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This is my first critique, but I honestly have to say this is the most emotional poem I have ever read. It kind of gives you a better p...

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ticci toby facts
1.ticci toby does not really actually love waffles people made it up 
2.he got abused 
3.his sister died in a car crash 
4.he can't feel pain 
5.he is twenty now 
6.he has seven mental disorders 
7.he was made fun of alot for his tics 
8.the name of his sister was lyra 
9.he gotten worst after the death of his sister he did not want to eat anymore he became less social and he began losing his memories 
10.he went to a person to help him with his post-trauamtic stress order nights when he returned from the hospital he saw slender man watching him from the street slender man keep stalking him where ever toby went causing toby to have several visual and audio hallucinations 
12.he is a up-beat and hyper personality he can be very sarcastic at times and he will lose control of his emotions due to his bipolar disorder (omg me and him relate i am bi-polar) 
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United States
I'm a watch for watch kind of person!!! :)

Note: I'm very grateful for the watches and favs. I get from others; so, thank you!!!

I'm just a simple young lady in her early 20s!!! Working part time, I find enjoyment through my art, spending time with family, as well as my boyfriend. In the future, I hope to attend an art school and finally become that well known artist and author I've always dreamed off!!!

Check Me Out Elsewhere:……

          It was early October, the leaves were changing, and there was a cool autumn breeze caressing my face. It had been two weeks since we buried my dog and my family and I were having a hard time moving on without her. She left a void in our family. In an unconscious attempt to fill this void and ease our pain we visited the local animal shelter. It made me sad knowing that i could not take every animal home as we passed kennel by kennel. It was difficult to choose just one, but the moment we met her it felt as  if our previous dog had never left. She was perfect. The way she greeted each one of us with an attempted verbal communication and pseudo-hug made her seem almost human. The name on her collar was Celeste.

         We had found a new member of our family. After a brief stop at the pet store, we returned home and spent the rest of the day rolling in the grass and playing hide and seek with our new dog. Although she could never replace our previous dog; she was everything we had hoped for. The wounds of the past were beginning to heal as the circle of life continued to move forward.

         Every year, our town has an annual harvest moon celebration. There are games, food, and other fun festivities that bring the people of the town together in the bonds of friendship. This was the first at the festival for Celeste. We thought we would introduce the newest member of the family to the people of our town. One by one people greeted our dog as they conversed with us; catching up on the latest news and gossip. As dusk approached, people began to gather around in a great open field to watch the moonrise.

        As we collected our things and began to move towards the field it was then my father realized that Celeste was nowhere to be scene. We frantically searched the town square. After hearing a strange howl, I proceeded to follow the sound to its source. It was in front of the dress shop window that I found Celeste standing on her hind legs pawing at the glass. In the shop’s window, the most beautiful silver dress caught my attention. I wondered what Celeste was drawn to as I couldn’t see anything other than the dress.

        Celeste and I quickly caught up with the rest of the family and found a nice place to sit on the field. Our neighbor told us that moonrise was just a couple of minutes away. The air turning colder as the sun began to set over the forest. Nothing scared me more than surrounding our town. The town had reputation of unexplainable events occurring within the woods; mostly disappearances.

          The faint halo of moonlight revealed the ever approaching moon. Celeste began to whine and pace, looking into the woods. I looked into the darkness of the forest, wondering what had caught Celeste’s attention. It was the eyes. In the darkness were two large yellow eyes that moved through the dark. I loss control of Celeste, as she raced into the trees. We searched the edge of the forest for about two hours, calling her name with no reply. My father assured me that we would continue looking for her the next morning. We returned home without her. I fell asleep to the sound  of those dreadful trees creaking and moaning in the wind. That night I dreamt I was searching for my dog in the woods and as I crept under the light of the full moon deeper and deeper into the forest I heard a terrifying howl followed by the screams of a woman in agonizing pain.

           I suddenly awoke the next morning being licked to death by Celeste.My father said that he found her on the porch when he went to get the morning paper. With the exception of the excessive affection, celeste seemed drained of energy for the rest of the day. She must have had a long night. While grooming her I noticed a streak of blood across her side, yet I could find no wound.

           My father told me that in the paper there was a report of what the local police thought was an attack by a very large creature near the woods, resulting in the loss of some sheep. I thought whatever did this must have been what caused the blood on Celeste’s fur.

           Celeste quickly returned to her normal habits and everything appeared to be okay. However, she did continue to sneak off once a month into the woods always to return the next morning exhausted. My father assured me that she was just being a dog and probably hunting under the light of the moon. I continued to have the same dreams of wandering the moonlit woods looking for Celeste. Every time a large four legged animal masked by shadow would hunt and attack me, but would always flee when the angel came to save me.

             I awoke one January night to a scream outside my window; it was the scream of the woman in my dreams. She was terrible pain and this time I was not dreaming. I wondered if the shadow was after her. I decided to confront my fears by putting on some heavy clothes and charging into the snow. I stood on the border of the forest hearing something large move through the trees as the moon disappeared behind the clouds; I began to retreat. It was the thought of Celeste, alone in the woods with this creature that gave me strength  to venture into the unknown.

            I was no expert tracker, but I quickly found what I thought was Celeste’s tracks. I followed them into the forest. I walked for what seemed to be at least five miles into the deepest and oldest part of the forest. It was there my dreams became reality.the shadow had found me. It chased me and quickly brought me to the ground. I could see the creature’s eyes glowing in the dark. It was a man.

             As the man was about to take his final lunge at me, Celeste jumped out of the darkness and drove the man away. They both ran off into the dark. The moon reappeared again from behind the clouds, and with it returned the howls of a beast and the screams of the woman. I followed the tracks in the snow. The sounds of the town creatures diverged and Celeste’s tracks followed the woman.

             I followed Celeste’s tracks until i came upon as awful sight. At the edge of a clearing was the shredded remains of Celeste. There was blood, flesh, and fur scattered around the area. I fell to my knees. The creature had robbed me of my dearest friend. My friend saved my life and I was unable to offer the same.

             I looked up from the ground and standing in front of me, glistening in the snow and light of the full moon, was a naked, silver haired woman dressed with only a collar around her neck. Her collar read the name… Celeste.




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Congratulations on Your DA Accomplishments!

As deviants, we should all support each other and inspire fellow artists to continue their creative journey. 

I would like to support your page and hope you will do the same for a new fellow deviant. As I continue to post art, I hope you will visit my page and give feedback and I will do the same for you. 

***If I watch you and support you, will you do the same for IIArtofMeII ?***

I love feedback and meeting other deviants. Let's chat.

FYI This is not an ad, I found you through exploring DA and thought you might be interested in my art as I am in your page and want to support you.
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