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Christmas Poster 2008


Finally I finished!! *dies and twitches on the floor*

Full view may be a big download...

Thanks to everyone who wanted to be in it! I hope I did your OCs ok... I was in a rush but also trying to maintain a level of quality. Lots of late nights went into this but I've enjoyed it immensely.

If you would like yours individually I can give them to you individually with a lot better shadow and lighting since I was in a little hurry with this ^^;

If you missed out you may request a pic from me. :)

20 ppl in total plus 2 characters.

WIP here - [link]

:bulletred::bulletgreen: Christmas messages :bulletgreen::bulletred:

From the top left to right:

!Phantom-90 's OC Alan. A shapeshifter.
Thanks for being a great friend and I always enjoy your artworks! Disturbed forever! :headbang:

~mastersamus117 's OC ... Master Samus... Single Deviation - [link]
Thanks of your support in watching me and giving me feedback on my works! You're awesome!

~hypersugarmaniac 's OC Dani Hayashi.
Thanks for your feedback and support! Your artworks are great and I love your characters!

~mad-man-aka-joshua-p 's OC himself...
One of my first and good friends on DA. We've talked our way through a lot and got along pretty well. I'm glad you found happiness and even after all the physical hardships you've encountered you're still a great individual. I wish u well in the new year!

~Xaolin26 's OC Derek aka Shockwave.
I love your awesome artworks, especially your new generation comic. Please continue to draw and improve as your artworks are great!

~tugaMaggie 's OC as herself. Single Deviation - [link]
You're a great friend. Whilst you artworks are inspiring and you're down to earth and fun. You constantly put yourself out there and enjoy everything that comes your way (except school lol).

=PrincessBetty1 's OC as herself.
Thanks for all your support and feedback. Your works are great and I look forward to the new year with you.

~Draconorn 's OC Oni and Gremlin. Single Deviation - [link]
Thanks for your feedback and support! While we don't know each other for a while I see you around DA and have admired your works from afar. Please continue doing what you do. I look forward to more works by you! ^__^

~BrotherhoodofSleep 's OC as herself
One of my first friends before DA, lol. Thanks for all your support and friendship. You're a great person and a great writer. I always enjoy your comments and I look forward to the new year with more of your works.

~kappalizzy 's OC as herself and Kappa Mikey. Single Deviation - [link]
Thanks for your support! Your artworks are great and I look forward to more art from you in the future!

~Rose44 's OC as herself
My real life friend, you have supported me in my artworks throughout the years and was the one who introduced me to DA. I've enjoyed late night calls and sleep overs with you in sharing ideas. You're a fun loving individual who always lighten up my day. With your hell-bent obsession of destroying a small time singer Ben-lee you're defiantly a unique individual and I couldn't ask for a better friend!

*Sara-Sloth 's OC Felicity
Thanks for all your support and feedback. You're a great individual. While you've changed your account three times I've enjoyed your artworks and I look forward to more in the future.

*Dynamoe 's OC Boiler
Thanks for all your feedback and support in me and the #Endsville club. Even though you have stepped down from running the club you continue to help and support us. Your art and stories are a pleasure to look at and I hope to get to know you further in the future

!RSR-Productions 's OC as herself
One of my fellow SPN fans and an awesome artist! Whilst I haven't got to know you for very long, you are an awesome individual and its been a pleasure to get to know you and enjoy your works and friendship!

=ecokitty 's OC as herself
A person I have stumbled upon whilst looking at some Jak and Dax artwork, you're a unique character who is cute and fun loving. You're a joy to talk to and your artworks are great to look at. Thanks for your friendship and support and I hope to get to know you better in the future!

=DASHley37 's OC Scatter's the zombie cat
While we met through our co-ownership of #Endsville club you've been a good friend and I've enjoyed your artworks immensely. They're unique and I'm always interested what you come up with.

~Arica 's OC as herself with Sam Winchester (SPN). Single Deviation - [link]
We haven't known each other for very long, but I feel like I've known you forever! Our 'appetite' for a certain Winchester and chicken chippies have drawn us together to some degree. You're a pleasure to talk to, you're fun and an outgoing character. I always enjoy your art and our 'conversations' together.

~aguzzla22 's OC as herself
One of my first friends here on DA, you're a smart, fun, outgoing and unique individual who loves Danny among other huge range of characters (too many to list). I always enjoy your works, your kindness and our conversations.
I hope to get to know you more in the future and I look forward to more awesome works from you!

~k8y411 's OC as herself. Single Deviation - [link]
One of my first friends on DA. I always loved your art and amazed by your skill in animation. You're a great and fun person who is sometimes bogged down with life but who always perseveres. You reach out to people and always support those around you. I thank you for your friendship and for your feedback and support! I hope to get to know you further in the new year!

~Ila92 's OC as herself
Thanks for your friendship and support! You're an amazing person with a passion for music and a love of philosophy, not to mention your love of Grim. Your art is awesome. I also hope to get to know you more in the new year!

Thanks everyone and have a good holiday!

Enjoy or Destroy!!
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peta-phantom's avatar
Wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >W<

I love it x3
Rose44's avatar
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Ila92's avatar
ps: you mistook the color of my eyes!! O.o maybe you used the pic where my character had black eyes as referen... my eyes are blue <.< almost sky blue XDDDDDDDD
quikshadow's avatar
oh sry, I was working off ur refs ^^;

I can make them a lighter blue if it pleases u :)

At least they're blue... for a moment I thought you were talking about that they were a completely different colour like brown or something :XD:
Ila92's avatar
You mistook character XD
quikshadow's avatar
ya I realize that now...
tugaMaggie's avatar
ZOMG, this is EPIC. :iconohjoyplz:

Lol, I love my expression! :D
Thank you sooo much, this is awesome! :icontardglompplz:
I hope you had a marvelous Christmas! :glomp:
Thanks again for the kind words! :aww:
You're so right about the school thing... xD
quikshadow's avatar
^__^ I'm glad you like.

Your pic was the first one I drew. It was my pleasure. I'm happy that you wanted to be apart of it! :hug:

I mean every word and I hope we can become better friends ^___^

Thanks again!!
tugaMaggie's avatar
Aww, shucks... :blushes: :aww:
Thank you! :glomp: I hope so too! :D

psst, can I have mine individually? :D :hug:
quikshadow's avatar
Sure! I'll have it posted over the next few days.
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vanidence's avatar
Whoaaa, what a poster! Gee, awesomeness!! You did a great job! ^---^
quikshadow's avatar
lol, aww thanks! ^___^

You weren't included tho... I can draw you a pic :)
vanidence's avatar
Aww, well, I read how happy you are, that you are finished, so you dun have to. Only if you want and feel like it. I don't want to annoy you or so after all.
quikshadow's avatar
meh I was kind of sad that u weren't in it! You're one of my first friends on DA. Im gonna do some single deviations for ppl from the artwork.
vanidence's avatar
Aww, well, you can still do more deviations tho. So it's all good. =)
Heh, I wasn't even here when you announced you make a poster I think. *thinks*
quikshadow's avatar
Yeah i know. You were gone for a long while.


Meh if something comes up hopefully you could be apart of it or something...
vanidence's avatar
Heh, that would be awesome. =)
Gee and that reminds me that I wanted to make a pic of me with the boys. I soooo need to catch up. *lol*
quikshadow's avatar
ooooh that should be interesting! I cant wait! :D
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