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The Lost Lake series is a group of melodramatic, quicksand, and non-fetish stories with related pictures to a series of stories created by Dark Angel. A popular lake surrounded by quiet neighborhoods and a community park becomes a very dangerous playground. It becomes a complex maze of tall grass used as a series of short cuts across the soggy lake bottom after it drains and dries during a long summer drought.
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Dark-Angel-Seven Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2020  Student Artist
I am very pleasantly surprised that my page and “Lost Lake” group still has some interest given that I have been away for the past several months.

I am happy to see that Dragblacker is still active in writing his stories.

This “window of opportunity” I described on June 7, 2019, has largely closed.

The good news is that I have a higher paying job now.  The bad news is that it provides me with very little time for proofreading/editing and no time for writing.

I still have a weekend job that gives some time for writing.

Speaking of stories, I have two in the works including a “prequel” story that predates the Lost Lake Series and involves what will be the grandmother of my character, Sarah Ann Peterson when she was just a child.

There is still other stuff I would like to do and the list is getting shorter.

Other than employment and in regards to things “dying in me and around me”, much has taken a powerful turn for the worst.  My health is relatively fine, but time may be running out faster than I would normally expect.

I never really say this and I should.  But, your attention has been very greatly appreciated even when I have been gone for a while.

So cheers and many thanks, you bring some light to my perpetual darkness.
Dark-Angel-Seven Featured By Owner Edited Jun 7, 2019  Student Artist
I have been far more active than I have been in the recent past.

This is likely due to an opportunity to do so.  I'll be 60-years in January so I am nearing the end of my life span and I have no idea when this window of opportunity is going to close.

This opportunity window WILL close at some time in the near future.  So, I am trying to get my stuff done now.

I don't plan on living forever.  I'll do what I can to leave as many stories as I can and background information to fill in some holes.

As Leonardo DaVinci wrote in his notes and writings as he neared the end of his life, "please tell me if anything was ever done".

Sorry, but no.  Leo' did not write any melodramatic QS stories and it is a boring read for anyone into the "porn" side of the interest.

In short, things are dying in me and around me.  I am running out of time.
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