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Hello everyone! Today short feature :) (Smile)
Some beautiful artworks! Check out these amazing artist *_*

 Lost in the Woods by pythos-cheetah Animal Interactions by frisbee-horseland
The Field Of Miracles by Lora-Vysotskaya  G i f t - The Eyes of the Forest by ZOMBABE-designs
I know you World [Photomanip] by AvareonArt
Temporary Home by Daelynnn LUCIFER AND HIS DEMON by DanjahMouse
You shine it when I'm alone by Ininienie Jared signature by Euphoriepudding Prince of the forest by Novazure
Anya and Her Wolf by apanyadong
Leaf of Oaken by ArcticIceWolf Tigers Nap by ArcticIceWolf Draw a Bird Day: Hooded Crow by ArcticIceWolf
King of the Hill by PaoloCuscela
Curse of the Chimera by pythos-cheetah
Wonderland by CrowsNestPhotography
My Rations for your Berries by Rowdy-Dawg
Spirit of Life by toseduceaholmes Crimson Peak Challange by lakeglenmiss Deer in Forest by Sapphires-Graphics
Determination by mightykings rough waters by the-renegade
THOSE WHO MIND, DON'T MATTER. by zimtwuerfel
Bravado by Raiiiny
When The Lights Touch The Earth - - by Polemical17 Aura one by zinkai
Fall Asleep by Rexionete Weary Wanderer. by 73Visionary
Our secret place by AnnGeea
Icy Winter by Shirokibo Merry Christmas by ViktorGjokaj christmas deer by Wunschlos
Stay Still for a Second by CirylXD

Thank you soooo much for using my photos!

Hey Folks.

Sorry for being that inactive the last time. In course of my studies I was at an excursion in Poland and now I would like to share some of my impressions. The trip was wonderful - great People a beautiful landscape.

We went to Bieszczady National Park, which is the third biggest Nationalpark in Poland and lies somewhere at the border to Slowakia and the Ukraine. It holds some marvellous pieces of wildlife such as brown bears, wolves, lynx, several species of eagle and european Bisons.

River San by Quiet-bliss River San 1 by Quiet-bliss
Wielka Rawka by Quiet-bliss Wielka Rawka 2 by Quiet-bliss
Tarnica 1 by Quiet-bliss
Tarnica by Quiet-bliss Tarnica 2 by Quiet-bliss
Vipera berus by Quiet-bliss
Tarnica 3 by Quiet-bliss Tarnica 4 by Quiet-bliss
Tarnica 5 by Quiet-bliss
Hello everyone! Happy Valentine´s Day! Hug

Right Side of Hell by StarShadowist
Poor bear by Izzilar
Winter wolf by ditney
Fractured Memories by LadyxBoleyn Siren come back. by SulePir
Furstock 2015 by pythos-cheetah
Snow White and Rose Red by muffet1
Midnight Magic by elphaba-rose-wilde Christmas card for Los Carrillo's by KlassikalGuitartist
Little Fawn by allison731

Have a nice Weekend!

Hello everyone! Today short feature Hug

unicorn blood by Wunschlos

Midnight Magic by elphaba-rose-wilde
Ew by Ruineth
Christmas card for Los Carrillo's by KlassikalGuitartist Daily Sketch: Girl and Her Bear 010715 by JRMurray76 

aceo for maritime-tiger by kailavmp

Have a nice Weekend!
Hey guys.

In the meantime many things happened, so I didn’t have much time to be active at this platform. Firstly I want to thank
Elandria for the Daily Deviation of the 12th Dezember. I wasn’t expecting such an award and I feel amazingly honored.
Thank you very much!

Secondly I would like to that all of you who follow my deviations and comment my work. You are the reason why I take pictures and why I enjoy this community so much.

Santacat by Quiet-bliss

I wish you all a merry Christmas and of course many presents.
I leave you my best wishes and wish you a good new year 2015!
Hello everyone! Today short feature :)

The Deer and the Dragon by MinecrafterNenagirl
The Hidden Village by kuzco890
 The Last Chance Saloon by marymo1975  Sacrality by ShortCircuit123
Wake up by Rui-Abel
Family Wolf 2014 by nudagimo
11.10 Born to Be Wild by theperian
Deer by Moondancer3
11.1 Howling for You by theperian 11.5 Power Drunk by theperian
  11.22 Take the Money and Run by theperian
  11.18 Pictures of You by theperian
Have a nice Weekend!
Hey guys.

I’m now around here for just a couple of weeks but I already feel very comfortable. You’re just a great welcoming community and so I want to thank you for all the views and favs.

Taking pictures became one of my hobbies this year and I guess I can’t live without it anymore. As soon as my finances allow it I will extent my arsenal of object lenses to take even better pictures. Surely I’m gonna continue to provide stock images to you. If there ar any motives or poses you would like to see – just ask for it. I will do what’s possible and try to work on all your requests ;-)

Last but not least a little asking: Please take some time and write some criticism. I would like to improve and especially as a beginner there is a lot I can do for that. Thanking you in anticipation.

I’m looking forward to 2000 more pageviews