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Sunk and Bound
Zoey was the local track star in her school. Her team could always count on her to win for them. Her boyfriend Hunter came to every one of her practice and meets. Hunter would always support Zoey whenever he could. Not to mention getting to see her slender body in short track shorts and a short t-shirt that cut off just below her chest, showing off her small stomach and her quite large breasts. Zoey's exposing outfit brought her much attention from unwanted people. Every boy in school always stared at her when she would walk down the hall on her way to her track practice. It's not like Zoey was an attention seeker or anything like that, she wore those clothes because anything else caused red marks to appear on her body after the fabric rubbed against her skin. Although the guys didn't know this, nor did they care. It was a hot girl in skimpy clothing, would anyone actually care why?
One of these guys was a guy named Drew. Hunter didn't like Drew, he always found him creepy. Drew barely
:iconscorpionsplash:ScorpionSplash 17 2
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The Quicksand Girl. Chapter IV :iconscorpionsplash:ScorpionSplash 15 0
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Flashback - Field Research
Ally & Cara - college - sophomore year
Ally walked out of her environmental science class followed quickly by Cara.
"Ally come on. Take this seriously," Cara said.
"Relax, dude. There's nothing to worry about," Ally replied, shrugging.
"You have a D, Ally. If you don't pass on the final project, you're going to fail and you'll have to do the class again."
"I got that. Trust me, I'm not going to fail."
"And I don't want to compromise my grade because of it."
The two walked into their dorm. Ally flopped down onto her bed and kicked her shoes off. Cara stood over Ally and glared at her as she crossed her arms.
"Do you even have a topic? I don't want to be doing all the work," She said.
"R-E-L-A-X, Cara. I know what I'm doing," Ally replied, sitting up and getting into her backpack. She pulled out a sheet of paper, the rubric for the class' final project. She handed the sheet to Cara, who quickly read it over. On the dotted line marked "topic", in Ally's rushed handwriting, read: "quicksan
:iconscorpionsplash:ScorpionSplash 16 6
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Krista Maxwell
United States
Hey, my name is Krista. I am a kinky bisexual freak and a fan of slimly, messy, perilous encounters. I love the idea of being swallowed alive by a pit of goey quicksand or a hungry beast and being digested! I like chatting and role playing all things vore, quicksand, so hit me up and make me your next meal!


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mdg65 Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2018
dang where u been hiding
Quicksandgoddess Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2018
Right in plain sight
BennoBrehm Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2018
Your body is convulsing in an unbelievable intense orgasm, the heavy spastics shocks thru your bare naked body like jolts, bolts and lightnings. It's like your brain is exploding and melting to a mushy goopy slime.

All this is mind boggling for you. But you try to keep you focus on your main goal even agains most adverse conditions.

You still want to be, the meal of Edgar!

You want to be a tasty morsels, you trained so hard, to have this juicy loins and the most supple ass in town, you know how succulent your tits are, your dream is to melt like butter, in a stomach of a inhuman being.

You want him to droll his hot acidic stinky salvia all over your lovely body. Yeah you will feel how your skin start to melt.

"Look, who has real fun, bitch! Thats what you are, see. You can't resist your primal instinct. I told you, your a sensual Lady! Muaaa! Har! Har! Har! You'r a lewd whore a rotten skank. Not even twenty minutes with Him, in a room and you try already to make Him horny. You rub yourself on his toxic skin!" The cold sadistic voice of Denise cut deep into your soul.

'You sick Bitch! You told me how important it would be to sacrifice me to your science! Why on earth I opened my deepest thoughts, to a twisted bitch like you. Hell! Yes Thats was stupid! Right!'

"How stupid! You actual get your body cover in His toxic pheromones, don't you know how dangerous this is!"

'How should I know! You told me nothing. You say it will be a surprise.'

"His breath alone will turn a sane Women in to a sex-craving maniac. A rotten slut like you? Who know's what she will do! Ahhh...! Okay what all the others have don before you"

'The right to snuff people of, is based on the right of assisted suicide. A kind of a sport it is only become in the last eight years. Five years ago the TV show, Vore-Games made it fully popular. There are rumors it's all part of a strategy to reduce the population!  It's the same with the relatively  new concept of the after birth Abortions. Every parent can decide to send there child till the 18 B-day, in one of the abortions center!' You think, of all this while all the madness around you seems to explode

You are still making hot love to a ugly monstrosity, like a randy slut, with a old impotent guy. Sure any man even a nearly death one will be by now hart as a rock. But here 'Tiny Boy' is still limp.

'Okay I don't saw His cock till now. I even don't know where He, got his Thing!' This thought made you smile.

This evil bit... Women, Denise is still babbling at you.

"But Hey! Have some faith. This is only the first state!"

'WHAT TO FUCK WITH THIS THING IS THE FIRST STATE? Yeah! Okay! Okay I Know in the end, I will die in His belly. But shit, as she say, there will be not only two states. Shit Shit Shit!'

"Wen your lust is satisfied... Okay His! Muarr! Har! Har! Har! ... You will be quite normal.... Nahhhh! Yeah!"

'Yeah sure thing! Quit normal, suck my ass Bitch. Normal after having sex with 'Tiny Boy' I will not walk for a whole month'

"Whatever. We will enjoy the show. Ohhh...! Do you ever seen a donkey-show!"  

'A freaking Donkey-show! Is that what you there all watch? A disgusting sex-show, ending with a death! Maybe a splatter and gore thing. Darn, why could I not be a Noose-girl! But this is so boring. Put a rope around your neck and step of the plank! So pathetic'

"Well I tell you what, the first Try with sex-drugs, I did as a school girl, with my niece. Bohhh...! Hell yeah! She went strait to the barn. You know, a full grow bull and a little girl. Well I still think it's the best show I saw. But sadly much to quick! Her body just pops open and she bleed out in no time. So hey the cock of Him is not that huge. But it will quit the best stretch in you life. Muaa! Har! Har! Har!"

'So, have you killed your Niece! I don't know what is more disgusting to know you and think how we made love. Or to hear how crazy you are. Or to feel all this rotten grime covering my body and have lot of it, in my belly'

Your feel still how you suck on the pale and smeary skin.

"Donkey-Show how pathetic. I must tell you what, you will do is much much better!"

Still looked in you, began now trembling in fear. Denise the sick Scientist creates a insidious trap. And she is willing to release it to the open environment.

'I must try to save the world! But that means I must survive. Darn I really like the idea to get eaten by this monster!'  

( Be a Hero and Try to save the world / or follow the way to your chosen Destiny and Fate:  Hero/Destiny )
Jaco1980 Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2018  New Deviant
You are so nice ! I dream to be cooked and eaten by ncute girls as you
dprostock Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank for all!!!!
mgroenne Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2018
Hi Krista, just take a look at my original mud and messy art in my profile ;)

BennoBrehm Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2018
A deep breath should, normally bring a relief.

'Nah don't work here!'

It hit you like a hammer.

You're flop limp, like a empty and wet sack, to the ground, the pheromone are overwhelming your mind.

A orgasmic stasis, stroke you down.


Wen you awake again, all your muscles are like glue, jelly or pudding. Your never been this deeply satisfied but likewise in such a deep need for sex. You'a soaking wet.

'So tired!'

You rise your head weakly to see whats happened. The hart orgasm drains all your energy.


The adrenalin rush, let you spring up, run to the next wall.


Now the whole Beast is in this room with you, the door is shut.


Nearly one fifth of the big rooms is occupied by this monster.

And Monster is the only word thats fit to it.

'No way! Never, will a mother have lovely thoughts to this Ugly thing!'

"Hey Denise you Bitch! He is on his outside as Ugly as you in your core!" You yell angry.

"Thats a good one, whore!" Denise sniggels thru the intercom.

Her voice is now dripping from, cold snopy arrogance and mordacious snobbism. This contempt sound let you shiver in loathing.

'You bitch, you betrayed me! But this is still my dream. So I'm not afraid to die!'

You turn around to face this abomination.

The whole body has easily the size of an see-container. The shape is like a long cone, the head is huge. There no visible eyes, thats is what scares you the most. It's not like a big mammal. More like something out of a real sick nightmare. Three jaws folds to the sides.

'Yes, that are teeth!'

Six or seven rows of sharklike tooth glimmering yellowish in the light.

'You don't use toothbrush and dental floss or mouthwash. You Mother don't give much love and care to you honey!'

"Well you want me to kiss you before we start our little kinky game!" You say to ... Edgar the ... 'Tiny Boy'.

"Oh you got no lips to kiss, so it will be a strange french-kiss then. Well You should try every day something new!" You say to no one particular.

You got the feeling your is watched. Well you know that there above in the control room some of your guest look at you. But even the 'Tiny Boy' seems to look at you with huge interest. On the outside of his skull a long rows of dimples, a little darker then the skin, with his brown and grey color.

'Hey baby you not a scientist. Your a dinner!' You think.

You feels little dizzy and daze. The pheromone are strong. They kick your mind like a mule.

'I really have the urge to have sex with this abomination! Wow Oh C'mon no!' You feel your feet, move you closer, to your ugly lover boy.

In horror you see, your hand touch the warty skin. A dense gooey slime stuck on to your hand, building long squishy ropes.You like slime, grime, gunk and sticky things in general, but this stuff on your hand now is not so arousing.


You try to shook your hand, but nothing happens. All you can do is watch how your hand smear the mucous goop on your tits, belly, thighs and on your wet crotch. Now this grimy stuff stuck on your whole body.

'Yacks!' This is by far the worst thing you ever got on your skin!

'I need a shower!' But even if your whole mind and soul are disgusts and repulsed. Your body love it. This is your final day, so do the most out of it!

'Edgar is your name? Sound like the retarded minion of Frankenstein, or a crazy nazi engineer!'

You see how you move closer to 'Tiny Boy' You know exactly what your body want.

'No hey Girl, don't do this!'

Panic rose in you, as you see how your body turning near to the monster.

'Ohhh! No? Baby you can't do this! Do't.... c... cuddle... with... this... u... ugly... beast. Ppplease noooo...!'

With a wet sound your heavenly sweet body hug the side of 'Tiny Boy, Edgar' Your body rub itself now against his plump mass. Some purulent pustules burst open, spraying a yellow hot pus over your face and body.

"Yuckry! Ohhh...!" Is all you can say.

Before your face touch the sticky skin.

Your mouth open for a wet slippery kiss.

'Yeiks! Stop please!'

( Tuning in for the next episode )

( Please take two dice and trow them. Show me the result like: odd/even )
Quicksandgoddess Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2018
Wow, this is awesome! I hit odd “5” with the dice.
BennoBrehm Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2018

You very disgusted, about yourself. You shocked how lewd you are. Yes you like mud and grease, but Hey this is like dirty filth. It's like to be forced, to watch thru a VR-goggles a  point of view shot, of a exaggerated disgusting version of 'Two Girls and a cup'. But it's even worse, you, actual do this, it's real. This is not a movie, you got really all the sensory perception. You need to turn crazy. It's pure horror and terror.

You must realize now, it's not only Denise who betrayed you. Now your body do's it too. You lost all control, you see, feel and hear, with growing disgust how you make mad love to 'Tiny Boy' E.D.G.A.R.

You kiss his pale warty skin with full passion. You feel how you gulping down, big sticky globs of the slimy mess on his cold skin. It taste like something deep out of a drain or a sewage. You want to vomit, the obnoxious stench in your mouth and your nose is to much for you.

Your body has no mercy. He is in heat, a sick desire drive him do those thinks. Your body is still rubbing itself agains his, more and more of the fester pustules pop open, spraying more of the yellow pus over your face and your bare unprotected torso.

Your cunt is dripping wet. Your clit is hard enough to cut glass. Your body have never feel so horny. There is a smoldering glowing, down deep in your womb, a wild animal lust, rush thru your body.

Your skin is on fire and lava burns thru your veins and arteries.

Every single inch of your body screams.

Screams, to have hot sex now here.

You can't stop yourself.

You are not longer king of your castle, your body.

All you can do its to watch.

Watch like a passenger.

Watch what disgusting things your body do to you. How humiliating.

You are looked in. Your mind screams silently.

'Please have mercy. Let me just got insane!'. You whimper, unheard. In your own head.

Your whole body is now covered in the puky goo from His skin. You feel how it dry and built slowly a coating at your skin.

Over the Intercom Denise is still insulting You...

"Well thats what I call a mind shattering orgasm! A few girl die even from this alone! So respect, You got two! Oh Ahh by the way You still think your number, 12-K is a conjunction to your name?"

'I'am Krista! So yeah, 12-K like Number twelve - Krista? What else!' You talk to yourself.

In the test chamber you slowly turn your head. You blink up to the light and the mirrors.

"Muar! Har! Har! Har! It's true! ... How naive! ... No, stupid Wench! We count to 50 in each letter of the alphabet! It's a fitting contingency, not more"

In the thick mass of your brain you try to count.

'Ten times 50 is 500, plus twelve...? I'm the 512 Women in this chamber!'

Suddenly you can control your head. It twitched back, in anger. Finally Your body react to your will.



For two steps.

As suddenly you got some control back you lost it again.

You collapsed to the ground. You hit hart to the fine sand on the ground, it's warm. Somehow your left knee pushed against your thorax. All the air is flushed out of your lung.

You take a deep breath.

'No? Not agains!' Is your last thought.

Darkness take you away, again.

(The End?)


Quicksandgoddess Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2018
Not yet, let me be eaten and digested!
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