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Hey guys~ So one of my suggestions on my poll as to what to draw for Anime North was Kill La Kill, and although I've never seen it Ryuko's design has been one of my favorite character designs for a while! I don't understand how the outfit works mind you but she looks so damn good who cares~?

Characters: Ryuko
Show: Kill La Kill

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is like the best thing ive ever seen in my whole life the coloring shading anatomy..everything is just AMAZING i love this character so much..her design is amazing and the art skills you have are amazing too <3
this piece of art is the best --i really enjoy how you made this this is just amazing af ;A; i wish i coukd have your art skills hehe <333id honestly take art lessons from chu cx-- you honestly have to continue with this anatomy ;; the style is amazing <33 i also love the background its really pretty hehe <3 <3
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Oh gosh thank you so much for the kind words! Yes lots of anatomy practice went into my studies, and although I still have a long way to go I'm glad you think it looks good~ :D
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omg yassssssssssssssssssssssss rkuko
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Isn't she just the best??
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that suit is the best! and you did an awesome work! she looks super cool and sexy over there! the pose and the body are beautiful and you also did her face and the coloring job very well! awesome pic!
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Thank you so much :D
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That blue and red just pops. Great picture. ^_^ That stream was fun.
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Thanks :D I was afraid the background might have been too much blue but silly me there's no such thing as too much blue :D
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love her eyes. you're getting better. :)
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Thanks :D Thats awesome to hear because this took me like, no time at all to make ^^
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dis is amazing ;;
;A; --- 
if u dun mind i will add u to my friend list--
i concider you as my friend <3 youre really nice--
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Thank you so much! And I'm cool with you adding me to your friends list :)
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oh yash
np >/////<
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