Im sorry slip. I couldnt save you.

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1) Im Trans
2) Im Straight
3) Mob psycho 100 is my Life
4) I hate hate hate hate diabolik lovers
5) Im in advanced classes but i hate school
6) I fucking hate pandas (i hate a lot of things)
7) I have over 50 thousand posts on tumblr
8) My favorite color is red
9) I love ritsu kageyama So Fucking Much
10) I hang out with emos at school. (when i go to school, that is. JK!)
11) I have no siblings. But. I would like a younger sibling, I think
12) I hate my history teacher
13) I like baking. 

1) Ruby: can i haz hug pls? Meow :3 (ugh she needs too much physical love kind of affection) 
Uh sure. [hugs]
2) Last person you talked to?
well the last person i texted was someone i met in florida? but in general i'm always on shaky's server not usually dming people
3) Favorite artwork from my gallery?
Spencer drawing

4) who's that behind u? 
5) who do u ship MK with? she's single rn
Who the fuck is mk
6) do u have a crush on anyone?
7) *sings* do u wanna build a snowman...
Im gonna shove snow down your throat
8) would u rather visit past or future?
9) what's near u right now?
10) embarrassing moment?
5th grade boy wrote a poem for me and read it in front of the class
11) if u were a pokemon what pokemon would u be
12) last song u listened to?
Lust for a Vampyr by I Monster
13) r u having fun doing this tag?

1. Am i annoying
2. What is something you want me to know
3. What is the most memorable thing i've done
4. What is the worst thing i've done
5. What is something you regret
6. Whats something you love
7. Whats something you think about every day
8. Whos your favorite character
9. You like speedcore?
10. You going to uni or nah?
11. Can you swim?
12. You like math?
13. What makes you happy

Idc if you guys do this or not. SterlingWolfy shakyskunk Ylimegirl G4Man2 BBBeeJay-BBBosietta shxroartsbadly PurpleClaw750 SydVC Ok im not one to follow rules thats all im tagging . Bye
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I don't wanna make a full post, but I thought the least I could do is answer you I suppose so here:
1. I don't talk to you a lot, but not really I guess.
2. ...
3. All that PHC crap.
4. ...
5. Too many small things to choose from.
6. Art.
7. School stuff I guess.
8. Marceline from Adventure Time.
9. Eh.
10. ?
11. Yes, but I'm not strong.
12. I don't hate it, but I don't do it as a hobby or anything.
13. Sleep.
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Well I've been tagged 3 times now I guess I'd better frickin' do this now. I don't know anybody to tag ffff
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I dont ship your oc with anyone because i dont keep up with the latest poptropica gossip
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wait so are you straight or not?? also what is wrong with pandas you're blocked
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Im a boy that likes girls. Im straight
shxroartsbadly's avatar
but ritsu is a boy
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HE DOESNT COUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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