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*slowly adding original art*
This is probably one of my most popular piece of art I've ever done! And for good reason; I NEVER do landscape or urbanscape, whichever you want to call it! This particular image is a segment of a street in Toronto~

Artwork is Mine~ You may share it around, but please remember to link back to me! Thank you :)

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Very nice piece. At first i thought it was a photograph.
Try to set your lens on 50 when shooting your reference shots. This will keep your reference shots flat and not so skewed.
The lines of the buildings on the right make me feel like i am leaning. Also, i would have put that car to the right of the drawing. That way, the car has more street to drive on and would balance with tree on the left better.
You have a wonderful range of values in this.
Great use of values to show all the planes and contours...and it has a really nice even feel to the values throughout.
It's a very good piece of work! <img src="…" width="20" height="20" alt=":clap:" data-embed-type="emoticon" data-embed-id="60" title="Clap"/>
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From the thumb nail I thought this was a photo of a cityscape. To my surprise it's a drawing. Before looking at the tags I was thinking, "this is a fuzzy photo- oh". The detail and realism is outstanding. Though regarding the fuzziness, it doesn't distract but blending areas won't harm either. The bricks at the top, out of the rest of the drawing, have more defined line marks. They might have been they bold in the photo/life but you can slightly soften them so it still fits with it's surrounds would help. Perspective and structurally I believe it's sound. The values of the drawing are rather similar, I can see areas that were darkened but they still are on the same level. That might be the camera quality (of the drawing) that is washing it out. Adding in some more darker areas would help the image pop and define it more. If it was a real photography I would have thought it was more on the overexposed side slightly. All that's minor, overall it's a great drawing. The lines and shading are handled well and the realism is fantastic.
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Thank you very much! :D 
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Sweeet awesome looking this is great cx
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welcome buddeh O v O 
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great detailed pencil work here. well done
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wow I think that looks pretty good! detailed and well done! great work!
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