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Business Cards

I get a shit load of business cards printed for free in a week, so I had to go ahead and make myself a nice one. Problem is, I can't decide which one I like the best. What do you guys think looks the best?
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go with the white one...its clean and looks really good
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for me the best is the yellow one =D
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Hey man, just browsing, figured id comment, casue im diggin these cards. I have to say, its a match between top right and left. But i must say, i like the top right. Its basic, but catchy, Flows pretty well, even if its basic. Its not too clutterd. haha, yeah, i like it the best. TOP RIGHT! =D
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Thank you very much, I'm very glad you like it.
The first one its the bes...i love the color an contrast
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There great. One on left in my opinion is best. :D
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Thanks man. You like the same one I do.
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No problem. That the one your going for then?
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Thats the one I liked the most, and I was hoping others liked it as much as I did.
SDG and most of the people that I've known for a while thru the net like that one as well, so it'll probably be the one.
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Send me the files for that I'll make it look better.

Well price wise it's always better to have just one color (even though you're not worrying about that in this current situation), and my eye is drawn to the verticle orange fill card. Go with that one.
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What now? Hi.
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Thats the same one I like. You're so in love with me it's obvious.
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God Id hate your whiney little ass If you didnt have that eye for art. Nice cards you bastard (just jealous =D). I like em all.
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I hate you because I don't even know who you are, but I'm sure you suck.
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I don't know who you are.
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Ahh dont be such an ass. I dont even remeber why we were arguing. Lets just be friendly. I like your art so I cant hate you T_T
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All three are wonderful.... but the yellow and black one is the one of choiche!! Man i would pay u just to have YOUR businness card... immagine what i would do for a work of yours!
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Hahaha, thanks man. I'm glad you liked it.
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top left one :) i like how its taller than wide
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Yeah, finally, someone who likes the same one I do for the same reason I like it.
Everybody else liked that yellow one.
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i like taller than wide cards any day, much different and cooler :)
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I disagree. >:*(>#
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Yellow one, obviously.
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