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IncelPark by QuietW8

After taking a big hiatus at the tail end of last year, I'm finally able to produce edutaining content. This month so far I've uploaded at least 3 journals exposing the Dickheads (code word for Ill-minati), and hopefully by year's end we'll have close to 33. But let's not stand on ceremony here, Mr Wayne (M & W = 33). We have a lot of big Dickhead info to unpack today, and still more to come (not innuendo).

JayBee - Copy by QuietW8

We live in a truly fake news reality, where useless THOTs can simply post videos online, shrieking like banshees and burping on camera for huge e-skekels. These sell outs are nothing more than Ciphers of the scripted Matrix we're all plugged into.

OneEyeGematria by QuietW8

A world in which old One Eye is plastered everywhere like the worst season of Big Brother. Monitoring our search history and maybe even watching us pee. Like getting a pat down by airport security after 9/11, we've simply accepted it.

JayBeeYourselfGematria by QuietW8

Not only are we spied upon and occasionally probed, but our entire language has been encoded with mathematical witchcraft. That's how deep the Dickheads have gone to ensure we don't leave this abusive relationship.

MasonEyeLove by QuietW8

Relationships like the one that Ms V Entity were in with her boyfriend Mason. She has claimed using blackmail that her soyboy threw tantrums like POTUS Trump, screaming like a shrieking banshee about his lack of Vegan Gains.

This Ill-minati cartoon about a talking sponge predicted Venti's love life years in advance.

SickSadThots by QuietW8

Brittany V(agina) herself is a female incel who copes with autism by watching cartoons and anime.

ReiEvangelionOneEyeGenesis by QuietW8

Ol' Dirty Venti is particularly fond of that weeb sh*t imported from Japan after Fat Man slimmed it.

OneEyeVEntity by QuietW8

Brittany the Betch still has trouble seeing out of One Eye after all them botched soyboy facials.

ChubbyVenti by QuietW8

Did you know she used to be a fake blonde? But still somehow managed to look like ET in a wig.

If the Dickheads revealed this technology before 2012, imagine what their black ops has now.

SaturnVEntity by QuietW8

Maybe NASA knows something about V Enti that we don't and can explain her THOT behavior.

MiraCrucifix by QuietW8

For those who don't know, THOT is an acronym meaning That Hoe Over There.

Mira by QuietW8

Hoes such as the ones who play vidya gaems over on T Witch, while thirsty beta males gawk aggressively at their big hooters. Or as I like to call them chest butts, in reference to the butt crack they make when put on display. A witch's t*tties could be dubbed Molochs after the hooter statue at Bohemian Grove.

TrumpsWitches by QuietW8

Friendship runs thicker than vegetable oil. The kind THOTs rub on their chests to attract attention.

ThotSkulls by QuietW8

When THOTs can't gain donations by looks or especially personality they will use witchcraft.

LesserMagicPsychology by QuietW8

Lesser magic involves collecting skulls, pentagrams, and other edgy Hot Topic sh*t, and acting like you're cool enough to join an Eyes Wide Shut party. When in reality you are a J-w (code word for Saturnists) begging for Bitcoins.

VentiMiraSaturni by QuietW8

Magic Mira who should be behind Trump's Wall, is a female of Semite descent occupying the once proud nation of Hitler. She makes a living be e-begging and practicing Paganism when she should be studying the burqa.

Saturni by QuietW8

Mira is also a member of the Brotherhood of Sega Saturn, who worship Shadow the Hedgehog (aka Satan). Back in 1996 (that's 666 inverted), I got a Sega Saturn for Christmas (more 33 Gematria). Once I realized that console had eff all for games, I had my parents take it back to Kmart from whence it came. About a year later I got a PlayStation with Resident Evil 2.

Saturn by QuietW8

You know that saying "women are from Venus"? What if THOTs are actually from Saturn?

JessixOrange by QuietW8

Yet another gal pal of Le Creatura Venti who squeezes the juice out of goyims wallets.

OrangeJuice33 by QuietW8

I find these camgirls about as stimulating as fapping (69 Gematria) to the Annoying Orange.

DonateMasturbate by QuietW8

JesSixSixSix wants you to fap exclusively on Christmas, and preferably during her livestreams.

VEntityGroped by QuietW8

V Entity, a name which is inspired from V the Final Battle and Aunty Entity from Mad Max (MM/33), swore up and down her cat littered apartment that she would leave Twitter. Instead she continues to seek internet sympathy points and more pity donations from JayBeeYourself, by shouting to everyone on social media that someone grabbed her by the p*ssy.

CrackersTwitter by QuietW8

Ms Trumptard aint getting no sympathy from her Cracker followers who sperg out to goth music.

Crackers33 by QuietW8

I'm sure Mr Manson (MM/33) is a huge fan of Crackers of the Kosher variety.

IlluminatiSatanistMM by QuietW8

Manson's mentor Anton Le Creatura OyVey, born (((Levey))), was founder of the Church of Satan for people who don't believe in churches. While he wasn't presently residing in the Netherrealm, he may have enjoyed a few saltines during his time on earth.

MMClub33 by QuietW8

High-ranking sell outs like the lanky edgelord Manson, can't even enjoy Mickey Mouse without making some avant-garde statement about pop culture. Or whatever the eff is going on in these Disney photos.

TrumpMcDonalds by QuietW8

President Capitalist is the type of goy who'd tweet his time spent at Disneyland.

GrabMinnieMouse by QuietW8

Imagine the expression on the face of the woman under the Minnie Mouse suit, as Trump's cold and callous knuckles press against her pubic area. Followed decades later by a tell all book describing the size and shape of the president's index finger.

Jebhead by QuietW8

Apparently it's not enough to be a Dickhead, you have to retweet what other Dickheads post.

RosicrucianGematria by QuietW8

Roses are also symbolic of vaginas, but calling someone Vaghead just sounds awful.

MasonMcDonalds by QuietW8

No, we can't discuss McDonald's without mentioning how it's all connects back to Lego Builders.

TrumpJewishLovinIt by QuietW8

Lego Builders (code word for M-sons), are related to the J-ws (code word for fake Jews), who kept the forbidden knowledge of the arcane arts when they left Egypt and Babylon for the Promised Land.

IsraeliFlag by QuietW8

The nation of (((Israel))) was formed by the Ill-minated in 1948, after the end of WWII, which they also instigated through false flags before establishing the J-wnited Nations (code word for United Nations).

TemplarMcJesus by QuietW8

Dickheads and Lego Builders are also associated with the Red Cross (code word for Knights Templar).

IlluminatiUmbrella by QuietW8

Legends surrounding the Red Cross served as inspiration for the Ill-minati and Umbrella Corporation. A corporation so evil, it puts GMOs into hamburgers and turns people into mindless zombies.

TrumpFreemasonry by QuietW8

Bad Weave Donald appeared on fake news outlets to promote his latest collab with the Bald Man Group. They're gonna be poppin n lockin 1984 style once the government ends hiatus and builds Pink Floyd's Wall.

Trump's brotha from anotha motha Kanye could really learn a thing or two about poppin fresh.

TrumpsMother by QuietW8

Speaking of Trump's MOM (MM/33)... Research suggests that old Donny Boy hails from the lands of Highlander. Which means his mother Mary MacLeod (MM/33) gave birth to a sh*tty sequel called Trump II: The Grabbening (starring Stormy Daniels). I hesitate to say anything uncouth about the late MacLeod herself, as that woman suffered giving birth to that thing on Donald's head.

McDonaldsProvince by QuietW8

After further online investigation, it would appear that there's a deeper connection between McDonald's and the Donald. The namesake of Mickey D's roughly translates to son of Donald and G-d Emperor. Was this already encrypted into the Matrix's code years before Donald's conception, or has the Matrix since been compromised by Russian hackers?

BarronTrumpJourney by QuietW8

If it was hackers, then they went to a lot of trouble editing the code to create a book over 100 years old with a title alluding to Barron Trump. Or perhaps POTUS Donus has been visiting CERN in-between golf.

BarronIlluminati by QuietW8

It wouldn't surprise me if the Ill-minati were grooming Don's son decades in advance, imbuing him with that dragon energy. So that one day Barron and Kanye's kids (not to be confused with Bebe's Kids) will be shareholders of J-wrusalem. Which is the fake Jerusalem that the Lego Builders are laying groundwork for over in Empty Promises Land (just like Muricaland).

RealPresident911 by QuietW8

There are people who voted for the Trumpster just to trigger half the country, and if they learned he grabbed the WTC by their steel beams to bring them down on 9/11, the internet gremlins would probably be like "the Donfather really pranked us, he's such a Trump card that guy". It's conceivable that Barron has a chance at presidency of Wall Land in 2033.

GematriaSuspended by QuietW8

Gematrinator, the handy dandy site that helps me and many others decipher all this numerical linguistics without having to jot it down on paper, was compromised for a couple days. Presumably by J-wish operatives working with Russia.

DailyMailConspiracies by QuietW8

Some of y'all might think I'm nuttier than a Snickers bar, but there's a creamy caramel of truth in what I say. You see, the MSM (MM/33) has trained the masses to treat conspiracy theories like a 4chan hoax.

DailyMailConspiracies3 - Copy by QuietW8

People who have the gift of discernment, are able to sift through mountainous pyramids of disinformation in this era of fake news. Those who realized the real lies and the obfuscation of facts from fiction.

Grossman by QuietW8

Such as the fact that the media glosses over inconvenient evidence in favor maintaining a narrative.

GrossmanJewishConspiracyTheory by QuietW8

A narrative which props up fake blondes to dismiss talking points that otherwise Break the Fourth Wall.

DailyMailConspiracies4 by QuietW8

They also distract us by exploiting barely legal teens like Cindy Crawford's (CC=33) daughter.

FeministWicca by QuietW8

Rest assured, there shall be more Donglord (PG/PC term for Dickhead) and THOT exposure in the sequel to this journal. I may even joke about Michael Obama's penis. Because apparently you can't take the piss out of Trump's mushroom tip without being labeled an NPC. Also look forward to what's sure to be my unpopular opinion of the Resident Evil 2 Remake.
911whatelseittaughtus  1315590460 3518 by QuietW8

I wanted to do this quick journal after I did the more Gematria centric one here:

Trolls and sell outs like to come here looking for new ways to discredit me and the conspiracy theory community. That's why I kinda have a tendency to repeat myself sometimes, because there are shills who play dumb and act like they don't know what the eff I'm talking about. Many of these disinfo agents will often resort to ad hominem attacks, instead of trying to legit engage in conversation.

Morpheus by QuietW8

I'm not trying to play the victim card or gain sympathies from strangers on the internet, but if you've seen some of the comments I get, you may notice that critics have popped up on occasion to attack my character. I've been called an incel by Satanic feminists, and even had a Trump supporter accuse me of spreading a 4chan hoax. The content I upload to these journals can take literal hours to produce. Actual effort has been put into making this stuff, and it takes time to find the right jpeg.

KiwiTrolls by QuietW8

Some trolls have gone so far off the deep end, they welcome the destruction of freedom, just to trigger people they don't like. That's not what I do here. What I attempt to do is edutain (albeit with mixed results), while adding sociopolitical commentary.

D458e5d4440a2c51c44fa3b812440546 by QuietW8

I may make fun of Drumpf, but that doesn't mean I support Shillary either. Sadly, Muricans seem so blinded by fanaticism, that they'd be willing to vote for Satan if he promised to slam dunk the opposing team. They don't call it the political arena for nothing.

AttaBoy by QuietW8

Which leads us back to 9/11, and why I started this journal. One of the hijackers who looks like poorly-rendered CGI (or he was just really ugly), was named Mohammed Atta. By using Gematria, you'll find that the name Atta equals to 66 (33+33), as does the whole name. Another mathematical tidbit, shows on one passport there is 666 and 18 (which is also 666), and 999 (666 inverted).

Never-forget-melt-at-2150f-and-jet-fuel-burns-at by QuietW8

Another numerical fact, if you multiply the numbers 9 x 11, that equals a total of 99. As in the year shown on the hijackers passport, and the year The Matrix was released in theaters. 33 + 33 + 33 equates to values of 666 and 99.

There are 60 seconds in a minute, 60 minutes in an hour, and 24 hours in a day. That's 6 x 6 (or 666, 666), which amounts to 36. An average year has 365 days, while a leap year has 366 days. Ever wonder who designed our time keeping system?

IlluminatiMath by QuietW8

If you think the rabbit hole can't get any deeper, well you better put on your gardening overalls. Because in 2019, we gonna dig deep in the backyard. No, that's not innuendo, but we'll definitely be seeing more of the One Eyed Monster.


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