extra adorable in the first panel XD

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Probably his dumb expression, I love drawing it XD

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I forgot I asked this. XD

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Makes me wonder if Mr.hood is an old outlaw from previous stories. Lets think...Team Meanies? Nope, Team Skull? Nope, Drowsee? Reformed, Scraggy? Reformed, Gurdurr? Reformed, Kyurem? Nope, Nuzleaf? Reformed, Beheyem? Reformed, Yveltal? Reformed...Bisharp Brothers? Only one Hood. Nevermind...

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The guesses just keep coming lol-

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I mean pawniard brothers, Bishop brothers is a spoiler from my series DANG IT!

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Mr. hood could be a problem with that

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Ah yes, Mr. Hood, our notorious problem-maker lmao-

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not like there is someone (or something) trying to kill everyone (pretty much) around

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