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HotdogConspiracy by QuietW8
Cartoon33DVDs by QuietW8

An entire month has gone by since my last journal entry, where I presented a slideshow of sorts showcasing the repeating patterns and symbols that are used most often by the art community. That was only Part 1, and there's still much more to be discussed, or rather exposed. As the nature of this symbolism, which pertains to the repetition, is not entirely harmless. It's not "just art", when there's a political or ideological force that's overseeing the success of something. Behind all of these things there's evidence of a conspiracy being perpetrated by none other than the Illuminati, or what may be called the Neo-Illuminati. Just as Nazism gave way to Neo-Nazim, so too have the Illuminati found surrogate successors to help fulfill their original founding member's long-term goals for world domination.

33 Simpsons by QuietW8

I've been researching Gematria recently, whilst also trying to keep up with the latest goings on in the truth community. When I'm working on something, I often like to have some background noise that I can multitask to. Such as music, ASMR, the news, or a conspiracy theory video. About a week or so back, someone posted a video to Youtube presenting evidence of pedophilia in an old Flintstones episode. This led to me writing a long wall of text, wherein I hypothesized that many cartoons are products of the Neo-Illuminati. I supported this theory by pointing out how the number 33 can be found within a lot of names and phrases associated with popular animated television shows. For whatever reason, the uploader of aforementioned Flintstones pedo video decided to delete it. However, I was able to save my original comment and later expand upon it, as I continued to calculate words into numbers using a site called

Gematrinator by QuietW8

Since I haven't been providing much in the way of new content, I figured I'd share what I've learned about Gematria thus far, using the deleted Youtube comment plus additions with images of the references being made. There are lots of highlighted numbers, but what's important to note are the 33s and multiples such as 66.

The 33 Theory:

Many forms of media are encoded with hidden messages, which is esoteric knowledge that is understood by the elite members of society. Gematria is one of the ways that these secret societies are able to hide things in plain sight. It originates from Kabbalah and Judaism, and many popular celebrities and socialites are Kabbalists.

GematriaKabbalah by QuietW8

The Illuminati believe that numbers are important when setting dates. That is why their organization was founded on May 1 1776. If you calculate the numbers of that date, it equals to 666. 5 + 1 = 6, 7 + 7 = 14, 4 + 1 = 5, 5 + 1 = 6, then add the 6.

Illuminati666 by QuietW8

Secret societies operate on ancient occult principles. Occultists are obsessed with numbers that equal to 6. The highest degree of Freemason that is known is the 33rd degree, which added up mathematically equals the number 6. Freemasonry and the Illuminati are believed by many conspiracy theorists to be Luciferian ideologies.

Occultist by QuietW8

Cartoons like The Flintstones are full of occult symbolism and Gematria. In fact, the word CARTOONS itself equals 33.

CartoonGematria by QuietW8

If you Google image search the Water Buffalo Lodge, you can see the crescent moon symbol. CRESCENT equals 33 Gematria. Groups like the Shriners, Freemasons, and even Satanists all incorporate this symbol in their imagery. A symbol that can be traced all the way back to ancient Babylon and a god called Sin.

CrescentSymbol33 by QuietW8

What is The Flintstones about? On the surface it appears to be a show about humans and dinosaurs living in the same time period. Creationists believe that dinosaurs existed in the garden of Eden, while Judeo-Christian tradition claims God punished all serpents to slither on the ground, implying serpents once had legs.

FlintstonesCreationism by QuietW8

Many cultures have traditions dating back thousands of years, which speak of serpents, dragons, or dinosaur-like creatures.

DinoDragonArtifacts by QuietW8

I'm not saying dinosaurs are a hoax, but the whole evolution thing has gained a lot of traction in pop culture thanks to movies.

HollywoodDinosaurs by QuietW8

"Coincidentally", both the names HOLLYWOOD and CHARLES ROBERT DARWIN contain 33 Gematria.

HollywoodDarwin by QuietW8

Going back to The Flintstones, you can see that Barney Rubble has the X symbol on his outfit, which represents the number 6. Fred Flintstone has a bunch of triangles drawn on his outfit, which are 3-pointed objects, thus representing the number 3. As previously stated, the occultists are obsessed with these numbers.

FlintstonesFreemasons by QuietW8

What is the color of Fred's outfit, and his wife and daughter's hair? The color is ORANGE, a color that has been used by pop stars like David Bowie and Lady Gaga. A color that just so happens to have 33 Gematria. Another minor detail is that Pebbles has a bone in her hair above her skull, a possible reference to Skull and Bones.

OrangeSkull by QuietW8

Fred (33) Flintstone has a boss named Mr Slate (33). Fred works at a Rocks (33/66) quarry. He has a pet named Dino (66).

Flintstones3366 by QuietW8

Wilma Flintstone (66) is Fred's wife and her friend is Betty Rubble (66).

WilmaBetty by QuietW8

There's a scene in the intro with a Drive-In, and there's a sign that reads Bronto (33), Burgers, and Ribs (33). Or Bronto Burgers (66) and Ribs (33). The actor who voices Fred is Alan Reed (33). John Goodman (33) plays Fred in the 1994 Flintstones movie.

FlintstonesActors by QuietW8

The role of Betty Rubble was played by an oddly miscast Rosie O' Donnell. Rosie is a stage name, her real name is Roseann. Rosie (33/66) has been seen Feuding (33/66) with current president Donald Trump, whose family surname is Drumpf (33).

FeudingCelebrities by QuietW8

On May 1st 1960, the original pilot episode for The Flintstones was aired on television. That date contains 666 (5 + 1 = 6, invert 9 in 96, ignore 1). Flintstones had a total of 6 seasons, with 166 episodes. It's listed on IMDB that the aspect ratio is 1.33, which is typical of many old cartoons. The original series finale was aired on April 1 1966 (4 + 1 + 1 = 6, flip 9 in 966), equaling 6 666. That's the same month and year Anton LaVey founded the Church of Satan.

FlintstonesSatan by QuietW8

Have you ever wondered why they put The (33) in front the title of many TV shows? Shows like The (33) Simpsons, produced by FOX. FOX in Pythagorean numerology equals 666. Homer Simpson (33) has a creepy boss, a Rothschild type character, named Mr Burns (33). Mr Burns has an assistant named Waylon Smithers (66). The Simpsons is famous for making Predictions (66), whether accidental or intentional.

SimpsonsPredictions by QuietW8

FOX (666) has aired shows like Lucifer and The (33) X Files (33), which contains the X letter/symbol that equals 6. Another popular cartoon known as Family Guy, was created by famous atheist Seth MacFarlane, who voiced the main character named Peter Griffin (133). Peter has a son Chris (33), whose full name is Christopher Cross Griffin (339).

FamilyGuy by QuietW8

Family Guy debuted on January 31 1999. Adding together the Gematria of this date (1 31 1999) equals 33. Adding these numbers normally ( 1 31 1999) and inverting them equals 6 666. Family Guy was cancelled, before being brought back on May 1st 2005 with the tagline "On May 1st, We Get Reborn".

FamilyGuyInfo by QuietW8

Seth Green who is the VA for Chris Griffin has been a cast member of popular shows such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, produced by FOX (666), where he played a werewolf character. Wolves equals 66. He's also been in hit movies like Austin Powers, where he played Dr Evil's son Scott Evil, who famously whore a shirt of the late Kurt Cobain (66). Seth has his own show on Cartoon Network (66) titled Robot Chicken (66).

FamilyGuySethGreen by QuietW8

Joss Whedon (33), a famous feminist and atheist who has worked for major companies like Disney, was the director of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The main character of whom the title derives, is named Buffy Summers (66). Vampire Slayers equals 66.

BuffyWhedon by QuietW8

Veteran actor James Woods, who did the voice for Disney's version of Hades, is a Drumpf supporter who claims to have witnessed the 9/11 hijackers. Woods made a special guest appearance on an episode of Family Guy. His full name is James Howard Woods. JAMES and HOWARD equal 33.

JamesWoods by QuietW8

Speaking of Howard... Seth Green provided the voice for Howard the Duck (66) in Disney's Guardians of the Galaxy.

TheHowardDuck by QuietW8

Mark Wahlberg, perhaps most famously known as Marky Mark, and Dirk (66) Diggler in the Porno (33) inspired film Boogie Night(s) (66), appeared in a brief cutaway gag on Family Guy. Some time afterwards, he was upgraded to a major role starring opposite Seth MacFarlane in Ted. Like Woods, Wahlberg and MacFarlane both claim a connection to 9/11. Wahlberg's full name is Mark Robert Michael Wahlberg. ROBERT and MICHAEL both equal 33.

Wahlberg by QuietW8

Spongebob Squarepants is a more child friendly cartoon, that began as a concept in 1984. It stars characters like Patrick (33) Star the starfish, and other sea creatures like Clams (33). There's even a reference to George Orwell's Big Brother (166) from the book 1984.

Spongebob1984 by QuietW8

The main antagonist of SpongeBob is a tiny Cyclops (33) named Sheldon J (33) Plankton. Several episodes feature a mock Secret Society (166), based on other Secret Societies (66) and Mystery Religions (233), with the All-Seeing Eye based on the Eye of Horus (133).

IlluminatiSpongebob by QuietW8

Nickelodeon first began airing episodes of Spongebob on May 1st 1999. Adding the numbers ( 5 1 1999), removing a 1, and inverting the 999, adds up to 6 666.

SpongebobIlluminati by QuietW8

Tom (33) Kenny (66) is the voice of Spongebob. The name Tom Kenny equals 99. There are several Pirate (33) Captains (133), one in the intro and one Tom plays, who wear stereotypical Skull (33) hats and an Eye Patch (133). Tom also voices characters on Cartoon Network (66), such as the Mayor from The (33) Powerpuff Girls who wears Monocles (33), and the leader of The (33) Secret Snake Club from The (33) Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy.

TomKennyVA by QuietW8

Other actors who had recurring roles on SpongeBob included Ernest Borgnine as Mermaid Man, and Clancy Brown as Mr Krabs. Borgnine starred along with William Shatner and Anton LaVey in The (33) Devil's Rain, and with Kurt Russell wearing an Eye Patch (133) as Snake Plissken (33) in Escape from New York (33). Russell was recently in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 with Seth Green. Brown starred with Sean Connery (133) in Highlander as The (33) Kurgan, and in The Shawshank Redemption (338). He was also the voice of Savage Opress in Star Wars, and the demon Surtur in Thor: Ragnarok.

SpongebobVAs by QuietW8

SpongeBob's creator, Stephen (33) McDannell (33) Hillen (33)burg, was inspired by the Oceans (33) as a child. Which is why he went to college to study them, somewhere along the way became interested in animation, and eventually made a movie with Ocean Man (66) on the soundtrack.

SpongebobCreator by QuietW8

Another Nickelodeon cartoon that was more popular in the 90s, Ren & Stimpy or Ren and Stimpy (166), had a chihuahua named Ren and a Feline (33) named Stimpy (33). It was created by Michael (33) John Kricfalusi (66), who was recently outed as a pedophile who watched Child Porn (99) and sexually Exploited (133) young girls.

RenStimpy by QuietW8

Additional words that describe what Kricfalusi did may include Molest (33), Abuse (33), Age Gaps (133), and Pedophile Relationship (331), among others.

PedoGematria by QuietW8

I haven't even mentioned how most (if not all) of these shows have featured Satan in some form or another.

SouthPark666 by QuietW8

If you carefully scrolled this post and still don't believe in conspiracies, then I don't know what compelling evidence would ever change your mind. Maybe an Illuminati held press conference, with a Q&A panel from Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster? Or perhaps an public tour of a UFO with a live demo of an anal probe?


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