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The Lost Lake series is a group of melodramatic, quicksand, and non-fetish stories with related pictures to a series of stories created by Dark Angel. A popular lake surrounded by quiet neighborhoods and a community park becomes a very dangerous playground. It becomes a complex maze of tall grass used as a series of short cuts across the soggy lake bottom after it drains and dries during a long summer drought.
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Lost Lake - Deadly Pursuit 2: Family ReunionClearview was a short drive from Dana’s home turf. In her youth it had just been another random town in the country that held no particular interest. Now the name held meaning for Dana, as she now had a ‘clear view’ of what she’d once thought was her idyllic family; namely, that her father, while serving in Southeast Asia for a peacekeeping mission, had had an affair with an Asian woman and fathered a lovechild with her. Dana had heard the full story while she was in the police academy. Her parents had been just married when her father was shipped out to that unstable region as part of the diplomatic corps. Her mother, Jane, was already pregnant with Dana and was waiting anxiously for the mission to be done so that they could start their family. According to her father, it had been a stressful time: the dangers brought by revolution and anarchy, combined with missing her mother and home, and the devilish humidity, made him homesick and depressed. The embassy bar was the favorite watering hole to destress in, and it was there that he had met and befriended a barmaid, Phuc-Mei Kim Loan. Phuc-Mei was a beautiful woman, and also kind and compassionate. It didn’t take long for them to fall in love with each other, despite his missing of Jane. His love for Jane and Dana had been imposed onto Phuc-Mei, an explanation that Dana could never really accept. In any event, Phuc-Mei became his new girlfriend, and life became somewhat easier. Eventually, Phuc-Mei became pregnant with his child, but by then the mission was almost over and the Americans would be returning home. “You know that I love you deeply, Kim” he had told Phuc-Mei, “but it is impossible for us to stay together.” Dana’s father returned home, and Dana was born. But he’d always regretted leaving behind his pregnant girlfriend, Phuc-Mei, and secretly kept contact with her and Phuc-Mei’s daughter. Now that Amerasian woman, Dana’s half-sister, was working as a cop in Clearview. Dana drove into the apartment parking lot and managed to squeeze into one of the last remaining spaces. Upon seeing the building, Dana couldn’t help but be impressed. You could definitely live wealthier with less in Clearview than other cities. The directory told her the apartment number of Jing-Mei Fan Loan. She decided to forgo the elevator and took the stairs to her sister’s apartment, in part for the exercise and in part to delay seeing her as much as possible. She hesitated upon reaching the door and then rang the bell. “Dana!” her sister exclaimed happily. “Hello Jing-Mei” Dana greeted politely. “Pfft, oh please, call me Fan. It’s always ‘Jing-Mei’ back home, ugh so formal and stiff. Come in!” From her appearance, Dana guessed that Fan had just been in the shower. Her white shirt was half-buttoned with the sleeves up to just beneath her elbow, and her thick black hair, the same as her Asian mother’s, hung wet over her back. Her face was round with large, inviting eyes, and her skin was fair. She could pass for a white American with black hair. Dana had met Fan before, and was aware of her habit of rushing about. In her haste to dress, she noticed easily that her sister was not wearing a bra, and now her large breasts, with nipples erect from her chilly shower, were prominent through her white shirt. She had crammed on a pair of tight jeans which hugged her legs and her firm butt nicely. “That’s not your shirt, is it?” Dana examined critically. Fan grinned sheepishly. “It’s my boyfriend’s. And no, it’s not what you think.” “Yeah, let’s not go there” Dana quickly conceded. While eager to find any fault in her Amerasian sister, she was reluctant to come off as a scold. “Don’t worry, sis. I know how to handle men” Fan reassured. “Want some coffee?” Dana bristled at being called ‘sis, but said “Sure.” The two women sat on Fan’s couch with cups of strong black coffee. “None of that Starbucks crap here” Fan beamed. “I didn’t expect you to come so soon, Dana,” said Fan. “We’re reaching a breakthrough in our hunt for the extremists,” Dana explained. “You Clearview cops caught that cell plotting a series of attacks. It’s just the thing we need to bring them down, so there’s no time to lose.” “They have enough arms to wage a war with the government” Fan shook her head. “Who could buy into such crap? Seriously…” Dana sipped her coffee. “How is Phuc-Mei?” “Mom’s good. She’s on my ass about getting married lately, ugh.” “Have you spoken to Dad recently?” “We’re in touch” Fan replied shortly. “I know you’ve been distant since the divorce… he misses you, you know.” “He’s certainly made up for lost time with you” Dana muttered. Fan noted her bitterness and sighed. “I won’t deny that it was difficult at first,” she said, glancing between her cup and her sister. “It wasn’t easy growing up Amerasian with a single mother back home. I always looked different from the other kids. Mom was told that she had brought shame to the family for getting pregnant outside of marriage, especially to an American. Being the pregnant girlfriend of an American gave her a bad reputation. People would call her a whore and a slut behind her back, and sometimes to her face. And I of course was called the daughter of a slut and other racist insults.” “It was Dad who brought shame, not her” Dana said flatly. “He’s the one who cheated, but your mother is called a slut?” Fan smiled kindly. “It works differently in Asian culture. But my grandparents still loved me, paradoxically, and gave me support. Grandma and Mom always encouraged me to be the best, and not see myself as an abandoned Amerasian lovechild. I had contacted Dad before I came stateside. He’s been very supportive of me. He even gave me pointers for my police training, best ways to shoot and disarm, how to win in fights, all of it.” She placed a hand on Dana’s knee. “I know Dad loves me, and Mom, but he loves you and Jane just as much. I know it sounds weird and I know how you feel about all this, sis, but he’s really a good man. Even though she was left pregnant and alone to be a single mother, Mom still loves him, because he never forgot about us. That means something to me. Being Amerasian is part of who I am. You are part of who I am.” Dana forced a polite smile. “It’ll take some time.” She decided to get down to business. “What do you have on our little cell?” Fan nodded. “We questioned all of them, but only one was willing to talk. He was the youngest of them, confused and angry, but not yet fully conditioned to not see reason.” “That sounds like the kid I had to save from quicksand” said Dana. “He didn’t realize how EMOW was exploiting him.” “In exchange for leniency he gave us some intel on the extremists. They’ve stockpiled an entire cache of weapons and money they plan to use to create their ‘self-sustaining society’.” Fan said with air quotes. “I’m going to have to see that cache.” “Right. We’ll be picking him up at the precinct and he’ll escort us to the secret location.” “Can’t he just tell us where it is?” “He says there are booby traps rigged around the property. He needs to guide us so that we avoid them.” “Wonderful…” Dana muttered and took another swig. “We’ll get them, sis” Fan smiled. * * * Fan drove Dana to the precinct, where they were greeted by a fellow officer and a young male who looked at the two women with interest. “Who’s he?” asked Dana. “His name is Mingo,” Fan answered. “He’s our informant” “Hey, the two things I love to see” Mingo insolently whistled when the women approached him. “And you brought two extra. Wanna have some fun later?” At first Dana didn’t know what he was talking about, but then she saw Fan flush angrily and button up her shirt. She had forgotten to put on a bra before they left, so now Mingo could see her large breasts bounce freely against her shirt. The perv also had eyes on Dana’s large bust. “I’d watch that mouth if I were you” Dana snapped at the informant. “And I’d watch that tone if you want any help from me. Come on Fanny, you can love me long time.” “Shut up, freak” said Fan. “Just show us where the cache is, then we can decide whether to be nice or not.” The fresh Mingo had a devious smile on his face. Dana kept an eye on him as he sat in the back of the squad car. It seemed that besides his base racism sexism he got a thrill out of trying to intimidate Fan with vulgar sexual suggestions. Fan did her best to ignore his taunts, though Dana could see the fear of weakness beneath her half sister’s tough exterior. Mingo was not the only annoyance. As he had explained in interrogation, the cache was in a tunnel complex built during the Cold War in case of bombings, but later abandoned until rediscovered by the extremist cell. Mingo delighted in pointing out how clever he and his friends were, exploiting resources forgotten by “corrupt, matriarchal society”. “Why do I get the feeling you’ve booby trapped the place?” Dana asked as they were being led on foot to the hidden location, barely hiding her irritation. “I’m not about to kill myself just to take you out,” Mingo replied. “Besides, I’m against trapping boobs. I see Fanny is too.” Fan jabbed her fingers roughly into Mingo’s back, forcing him on. “Keep talking, Boob Boy, and you can find your way out of this maze alone.” “I know this place better than you. I’ll survive.” Dana wanted out of this place now. Her “spidey-sense” was going off about this whole thing. Mingo was up to something… but they had to find this cache no matter what. She kept her eyes on the criminal, but also on Fan. Her suspicions were confirmed when Mingo suddenly led them further off the beaten path into an open, swampy space. “The secret entrance is through this swamp. It was done on purpose to keep anyone from attacking us from this side.” “And you couldn’t take us to any other entrance?” asked Dana. “Not unless you want guns in your face” Mingo quipped with a snarky grin. “Well, show us your secret bridge over this mud, or something” said Fan. “It’s not mud” Dana said. “… It’s quicksand.” Mingo shrugged. “I dunno where it is.” “What??” “I don’t know. Hey, I never expected to be in this situation, I can only tell you the way inside that won’t get you killed on sight.” “Alright…” Fan nodded. “We’re crossing the quicksand. And you’re gonna lead us.” “Me??” “No tricks. With you in front, we can be sure you’ll choose the best path across. You don’t wanna sink under in quicksand, after all.” Dana could see Mingo’s disappointment and apprehension. It was obvious he had hoped to see the two women cross the swamp only to get caught and struggle in quicksand. Now if he was to survive (literally and with freedom), he would have to get his hands dirty, no pun intended. The grayish black quicksand was thick and sucking. The three were soon calf-deep in the muck, which made it difficult to move. Dana could see Mingo shake from fear, his earlier chauvinism gone. Dana grunted as she was knee-deep in the quicksand, struggling to get her legs free. Seeing the increasing danger, Fan looked for another route. She stepped on a section of seemingly solid ground. “I found solid ground! Over-woah!” she exclaimed. At that same moment she’d stepped right through the deceptive platform into the thick, warm mud underneath. She plunged up to her thighs and continued to sink as the quicksand undulated around her. “Ugh,” she grunted. “Dana, I need some help!” “Not so confident now, are you babe?” Mingo teased, forgetting his own sinking for a moment to enjoy Fan’s plight. Dana was up to her thighs as well. “Don’t struggle Fan, you’ll sink in the quicksand faster. Try to grab something.” Dana remembered her last ordeal in quicksand. She thought for a moment that they should have come better prepared, or called for backup, but this time secrecy was of the essence. A firehose and a team of reinforcements couldn’t help them now. She had softened the quicksand on her side and dug large handfuls from around her legs so she could lift them easier. It was slow and tiring work, requiring a patience that Mingo, who now was beginning to panic from being waist deep in quicksand, clearly lacked. Fan stubbornly defied Dana’s advice and was copying her motions. Unfortunately, she was already sunk too deep in quicksand and her efforts were making it worse. She pushed herself up with her arms, dangerously getting close to entrapping them many times, making her sink deeper as she pulled them free. She looked with horror as the quicksand shook and sucked more of her body in every second. Meanwhile Mingo was leaning forward, desperately reaching for blades of grass, sinking chest deep as he grasped the stalks. Unsurprisingly to Dana the reeds gave no support. Fan desperately shoved her arms into the sucking mud to keep herself from sinking further. “Lay on your back, both of you!” Dana shouted in frustration. She was struggling back toward solid ground. At this point facing armed extremists from the other entrances was looking to be more preferable to crossing over quicksand. “Easier said than done, sis!” Fan’s struggling had made getting freed more difficult. She pushed her back on the quicksand, which gave way underneath her. As Dana struggled to a more secure position near solid ground, Fan was sunk up to her heaving breasts in quicksand, her black hair getting caked in mud. “Fan! Turn your body slowly toward me and grab my hand!” “I can’t!” Fan protested. I’ll be spitting out mud if I move anymore!” “A little late for that, Fan! You shouldn’t have struggled so much!” “Grab me then! I’m going under!!” Mingo was chest deep like Fan, but was better able to turn. He threw out his hands for Dana, pleading for rescue. “Keep still, Mingo! I’ll get Fan out first!” “No! Help me out now!! Help me!” Mingo’s earlier bravado was gone now that he was trapped deep in quicksand. Fan held her breath as the quicksand consumed her shoulders. Dana strained forward so Fan could grab her hands. They slipped through Fan’s muddy hands. The recoil pushed her down to her armpits. Dana stretched out again. “Come on Fan! Grab my hand! You can do it!” Fan, now up to her chin, struggled to get a firm grip around Dana’s hands. As soon as she secured her hold, Dana pulled her sister hard, groaning from the strain to break her from the quicksand’s grasp. Mingo was by now armpit deep and still sinking. He panicked and struggled frantically against the thick, oily quicksand. “Get me out! I’m going under!! You fuckin’ bitches, get – shit! HELP ME!!” “This is your damned fault, Mingo!” Fan yelled to him. “You wanted us to cross the quicksand and get stuck! How’d that work out for you?” “Fan, we still need him” Dana interrupted. “We can’t take down these extremists without his info! We have to get Mingo out of the quicksand!” “That’s right! You need me!” Mingo pleaded. “Get me out!!” He threw his arms to the women and made desperate swimming motions that made the quicksand blurp and suck him in more. “Fine, I’ll get him” said Fan. “Wait here, sis.” “Fan, wait! We should - ” But her half-sister was already lurching toward the trapped Mingo, fighting her way through the consuming quicksand. The muck constricted her chest, forcing her to take short breaths as she plowed ahead. She managed to grab Mingo’s flailing hands and pull him in toward her. “I have you, Mingo! Stop struggling, ugh!” But Mingo suddenly attacked Fan despite his desperate position. He pressed his hands into her big breasts and began to shove her deeper. Fan gasped loudly and slapped Mingo’s face, leading to the two of them wrestling each other in the perilous muck. “Mingo, what’re you doing!? Get off her right now or you’ll go under the quicksand!” Dana ordered. “I’ll die for the cause!” Mingo suddenly yelled fanatically. “And I’ll take Miss Saigon down too! I never could stand you interrogating me, you big tit Asian bitch!” “Amerasian!” Fan retorted. Deeper she went in as the insane Mingo heaved and shoved her, blind to how he was sinking in himself. Dana flashed to her ordeal with Nate in the quicksand. She debated in her mind on what to do: save Fan and risk getting trapped further, or pull herself out and get help. She wondered if their commotion would attract the extremists hunkered in the bunker. “Ugh! Mingo – ugh! Stop – pushing – me!” Fan snapped as she and her prisoner continued to fight to the death. “You got no power now, bitch!” Mingo yelled. “You are weak when you’re alone! Admit it!” “I… ugh…. mm not…. ugh…. WEAK!” Fan protested. Mingo’s attempt to humiliate her instead gave her a second wind. She began to push back harder against Mingo until she had gotten the upper hand. Their struggles had pushed her to her shoulders in quicksand, while Mingo had settled to his chin, his worsening position making it harder for him to fight back against the Amerasian woman. “I’ll tell you who is strong… my mother is strong… my sister is strong… and I am strong! I am stronger than a macho-poser like you could ever hope to be! Uuugghh!!” Dana was impressed and touched by her half-sister’s words. Fan gave a great shove downward. Mingo struggled to resist, but could do nothing as the quicksand closed over his face, leaving only his nose and mouth clinging to the surface. “No, please! Don’t push me under!! I’ll tell you all you want! No! Don’t!” “Fan, let him go! Don’t push him under!” Dana pleaded. “Don’t worry, sis. He’s still with us” Fan grunted, flipping her muddy hair back across her shoulder. “But he has nowhere to go… except down.” “You should stay still or the quicksand will suck you under too.” Dana grunted as she tried to find something to pull herself onto solid ground. “I need to get backup and get you two out!” “Better do it fast, sis.” “Fan, you’re low enough in the quicksand that the extremists in the bunker might not notice you if you’re still and don’t move!” Dana whispered hoarsely. “I’ll run back to the car and call for backup!” “Ok… Hurry, sis!” Fan replied. Mingo began to shout for his fellow combatants as best as his quicksand-constricted chest would let him, but Fan shoved a glob of mud into his mouth to stifle him. Dana wiped the excess mud off her body after managing to drag herself onto solid ground, and then snuck back to the car. “We need backup immediately!” she whispered urgently over the radio. She then took out her gun and an bullet vest from the trunk of the car, and stealthily crept back to the quicksand. If any of the extremists did come over to investigate the commotion, she would be ready for them. She would protect Fan until backup came. She wasn’t yet ready to call her sister…but she could accept her as a friend…
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Lost Lake - Scandal, Part 2“…No! Ugh! Help me!” The quicksand was closing in around her, crushing her deep within its embrace. She gasped loudly for air. She struggled to break free, but only her face remained above her surface. The mud began to crawl over her eyes. Only seconds left. One last burst of strength failed. In fear and panic she screamed. “HELP ME! HELP ME! HELP MPPHHHGH! NOOOO!” Joanne awoke with a scream and sat up in her bed. It was still dark outside. She was panting heavily, sweat glistening on her brow. She tossed her hair behind her and clutched her heaving chest, catching her breath. Her nipples were erect from her high tension. Another nightmare. Joanne groaned and threw herself back onto the pillow, throwing the sheets back for the heat. Ever since her investigation over the sex tape scandal at the university began, her nightmares about the lake quicksand had become more frequent. Joanne had hoped she’d gotten over her traumatic experience years ago, being trapped in quicksand and almost going completely under, but the fear, ironically, still clung to her and refused to let her go. Now she would have to go back out there to find possibly the only evidence of the crime there was to nail the dubious frathouse and bring justice to Lina and the other girls…The sun was out and shining the next morning, indifferent to Joanne’s stress. She had asked one of her colleagues, a fair Latina brunette named Ruby Buttafuco, to accompany her to the lakebed. Joanne had briefed her on what the investigation had come to thus far, and what they had to do in order to recover the lost sex tape, if it was even at the lakebed. What Joanne didn’t tell her was that she was in truth afraid to go out alone onto the quicksand. “We gotten reports about boys from that fraternity in the past, but nothing like this” Ruby said as they drove. “Finn and Lina seem like good kids. They shouldn’t have gotten caught up in a mess like this.” “Finn is still my key witness to the frat’s criminal activities” Joanne replied. “He may not have known about the sex tape, but he did know what went down in the frathouse and the frat’s sexist culture.” “Boys will be boys” Ruby sighed. “You remember how it was when we were in school. Hell, some of us have been in Lina’s shoes. One mistake shouldn’t ruin her life.” “I remember” Joanne thought back of loves lost. “No one ever filmed me having sex though.” “Because you never had sex?” Ruby teased, then asked “Or that you know of?” causing Joanne to squirm inside. Upon reaching the parkland they departed the car and at once were hit by the sudden heat. Joanne undid her top buttons and rolled up her sleeves. Ruby, who had dressed down, removed her sweater and shimmied her big butt as she hiked up her jeans. The two women trekked into the wild space carrying a pack of gear for digging in mud. Joanne was on full alert about any bed of quicksand that could have formed at random spaces due to the underground water. They stumbled over soft, sucking mud that nearly pulled their shoes off. “Ugh, this sucks. Literally” Ruby grunted, helping Joanne across the gurgling mud. “Why does anyone come out here?” “Because no one thinks they’ll fall into quicksand” Joanne groaned. “No one ever suspects until they’re trapped and sinking, and struggling to escape…” She flashbacked to that day when she had been trapped in quicksand… screaming for help… the mud was closing in over her… “You ok, Jo?” Ruby interrupted her memory. Joanne realized she had spaced out. “Yeah, yeah” she shook her head. “I’m fine, let’s keep going.” Ruby smiled. “You know I’m counting on you right? You’re the QSI after all.” Joanne groaned. “You know how much I hate that nickname?” “Hey it could be worse. They call me ‘Big Butt-a-Fuco’ behind my back. That’s the best you can come up with?” “I dunno… it kinda makes you sound like a wrestler.” Joanne quipped. “You’ve used your… ahem, assets, on a few thugs when they tried to run from the cops. And according to Urbandictionary, ‘fuco’ is slang for big money” Ruby laughed. “Oh yeah, sure, I’m hella rich and have kicked asses.” “And have plenty to spare.” Ruby turned, making her long, thick hair whip around. Joanne raised her hands in surrender with a laugh. “Just saying, Big Butt-a-Fuco.” “You wish you had an ass this good, QSI” Ruby teased. As they got deeper into the park, the ground became even muddier, making it harder to know solid ground. Joanne showed Ruby the point where Finn, Amber and Lina had been rescued in the distance. “We’re right on the lakebed now. The sex tape, if it’s here, should be somewhere around where we rescued those kids.” She wished they had roped off the exact spot where the rescue had occurred, but no one had dared to go out over the quicksand to mark the boundaries. “Ok… one of us will go out and begin to dig. The other will stay on solid ground and pull us out with a rope if we begin to sink.” “Got it.” Joanne froze at this moment. It was her investigation and she should be the one to go out on the quicksand, but her fear paralysed her once again. She thought about flat out ordering Ruby to go retrieve this only piece of evidence they might have. But the Latina woman was way ahead of her, tying the rope around herself and putting on a pair of galoshes. “You sure you’re ok going out there, Ruby?” Joanne asked to show concern. “No sweat, Jo. You’ve got my back... or my butt.” “No Ruby, I -” “Jo” Ruby turned serious for a moment. She held Joanne’s arm and looked her in the eye. “I know what happened to you back then. It’s ok… you don’t need to come out if you can’t do it. Just keep hold of the rope.” “How do you know I got caught in quicksand?” “It made the news back then, remember?” Joanne sighed and chuckled. “I never even paid attention after that happened. I just wanted to forget it all…” Ruby patted her arm. “Wish me luck.” Joanne rooted herself to the wet ground and held fast to the rope as Ruby began to step carefully over the lakebed. Ruby had gotten used to trudging in ankle-deep mud, so it took her a while to notice that the quicksand was starting to creep up her galoshes to her jeans.“Don’t move too fast” Joanne warned, trying to hide her wavering voice. Ruby was knee deep. “You’re almost there, just stay steady and we can start.”But Ruby was already sinking up to her thighs in quicksand. She grunted as she tried to move forward, the quicksand making horrid sucking noises as the Latina struggled to keep her legs mobile. The suction was incredible. Joanne reckoned she could free her with the rope, but pulling her in would be difficult, especially without falling in herself.“Ruby, can you still move?”“Just barely.”“Ok. Start digging and try to remain still and not push yourself around. Stay near the solid areas as much as possible.”“Easier said than done. Ugh… I’m surrounded by quicksand.”Joanne froze. Ruby began to dig carefully, making sure not to disturb the quicksand too much that the sex tape could slip in deeper. There was nothing around her but deep mud despite Joanne’s advice. The longer it took, the harder it would be to get Ruby out.“Ugh, the quicksand is so thick” Ruby grunted. “Jo, there’s a chance we may not find the sex tape. It… shit…” Ruby was covered in mud from her digging, but that was the least of her problems. Her digging had loosened the quicksand so that it began to pull her in deeper despite her efforts not to move. It climbed up the Latina woman’s jeans and enveloped her big butt. She could no longer resist moving and tried to keep herself up, but only pushed herself in deeper. “Shit, I’m going in deeper” she turned to Joanne. “Ruby, listen carefully” Joanne instructed, her heart beginning to pound. She couldn’t give up the chance to recover the sex tape if she could help it, but she also couldn’t lose Ruby to the quicksand. “If you can keep digging, go for it. If you sink to her chest in the quicksand, then we’ll abort and I’ll pull you out.“Okay” Ruby replied unsure. She saw the quicksand move past her butt and ring around her waist. But like Joanne she was determined to find this evidence that could clinch their case and get justice for Lina and the other victims of the frathouse. Ruby struggled in the quicksand to weaken its hold on her legs, as she continued to dig. The lakebed surface shook with her movements. Ruby gasped as the quicksand fondled the trapped lower half of her body, but continued to struggle and dig. Eventually she had sunk too low to use her shovel effectively. She leaned heavily on the shovel taking deep breaths. “It’s no good. You’re sunk too deep” Joanne called. “I’ll pull you back.” “I can try digging with my hands” Ruby offered. “No!” Joanne exclaimed fearfully. “If your arms get stuck in the quicksand you won’t be able to hold the rope! It may loosen when I pull you!” Ruby sighed. “Ok… I guess that’s that. Reel me in.” Joanne began the arduous task of pulling Ruby free from the quicksand. She grunted and groaned, her feet firmly planted, struggling with all of her strength. Her breasts, exposed through the open buttons, heaved with her heavy breaths, and her brow and chest gleaned with sweat. Ruby too was groaning as she tried to force herself toward shore, fighting the quicksand with all her power. Then Joanne felt the rope slack. As she’d feared, the rope had loosened around Ruby’s waist and was now coming off her. “Ruby, grab the rope!” Joanne pleaded. Ruby caught hold and held as tightly as possible. But her muddy hands made her grip tenuous: the rope began to slip from her hands until it was pulled out of them. Joanne gaped in horror as she held the loose rope, seeing the trapped detective sunk deep in quicksand, caked in mud, and marooned far from shore. “NNOOOOOO!! HELP ME!! I’M IN QUICKSAND, HEL-MMPPHH! NO-MPGGHH!!” The nightmare came back to her. Joanne was trapped and sinking, fighting desperately, losing… the quicksand closing over her… she also remembered the video of Phoebe Germain and Jake Tanner struggling in quicksand and being pulled under while pleading for help. Now Ruby was trapped in quicksand and struggling to escape its devious hold. Joanne had no choice but to get her… “I have to help her…. Come on, Joanne, pull it together! You’re strong! You can do this!” her mind yelled at her. Joanne drew up her courage. “I can’t let this happen again! I won’t let the quicksand win! Quicksand won’t control me!” Joanne pulled off her shoes and stepped onto the lakebed. The quicksand had by now soaked Ruby’s clothes in dark mud, which made her blended against the surface of the deadly lakebed. Joanne gasped as she felt herself plunge past her knees in quicksand, but she kept on moving toward Ruby. “Take my hand, Ruby!” To Joanne’s surprise, Ruby had managed to wrench the embedded shovel out of the quicksand before it sunk all the way in and thrust it to her. This action cost her another few inches so that she was breast deep. “Be careful! You just made yourself sink deeper!” “Relax, girl! You’ve got the shovel! Just pull!” Joanne held on tightly with both hands and pulled at hard as she could, while Ruby tried to kick her trapped legs under the quicksand. Both women grunted and groaned loudly.“Ugh… ohmigod, ugh” Ruby gasped. “This stuff is so thick!”“Don’t let go of the shovel!” Joanne gasped in reply. “Just a bit further, UGH!”Joanne saw that her movements had made her sink in quicksand to her groin, and then her hips. She felt her butt squelch into the thick mud. Fear gripped her once more, but she promised herself to not give up. With gritted teeth she kept pulling. Joanne struggled to free her friend, until she found herself up to her navel. She stopped to catch her breath. “This is bad” she said. “The closer you get, the deeper I go. There has to be another way out of the quicksand.” “I don’t think we’ll find one anytime soon.” Ruby was still breast deep. The Latina gasped as the mud cupped her big breasts. “At least you’re not sinking deeper. Yet” Joanne noted. “I knew big boobs were good for something” Ruby joked.By now the quicksand had churned up the lakebed into a sea of mud. Solid ground was tantalizingly close, but almost impossible to reach without sinking further. Keeping hold of the shovel in one hand, Joanne managed to get herself into a horizontal position, trying to reach for anything near the shoreline that she could grab hold of. Her muddy hand grazed what felt like a heavy rock buried in the ground. It was the best they had to work with. “I found a rock. Hold on, I’ll try to grab it!” She tried lunging at it, but the quicksand kept her trapped. Joanne paused for breath and saw how deep in quicksand she had gotten from her struggles. Her breasts now touched the disgusting muck. Panic came over her again. She remembered being trapped, alone, desperate for help, struggling for freedom and losing… “No… no!” “Breathe, Joanne!” Ruby coaxed her from behind. “You’ve got this. Relax.” “UGH!” Joanne lunged and grabbed the rock, and pulled herself closer to shore. She turned around to see the Latina woman still clinging to the shovel, but she was becoming more trapped in the quicksand. Her long, thick hair was getting splashed with mud. She thrashed about beneath the surface to loosen the quicksand’s hold, making it blurp and squelch with her movements. It helped to make move through better, but at the cost of sinking her deeper. With Joanne’s hold on the shovel, Ruby was able to pull her way up it through the quicksand. Joanne was gotten herself vertical again from the weight of her body moving her down, leaving her past her heaving breasts in quicksand. Ruby was now up to her armpits and the quicksand threatened her neck with small waves of mud. Joanne strained to keep hold of both the rock and the shovel. “UUUUGHH! UUUUGGGGHH!!” Having only one arm now to pull Ruby, she groaned form the immense effort until she had to stop to catch their breath.“I don’t want to freak you out, Jo” Ruby gasped. “But I can’t hold out much longer.”“Neither can I…. but we can’t give up.” Joanne glanced over at her rock. They didn’t have much further to go, but neither of them could survive the thick mire for much longer. “Think, Joanne…” she encouraged herself. “I can’t keep hold of the rock like this and pull you in” she said aloud to Ruby. “We need something else…”“How about your belt?” Ruby suggested. Joanne nodded. She carefully reached down into the quicksand and ripped her belt off her pants. Once she took it off, she looped the end into the buckle so that it created a lasso and threw it over the rock. It snagged the lifesaver securely. “Got it!” Joanne yelled triumphantly. With the belt she didn’t have to reach so far and let herself sink back into the quicksand toward Ruby. “Pull yourself toward me, Ruby!” she ordered, gripping the shovel tightly. Ruby groaned and struggled against the quicksand’s grip. Her big muddy breasts pressed against Joanne’s body as she slithered up to her. “Jo… ugh, your pants” she grunted. Joanne realized that without the belt the blurping quicksand was sucking her pants off her legs. The detective sighed. “If that’s the one part of me that goes under today, I’ll be lucky” she groaned. “I’d have lost mine a while ago if it weren’t for the galoshes” Ruby replied. “Come on, we just have a little further to go” Joanne commanded. “Uuggh… we’re strong women. We can do this. UUGGHHH!” She moaned loudly. “I’m stronger than quicksand…” she muttered to herself in encouragement. “I’m stronger than quicksand… never again…”Ruby hung onto the shovel while Joanne used the belt to pull herself to the rock. It was still hard going, but the belt made it easier to keep hold of their anchor. Joanne’s muscles were on fire. She was soaked with mud by now and desperate to be free of the groping, relentless quicksand. She gasped and shuddered from how it enveloped her breasts. She choked back her fear. One more “UUGHH!” and her head collapsed on her arm. Struggling had sunk her up to her armpits, and cost Joanne all of her strength.“Jo, are you ok?” Ruby’s voice called behind her. “Just catching my breath… this is so hard…”“You should get out first” said Ruby. “You can’t pull me and the belt at the same time. Free yourself and then get me out…” “No” Joanne shook her head. “We’re doing this together.” “Jo… I can’t go further.” Joanne gasped when she turned to see Ruby chin deep in quicksand and almost hopelessly stuck. “Go! You’re right at the shore!” Ruby pleaded. “I can’t leave you!” Joanne almost begged. “Damnit girl, don’t break down on me! You can pull me better on solid ground!”Joanne could see the sense in Ruby’s advice once she regained her composure. She took a moment to gather her last strength. “Just a few feet… I can do this… I will get free...”She threw both arms forward, grabbed the belt and began to pull like she had never pulled before. The quicksand pulled her down to her shoulders. Her long hair was getting streaked with mud. Still the detective struggled on. “All these years you have tormented me… ugh… I have struggled against you in my nightmares… ugh… but you won’t win! I am a strong woman, ugh, and I won’t be trapped, ugh, by fear of you! You… ugh… don’t…. ugh… OWN ME!!” Her hand touched something. Solid ground! She had made it! With one more burst of strength Joanne strained to pull herself up and out. The jealous quicksand blurped and churned loudly. Joanne’s breasts, then her stomach, her butt, and finally her legs, all were torn free with loud squelches. She collapsed face down on the hard earth and cried for joy. “I did it…. I did it! Ruby, hold on, I’m… Ruby? RUBY!!” Joanne gasped in horror. The Latina detective had vanished beneath the quicksand. Even worse, her struggling body was making the quicksand’s surface bob and shake. “RUBY!! NOOO!!!” Joanne cried out and seized the disappearing shovel once again, sinking down to her ankles in her haste. Luckily, Ruby’s hand was still no the other end of the tool. Joanne breathlessly heaved. “Not again…. This can’t happen again… I WON’T LET IT, UUUGGHHH!!”Meanwhile, Ruby had sucked in one huge breath before the quicksand pulled her under. She still had a death grip on the shovel in one hand, but the other hand was groping at something under the surface. Her legs had felt it first: it was as though something was grabbing them and pulling her down. Feeling with her hand, she came across what appeared to be a bag of some kind… a bag still attached to its owner. Almost instinctively she seized it. Her breath was running out. The she felt the shovel being pulled from above and she was slowly hauled back to the surface. She gasped loudly and coughed, her mud-caked head barely distinguishable from the rest of the blurping quicksand. “Ruby! I’ve got you, hold on!” Joanne yelled. “Wait!” Ruby shot back, blind and almost deaf from the quicksand clogging her eyes and ears. “I’ve got something! Help me pull it up!!”Joanne risked going in further toward Ruby. Her exhausted body had enough strength for one more effort. She grabbed the Latina in a bear hug, her hands rubbing against her big breasts, to haul her closer to shore. Then she reached toward the object Ruby had brought up. To their surprise, it was the body of a youth wearing a bag. Joanne and Ruby threw themselves onto the shore, exhausted. The corpse lay beside them, preserved from its time trapped in the quicksand. “Nice timing, QSI” Ruby panted. “Funny” Joanne gasped for breath and teased back. “I almost couldn’t pull your big butt back up… just for that.” “But you did. You beat the quicksand… you don’t need to fear it anymore.” “No…” Joanne countered. “I’ll always hate quicksand… but it’ll never trap me again.”When the two women had at last recovered from their ordeal, they went over to and examined the recovered corpse. “This matches the description of the man who’d met Lina and Amber on the quicksand” Joanne described. “And who Finn fought. I can’t believe you found him, Ruby.” The inside and outside of the bag were coated with mud. Joanne opened it and dug through the gritty muck. She found a protective case that miraculously was still dry inside. Within the case was a flash drive. “Is this it? The sex tape is a video file on a flash drive?”“I’d bet on it. But we can’t be sure until we get this, and whoever this is, back for evidence.”Ruby looked at Joanne. “If this is it we have the frathouse nailed for blackmail and exploitation.”“It won’t be that easy” Joanne sighed. “This scandal will go public and it’ll become a media circus. The college’s image and moneyed interests are all at stake. We’re gonna have a big fight on our hands to get justice done.” “If you can beat quicksand, you can beat some jocks with connections” Ruby encouraged. “I’m in this with you. That is, if you don’t mind having me around.” “Are you kidding? I couldn’t have gotten over my fear of quicksand without you” Joanne smiled. “Besides, I could always use another ass kicker.” Ruby patted Joanne’s arm. “Let’s go, QSI.” Leaving the body, they took the bag and trod their muddy selves back to Ruby’s car to call for the crime squad....
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Lost Lake - Scandal, Part 1Joanne Larue was thankful for her cup of fresh coffee. She could tell it was going to be a long day Her blazer hung on her desk chair, leaving her in a long-sleeve blouse with the sleeves rolled up to below the below and black pants. She felt the coldness of her sweat stains against her back as she leaned in her chair and grimaced. She undid the first two buttons on her blouse, sacrificing modesty to the summer heat by leaving her cleavage exposed. In her time here she had acquired the joke title Q.S.I. (Quicksand Investigator) for all of the times cases involving the lost lake and its dangerous quicksand came across her lap. It was not a nickname Joanne relished, the memories of her own harrowing experience trapped in the quicksand years ago always coming back to her whenever the topic came back to haunt her. So it was no surprise when she was called on yet another case, a crime on the lakebed involving a bunch of college kids. The suspects and witnesses had been brought into the precinct for interrogation.There was no point delaying any longer. Joanne took her coffee and went to the interrogation room. The girl was already seated across from her. She looked nervous and in shock. Joanne knew that the girl had just been rescued from being trapped up to her chin in quicksand. It had been a very close call, the report had said. The girl looked at Joanne fearfully. Joanne decided to drop the policewoman persona and adopt that of a friend.“How are you feeling?” she asked, subtly placing her phone on ‘record’ beside her to document the questioning. “Ok” the girl muttered.“You can call me Joanne. What’s your name?” “L-Lina. Lina Kahn.” “You go to the university here, Lina?” “Yeah… Economics… I’m graduating next year.” Lina was of average build. Her long hair was colored a dark brown with tinges of reddish yellow along the length of her ponytail. She was wearing a red top and a slightly oversized black sweater. She had rolled up the too-long sleeves past her elbows and was rubbing her upper arms. She was shivering, but from cold or fear? “Are you cold, Lina?” Joanne asked kindly. When the girl nodded she left the room for a few minutes and returned with a second cup of coffee that was a touch spiked with “liquid courage”. Lina noted the taste and looked to Joanne, who whispered “Our little secret.”“You know, I was once caught in the lake quicksand when I was around your age” Joanne confessed to Lina. “I understand what you’ve been through.” “It was horrible” Lina admitted. Her arms rested on the table. She had calmed down a bit. “I can still feel the quicksand around me. It was so thick and tight…” she shuddered at the memory. Joanne placed a comforting hand over Lina’s. “Can you tell me what happened? Why were you out on the lake?” Lina’s expression turned nervous again. Joanne could see that she wanted to confess something, but was afraid of the possible consequences. “You have to promise me it won’t get out. No one can know about this.” “I won’t allow anything not pertinent to the investigation to be leaked out” Joanne assured. “But I need the whole story.” Lina exhaled. She gulped and nodded. Joanne sat back.“Okay Lina, tell me what happened.” Lina took a deep breath and began her story. “It all started a month ago. My best friend Amber, and my other friend, Romila, had just finished a really rough semester and were ready to kick back for the summer. Romila isn’t really a close friend of mine, but she knows another friend of Amber’s Nicole, and they’ve been friends since, like, forever. Romila’s boyfriend is a member of the frat house on campus and got us invites to one of their summer kickoff keg parties. I hadn’t planned on going but Finn said he was going and Amber encouraged me to go, so we went together.” “Finn? Do you mean Finn Taylor?” Joanne noted the name on the initial report. “Yeah” Lina pushed back a loose strand of hair. “Is he your boyfriend?” Lina flushed slightly. “Yeah… we’re kinda sorta… I mean we are, I guess, but it’s complicated.” She looked at Joanne with some embarrassment. Joanne coaxed her own with an understanding smile. “I’ve heard that before. How do you mean?” “Well I did have a crush on him in high school and we were friends and had some classes together in college, but we didn’t really date until last semester. Just hanging out in town, fooling around, making out.” “Sounds like a typical couple to me” Joanne assured. “He’s very nice. And cute” Lina chuckled slightly despite herself. “I wish I could find a guy like that” Joanne replied, which got another smile out of Lina and made her relax even more. This is good, Joanne thought. She pressed on in her questioning. “So what happened at the party?” Lina went on. “Well, it was crazy. Some of the details are hazy since we were buzzed on spiked punch, which I didn’t know was spiked until after I drank it, since I wanted to avoid any hard alcohol. ‘Big Booty’ by Gucci Mane was playing real loud… I like that song… anyway, I remember Finn and I going upstairs with his hand on my butt and kissing my cheek saying I was beautiful. He’s usually shy and reserved when we’re together, so I noticed at once when he was feeling up my butt, but I was ok with it. We went into one of the bedrooms and we had sex. Finn walked me back to my dorm when we woke up. He kissed me good night and gave me another smack on the butt. Other than the hangover I got later, everything was fine.”Joanne felt a note of concern upon hearing this part of the story, but held her peace until Lina elaborated further.“Then some weeks afterward I got an email from someone who said that he had a sex tape of me and Finn. I ignored it at first because I thought it was a prank or something, because Finn and I would never film ourselves having sex, it’s just so… ugh, weird and gross.” Lina subconsciously crossed her arms again in a defensive posture. “But the guy kept emailing me, he tried to slut shame me, made comments about how big my boobs were and he’d show off my boobs and ass to everyone. I was humiliated and disgusted.” The picture began to form in Joanne’s mind: a possible blackmail case. She felt sympathy for Lina, but had to prod her on. “Did you find out who was sending you these emails?” Lina shook her head. “The guy told me to meet him in the park with a bribe in order for me to get the sex tape from him, which is why we were there. I couldn’t take a chance that he would release a sex tape of me online as it would really screw up my reputation and cause a scandal on campus and with my family. On top of all this I was super worried because Finn and I weren’t protected that night we had sex, and I was afraid I might be pregnant. I remember my mom always being overdramatic when I was in high school and before starting college, ‘Don’t hang out with boys, Lina, or you’ll get pregnant’. I told her she was overreacting and ridiculous. Now here I was scared of being exposed in a sex tape and that I could be pregnant.” Joanna nodded. She remembered the craziness of her own romantic adventures, and mistakes, during her college years. But lingering on those memories triggered her memory of the quicksand trapping her, slowly sucking her down and crushing her as she desperately struggled to escape. She forced herself back to the present as Lina continued. “I asked Romila if her boyfriend knew of any cameras set up in the frat’s bedrooms, and she said there weren’t any. She thought the whole thing was a scam. Amber said that no one would believe that Finn and I would even make a sex tape in the first place. But I couldn’t get the idea out of my head of being exposed like that. I knew I had to confront this guy.” “Did you tell Finn anything about the sex tape or that you may be pregnant?” Joanne asked. “No” Lina quickly answered. “I didn’t want Finn to know anything about this, at least not until I was sure the sex tape was in my hands and safe. To know that I could be pregnant on top it all that would be too much. I did tell Amber though, and she helped me discreetly get a pregnancy test kit. Thankfully I was not pregnant. She asked me what I was going to do next. I said I had to get the sex tape from this creep, and Amber said she would come with me.”Joanne took a moment to absorb this information. “You agreed to meet this person in the park? Did he tell you to come on the lakebed itself?” “He said he’d be near the lakebed” Lina explained. “I wasn’t paying any attention to where I was going, even though Amber was telling me to be careful because of the quicksand there.” “So you both ventured onto the lakebed?” “Yes.” Lina shivered slightly, recalling the events in her mind, and took another drink. “It was steady going and I was emailing the guy demanding to know where he was, when my feet started to get stuck in the mud. Amber tried to get my feet out, but the ground became really unstable, and she began to sink as well, no matter how much she pulled on me I kept sinking deeper…” “You both got trapped in the quicksand” Joanne stated. Lina nodded. “We tried pulling our legs out, but each time I pulled one up, the other sank deeper, and I had to put my foot back down on the quicksand each time I got free, so I just sank back in. The quicksand rose up to our thighs. I’m a bit heavier than Amber, so that’s probably why I was sinking at a faster rate than she was. No matter how much we struggled we were trapped in that gross stuff…”“We began to call for help. I continued to sink faster than Amber and wasn’t slowing down at all. I was up to my boobs in quicksand while she was only trapped up to her stomach. Amber tried to lift me up but the quicksand was too strong and held me in, and trying to lift me made her sink deeper. Then we heard someone approach us. It was the guy who was emailing me. Apparently he was surprised to see us deep in quicksand and was getting some sick pleasure in watching us struggle. We yelled at him to help us. Instead he mocked us and said he’d make another tape of us sinking in quicksand unless we did him some ‘extra favors’ along with the bribe for the sex tape.” “What kind of favors?” Joanne asked. Lina’s face twisted in revulsion. “He wanted sex in exchange for saving us. Of course Amber and I refused and called him sick. Then he got mad and said the deal was off and that he’d put out the sex tape online right then and there. Amber actually tried to grab his ankles by lunging forward, but that pushed her deeper into the quicksand. Meanwhile the quicksand was taking me down to my shoulders. I was barely able to keep my arms above the surface.” “Then we heard someone else come running. I saw Finn come out from the reeds into the open. He told us to stay calm and that he’ll get us out, then he attacked the other guy.” “And Finn didn’t know you and Amber would be out on the lake?” “I never told him. I don’t know why he was in the park at the same time as us, but at that point I didn’t care, I was just glad he was there. The guy had been careful when going over the lakebed to taunt us. But now that Finn was attacking him he was more concerned with defending himself than watching out for quicksand. Amber tried to warn Finn, but the two of them fell into the quicksand too. The guy was panicking and struggling to get out, but he kept going in deeper.”“I had sunk up to my neck and had trouble breathing. Amber was doing her best to keep me up but she was going deeper too. Finn immediately struggled over to us and tried to help us up. He said something about looking everywhere for me, and that he was worried about me, but I was too scared of going under the quicksand to pay much attention. Finn soon was trapped as well trying to free us, going up to his chest. I screamed for help, I thought it was all over. Then the police and park rangers arrived, and they got us all out...”Joanne took a moment to consider everything that Lina had told her. Everything seemed cut and dry: Lina had been blackmailed over a secret sex tape filmed without her knowledge, and the culprit had gone under the quicksand in a fight with Finn who had tried to save his girlfriend and Amber. But that raised more questions. What was Finn doing there in the first place, if he had not known about either the sex tape nor of Lina’s pregnancy scare?“Is there anything else that you’d like to tell me, Lina?” Lina had gulped down the remainder of her cup to calm herself. “That’s all that happened. Just promise me none of this will come out. And please don’t do anything to Finn, he was just trying to protect us, he did nothing wrong!” “I’ll try, Lina. In the meantime, you can go. If I need anything more, we will be in touch.”“Thank you.” Lina said on the way out. Joanne watched her hurriedly search for any way out of the intimidating hall. No doubt she’d want to find Amber or Finn. But Finn now had to be questioned: his sudden appearance in the nick of time was too much to ignore.Finn came into the room looking haggard. Joanne noticed with some resigned amusement that the sight of her cleavage focused his attention. Checking himself, he averted his gaze sheepishly. Joanne began to button up her shirt again, but then had another idea in mind.“Finn Taylor, I presume?” “Y-yes, ma’am.” Joanne rose from her seat and began to pace the small room. She made sure that Finn got a good view of her figure. He shifted nervously. “That was a lucky break out on the lake, Finn. Lina and Amber would’ve gone under the quicksand if you hadn’t shown up.” “I still can’t believe it. It happened so fast…” Finn looked at Joanne. “I didn’t mean to push that guy under, I was just… just - ” “Just what, Finn? Tell me what happened.”Finn stammered. “None of this was my idea, I had nothing to do with it!” “Start from the beginning.” Finn gulped as he tried not to stare at Joanne’s cleavage. Joanne stood with her arms crossed over him.“One of my friends at the frat house invited me to the frat bash. I happened to have the day off from work, so I had the free time. I like to hang out with the frat every now and then, you know, just to chill and check out the hot girls who come over…” “Hot girls” Joanne interrupted. “I’m sure Lina would like to hear that.” Finn protested. “No, I didn’t mean – I’d never cheat on Lina, she’s great and smart and everything, it’s just… you know, no harm in looking, right?”“A lot more than just looking happened that night.” “Yes… Lina made sure not to touch any alcohol, but someone spiked the punch anyway…” “Were you drinking?” Finn stammered. “Maybe a few beers… I only remember that Lina and I went upstairs to one of the rooms and had sex. I walked her back to her dorm that night. I didn’t know anything was going to happen.”“So you didn’t know that there was a camera in the room filming you having sex with your girlfriend? A room in a frat house that you go to frequently?’ “I don’t go upstairs!” Finn replied. “I mean, I didn’t check every room for surveillance tech, why would there be cameras anyway?” “So you knew about the sex tape?” Joanne’s voice went cold. “No!” said Finn, realizing what he had revealed. “I had nothing to do with that!” Joanne slammed her hands on the desk for dramatic effect and glared across at Finn, who was made more nervous, uncomfortable and aroused by seeing this attractive woman in her semi-open blouse lean toward him. “Don’t lie to me, Finn. A frat house that you visit regularly, with lots of, as you say, hot girls partying with the guys. You must have known about all the antics that went on behind closed doors. You know how frat boys are.” “I didn’t! Not until later!”“What happened ‘later’, Finn?” “Some days later I was in the locker room after my gym routine, and I overheard Rick, one of the frat guys, talking to the other guys there about the girls at the party, including Lina and Amber. He was saying that Lina was bootylicious and…” “And what?” “… and fucks real well. This made me mad, hearing him talk about my girlfriend like that. I told Rick not to talk about Lina or Amber in that sexist way. Rick just laughed and called me a ‘beta male cuck’ controlled by women. He brought up all the times I said a girl had a great butt or nice boobs and said I was a hypocrite.” “Sounds like he had a point” Joanne interjected. “He doesn’t! I got serious and told him to knock it off. Then he said he had proof, and revealed that he had a sex tape of me and Lina from that night, that he’d already shown the frat boys. I was shocked and angered. I demanded that he give me the tape and destroy any copies he might have. Rick blew me off and said this was too good a thing to waste. The sick bastard said it should be treasured forever, to be passed down as a frat heirloom. He said I should be proud for putting on such a good show.” Joanne saw Finn curl his hands into fists as he recalled the encounter. She paced the room in front of the college male, hands on hips.“So you didn’t know you had been filmed having sex. Did you know that Lina had been blackmailed with the sex tape?” “What? No, I didn’t.” “Then what were you doing out on the quicksand? How’d you know Lina and Amber would be there? Is there something you’re not telling me, because I will find out.” Finn gulped. “Romila confronted me after I talked with Rick. She knew about the sex tape. She really chewed me out for having sex with Lina in the frat house where they always film stuff. I told her I knew nothing about it, but she didn’t believe me. She mentioned another girl, Nora Tran, who had had sex in the house a few semesters ago and had been blackmailed with it to keep it secret. Then she told me Lina was pregnant, that she had heard from one of the girls at the party that she’d been throwing up lately. I said it was a lie, that Lina would’ve told me. Romila told me to man up and take responsibility for getting Lina pregnant and exposing her with this sex tape, but it’s not my fault, none of this is!” “You mean making the sex tape, or getting your girlfriend pregnant?” Joanne left out what Lina had told her earlier. “You admit that you were drunk that night.” “We were all drunk” Finn protested. “Stop passing off the blame, Finn. Admit your mistake.” “I was! Lina had not been returning my texts, I wanted to tell her that I would man up and we could work this out. A friend of ours said that she and Amber had gone to the park. I didn’t know why, but it didn’t matter. I went to the park to look for them.”“I was running around, trying to find out where the girls were. When I finally found them, they were trapped deep in quicksand. I remember the quicksand pressing up against Amber’s boobs as it pulled her in…. I mean, I wasn’t thinking anything dirty, I just remember that detail.” Finn realized how his confession made him appear and looked down. Joanne nodded. “Go on.”“Anyway, she was up to her chest and Lina was going chin deep. I had nothing to pull them out with, and there was no time to find anything because that creep was standing over them watching them struggle. “Was this man Rick?” asked Joanne. “No” said Finn, which surprised Joanne. “I don’t know who he was. I ran out onto the quicksand and fought him to save the girls. I saw him get trapped in the quicksand but couldn’t pay much attention, since I had to rescue Lina and Amber. I dropped into the mud as well and moved forward so I could grab Amber’s hands and pull her out. But I couldn’t get a strong grip, and she kept falling back into the quicksand. She told me to help Lina first. Lina was screaming and really afraid, since she was chin deep and nearly under. Then help finally came.” Finn looked up at Joanne. “This is all bullshit. I had nothing to do with the sex tape or the blackmailing or whatever! I know you don’t believe me but it’s true! I would never do anything to hurt Lina or any other woman!” Finn went silent after that. He was sweating from frustration and fear. Joanne bent over the table to move her phone, noticing that Finn couldn’t help but peer at her cleavage once more. She took a seat across from the young student. “Well, Finn… I do believe you that you were not involved in this sex tape scandal. But you are also partially responsible for all of this. You knew questionable things go on at the frat house, yet you got drunk and had sex with your girlfriend in that house. You exposed her and yourself to being spied on by your so-called friends. You never called your friends out on their sexist antics until it was you who got bitten in the ass. And now Lina is a victim of blackmail, public humiliation, a near victim of quicksand, and also possibly pregnant by you. Romila is right, you need to man up and accept your role in this mess.” “I know… I messed up. I should’ve done more to fight the sexism in the fraternity. But I swear this will never happen again.” “And you need to learn not to stare at a woman’s cleavage.” “Sorry.” Finn was keen to be away from the detective. Joanne was satisfied with what she had learned, but there were still some loose threads to deal with. If Rick wasn’t the blackmailer at the lake, then who was? Also, Lina’s and Finn’s descriptions of Romila contradicted each other. Which one was correct?“That will be all, then” Joanne ended the interrogation. “But rest assured, there will be an investigation of criminal activities in that frat house. We’re gonna want you again for further questioning.” “Can I see Lina?” asked Finn. “Yes. You can find her outside.”Finn sighed in relief. Joanne opened the door and let Finn out.Joanne drained her coffee cup. Now it was Amber’s turn to be questioned. The blonde was brought into the interrogation room, and she sat down while quickly wiping away some apparent tears from the corners of her eyes. She was wearing spandex shorts with sandals and a light hoodie.“Hello Amber. I’m Joanne.”“Is Lina okay?” was Amber’s first question.“Lina’s fine. She’s feeling better.”Amber sighed in relief. “It’s so messed up, what’s happened to her…” “I’ve heard both hers and Finn’s version of events” Joanne explained. “There are some things I’d like to clear up before we investigate further.” “Like what?”“Your friend, Romila. According to Lina, she did not know about anything suspicious going on at the frat house. Lina also says that you got her a pregnancy test which confirmed she is not pregnant. But from what Finn is saying, Romila not only knew about the sex tape, she confronted Finn about it and told him that Lina is in fact pregnant. You can see the contradiction here.” “I can explain” Amber replied.“I think you should”, Joanne concurred. “First off, Lina is definitely not pregnant. I saw her take the test myself.” “Are you certain it wasn’t a false negative?” Amber shook her head. “I’ve lot of experience with pregnancy tests. Not me, I mean, but girls I’ve known. I know how to read the sticks. It was definitely negative.” “Then why would Romila tell Finn that she was pregnant?” “I dunno. Maybe she heard a rumor from one of the others at the party” said Amber. She leaned over the table. “Look, I’m not sure whether or not there is a sex tape. But if Romila told Finn that she saw one, there must be one.” “Romila told Finn she knew about the sex tape” said Joanne. “Did Finn ever mention the sex tape to you or Lina?” “No. Finn is a nice guy, sometimes dense” Amber smiled. “He’d never do anything like this. He’s as much a victim as Lina is.” “So none of you actually know that a sex tape exists” Joanne pondered. “You’ve been taking this blackmailer and Romila at their word.” “I knew no one would think Lina and Finn made a sex tape themselves, but the frat boys could’ve made one in secret. I’ve heard weird stuff goes on there.” “Did you know a Nora Tran? Was there a scandal involving her?” Amber looked up. “She was in some classes of mine a while ago. I remember that she was slut shamed after having sex with one of the new pledges at a frat party. Then suddenly people stopped talking about it and she disappeared. I think she transferred out or something.” Joanne sighed and pushed back a strand of hair from her face. “It seems” she said, “the only proof that there was a sex tape made that we know of is somewhere in the quicksand. Your blackmailer did threaten to upload it then and there while you and Lina were trapped.” “Then there’s no way we can call out the frat for what they did” Amber said. Her hands spread out over the desk, and she looked at Joanne pleadingly. “You’ve gotta do something! You can’t let Lina or anyone else get hurt anymore!” “Don’t worry, Amber” Joanne reassured. “We’re gonna put a stop to this. A full investigation of this frat house will be undertaken. But I’m gonna need more info. I’ll need to speak with Romila or one of the frat boys. And I’ll need to recover the sex tape, if there is one.” “You’re gonna go into the quicksand to find it?” Amber looked at Joanne in surprise. The detective herself couldn’t believe the words, but there was no other way she could conceive if all other copies of the sex tape were deleted or hidden somewhere. Slowly she nodded. For years she had stayed far away. But now Joanne would have to face her fears and encounter the dreaded quicksand once again…
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