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The Diabolical Luxury Shower Trap - Phases 2 and 3You know, I thought I was just gonna be watching a spectacular human form take a luxurious shower. Yet there I sat in stunned awe as I watched Mel in the cube. The hopeful, expectant looks around the space for an answer, a escape. I watched the fruitless reaching for something to grab. I watched the silent pleading to an inert touch panel, and I watched the futile banging of hands against an immovable mass of hardened sand. I watched hopelessness and confusion evolve as the reality of the situation became clear, and I had a decision to make.No operators' manual was provided with this crazy system, so I didn't know what to do. In fact, I didn't even understand what I was seeing. Quicksand wasn't a listed feature, nor was it something I had requested, yet watching Mel sink was so freakin' hot! So, should I perform a "rescue," or should I just absorb the experience and pretend to be unaware?​Mel was helplessly trapped. There was no current threat to drowning or even sinking further, yet it was inescapable. So what next? I glanced at the screen of my mobile. The app flashed “Quicksand Trap – phase 2 beginning 30 seconds.” I had no idea what was to come, but I wanted very badly to find out!My eyes flitted from one video window to another, catching views of the victim, my victim, from every possible angle. The angles that showed a face exhibiting worry and desperation, contrasted starkly against a writhing, perfect body amidst the strain of a desperate physical effort to escape. Tendons strained and muscles flexed as Mel fruitlessly tugged at one leg and then the other. Even adding the strength of arms did nothing to loosen the vice-like hold of the heavy sand."What the hell!!!" was the shouted plea. "Get me out of here!!!" Mel hung there, lower legs locked motionless in solid sand. No amount of struggling made a difference, as the sand wouldn't move. Then, the Phase 2 countdown reached 0, and a single, unsustained rumble rolled through the sand like a big belch. Mel felt a wave of movement travel from toes to knees that was a mix between a big shove rolling upward and the fizz of bubbles escaping a carbonated beverage. The sand shifted, momentarily liquifying into a gooey sludge, and Mel slipped deeper into the thick mass. After a moment of quiet, another wave rumbled through, again bringing the quicksand to life, liquifying and accepting Mel up to the hips. This time Mel tried to wriggle free while the quicksand was fluid, but the time was too short, and the sand solidified in a wave moving upward from Mel's feet and ending just below the crotch. The solid surface was completely smooth and flat from the glass walls to where it seamlessly met the very tops of Mel's thighs. If there had been hope for freedom moments before, now it was gone. The quicksand trap was silent while lively music played evenly in contrast to continued shouts from the trapped victim.The camera angles were masterful as I continued to scan the video wall. My heart raced as I viewed closeups of Mel's frightened face and struggling body. The view from above made me feel that Mel was disappearing into the earth.Immobile and rooted in place, Mel noticed that the cube no longer smelled of fresh water and soap. There was now a warm, earthy smell permeating the space that gave the sensation of being in the deep woods near a forest lake or something like that. And then the music was momentarily replaced by sounds that mimicked the wild outdoors, but that lasted only a few seconds before a new, even deeper rumble came from below.Mel glanced around in fear, waiting to find out what would happen next. The wait was brief. Along the cube's walls thick sand began to boil up from below, rolling inward toward the center. Mel knew what was happening even before the sucking sensation began. Under pressure from the machines below, the quicksand had begun to circulate. The sand at the center was draining downward, along with Mel, and being pushed up at the walls. Mel immediately began to struggle as the decent began. Even though the thick sand wasn't cold, it felt chilled as it enveloped Mel's private areas and squeezed around the waist. As it churned menacingly, freedom of movement returned, but the movement was only downward.Pressure from the heavy mass began to strain breathing as it closed over Mel's ribs and then climbed to armpit level. It was a frantic, yet slow motion struggle to keep from going under, and it seemed to last a very long time. The quicksand was so thick and heavy that every movement met viscous resistance, and Mel began to tire. Breathing grew more and more difficult under the combined strain of exertion and the immense pressure. With the quicksand at chin level, Mel stopped struggling.The terrifying circulation of the mire had also stopped, and Mel realized that the sinking had ceased. In fact, Mel began to slowly rise out of the quicksand. There was no magic or machine involved. Mel simply floated up as far as mid-chest, but there was nowhere else to go. Hanging there, once again bewildered, Mel felt the sand begin to harden.The perspective was bizarre. The floor of the shower cube and the entire spa was about a foot away, yet Mel stood upright, locked in position by the packed sand. Now that the terror was gone, Mel had an opportunity to feel and take stock of the situation. There was pressure over every inch, yet the feeling was almost a weightlessness. It could actually be relaxing given a chance. Breathing wasn’t free and easy, but it wasn’t debilitating, and the artificial deep woods scent wasn’t unpleasant. Mel was now just waiting. The cameras were magical. To me it was clear that Mel was totally my prisoner, locked immobile in a glass cage, yet the closeups shows a face that was at peace in relaxation. Although caked heavily with sticky sand, Mel seemed to be enjoying. The my eye caught a flashing on my cell phone, and I glanced down to see, “Quicksand trap phase 3 beginning in 30 seconds.” Suddenly, warm water showered down upon Mel, rinsing off the clingy sand. Then it stopped, leaving the sand all around perfectly smooth and flat. Mel glanced up a the touch panel and could just make out the countdown timer ticking down 10 – 9 – 8. A wave of dread washed through Mel. What now? Mel looked around starting to feel panicked. There was an unsteady hissing burbling sound coming from slots in the stone pillars that previously went unnoticed. Mel’s eyes settled on the pillar directly in front as the wait lengthened. The tone of the sound changed and clearly indicated that something was nearing the opening, and sure enough wet sand began to pour from the slots and into the cube. Mel’s dread instantly turned to renewed terror as the end-game became clear. Sure, sinking wasn’t a threat, but drowning in quicksand was suddenly a real likelihood. I had been looking at the view from an overhead camera when I saw the sand belching from slots in the pillars. Once again, my heart began to race. My eyes flicked over to the closeup view of Mel’s face. Shock and terror painted the screen, and Mel began another brief futile struggle. The sand was implacable, and with slumping shoulders, Mel just gave up. Wet, gelatinous sand flowed in from all 8 stone pillars, behaving like a lava flow slowly building up while advancing toward Mel. The heaviest flow came from behind rolling into Mel’s back and flowing around arms in time to meet other advancing flows from in front. It began to layer higher and higher. Mel’s arms were finally pinned as the sand climbed to shoulder level and creeped toward Mel’s neck. The sand was now higher than the slots, yet the flow continued, now pushing the entire gooey mass toward Mel’s helpless face. It advanced slowly and steadily like a molten wall, and Mel could see nothing else. My brain snapped back into reality the moment the closeup face view was blocked by the flowing sand. I launched myself out of my chair and sprinted to the spa. My clever, uneven stairs became a problem as I ran and tripped again and again. I burst into the spa and wheeled around the corner into the shower room in time to see the touch panel flash “program complete.” I bolted over to the cube that was now filled knee-deep with sand, and I looked down to see Mel’s upturned face staring upward and waiting to be covered with the quicksand. Then I heard the pumps rumble from below and saw the sand begin to recede as it was pumped away. Mel stared at me wordlessly throughout the process. Now, coated with sand and standing at the bottom of a fiberglass pit Mel said, “Will you turn on the fucking shower, please.” Then no other words. There was a ladder formed into the wall that gave Mel access to a narrow platform in front of the door. Reaching up, Mel flipped the brass lever, opened the heavy glass door and stepped out. Can you go upstairs. I’ll be there in a while....
The Diabolical Luxury Shower Trap - Phase 1This is my first attempt at gender-neutral writing, and it's tough, so please be patient with some slightly awkward prose. The upside is that you can pick your own gender preference to fill the role of our hapless victim. Its a trapped/helpless/sinking fantasy that is squeaky clean - no sexual content and no violence. I hope you enjoy.We sat together in the backyard, silently cooling down after a spectacular hike. Tall glasses of chilled lemon water sat between us on a glass table. The glasses were sweating in the humid summer air just like the two of us, and tiny puddles were slowly expanding around the base of each glass.Mel sat slumped and motionless on a patio chair. "Oh my god, it's so hot I can't even move," came a listless complaint, "Where's that swimming pool you promised me?""Hee, hee. I've hidden it just to torture you. I'll wait until you pass out from the heat, and then I'll get it and jump in without you knowing.""Very funny. Seriously, would you mind if I take a shower to cool down a little?""Of course you can. Sounds like a great idea. The only thing is that you'll have to use the spa downstairs. The upstairs bathrooms are still being worked on.""That's fine; I don't mind stairs.""Well, it's not just that. It's kind-of a weird shower, because they designed it to double as a mud spa.""Oh, I remember you talking about having your own mud spa. Not something I would want for myself, but it sounds cool.""Yeah. The whole project became a little insane, and I almost wish I hadn't done it. I've only used it once in the last year, and not only is it a royal pain in the ass, but it ended up costing way more than I ever expected. It's pretty cool, and I think it's one-of-a-kind, but definitely not worth the cost and aggravation.""Why was it such a big deal? I mean it's it's just a tub, right?""Oh no! It's a lot more than that. In fact, I kept adding features as the project went on. The main concern was hygiene. I didn't want a tub full of mud that sat there collecting all kinds of bacteria without having a way to clean it. So the design got complicated. At least I know it's clean, but there are lots of other features I haven't even tried yet.""Like what?""Well, It can be filled with either powdered clay, which becomes white mud when you mix it with water, or you can fill it with sand, so it's like showering on the beach. That's actually the only way I've used it. It can also heat the clay or sand, but you have to use a circulation pump to do that safely. If you don't circulate the stuff, it could get too hot at the bottom and burn you or everything could harden up. Then there's a bunch of different ways to circulate whether it's for cleaning or comfort.""Do you mind if I shower on the beach? I love the feeling of soft sand between my toes.""Sure. C'mon down, and I'll get towels and stuff and show you how it works."Barefooted and sweaty, we treaded down the extra-long flight of stairs to the basement. The ceiling height here was more than 12 feet to accommodate my media room, but it had been divided to make an elevated section that was my personal spa. I had my multipurpose "dirty" shower, a cedar-lined sauna and a steam room all built above a 4-foot crawl space to house plumbing and mechanicals. This space was my craziest luxury that I rarely made time for. I had given the architect and builder general guidelines, and they had come up with this showpiece. There were some exotic touches built in, such as camera feeds from the spas to the theater room, but I hadn't delved into them. Maybe today?It was pretty unusual, but Mel was impressed. The spa looked like a shrine perched above the rest of the room. Bright spotlights shone upward, lending it an aesthetic of mass and fortitude. A brightly lit, curved, stone staircase swept up to heavy, blonde, wood doors set with massive, polished brass handles. Mel was compelled to climb slowly toward the great doors, because the steps and risers varied in width and height. The structure of the staircase forced the act of entering the spa to be slow and deliberate. It was sort of a forced reverence that was not lost on Mel. Generally known as an arrogant and entitled person, Mel had made irreverence a way of life, yet this construct had earned reverence. It was big and bold, and it felt like a safe haven.The massive-looking doors were deceptively light, and they swung in with little force. Lights brightened as we passed the threshold revealing a wide foyer featuring a set of three glass sink basins with disproportionately large levers above bronze faucets. At the far end for the space there were two archways to darkened spaces beyond while on the right was a third archway. I pointed alternately to the two arched straight ahead. "The sauna is to the right and steamroom to the left. You can do either, but the sauna takes a little time to heat up."I went into the room on the right and the lights came up. In the center of the room stood a mostly glass cube. There were two narrow stone pillars dividing each of the glass walls into three sections. Bronze shower heads and controls bristled from the masonry and there was a touch panel for control embedded in the nearest pillar. The shower stall was illuminated as if it were a large sculpture. Inside the stall, glowing amber light radiated from between dark stone tile work. Outside, flood lights and accent lighting drew the eye to the space inside the cube. The lighting was designed to be both dramatic and to support the 12 well-hidden cameras that would record all angles of everything that took place inside the glass enclosure. There was also a live, high resolution 4k video feed from each camera to the adjacent media room. Using a control app on my mobile phone, I turned on all of the cameras and the video display and recording equipment. I hadn't tried any of it since the project had been completed. I hoped it worked."Here Mel. Let me show you the controls and I'll leave you in peace. Take as long as you want; I'm happy to have someone enjoy it!" There was a control panel outside the enclosure and an identical one inside. "Okay, each button does a bunch of stuff, and labels pretty much tell it all. So, if you touch "Beach" the tray will shift away, and you'll be able to get the beachy shower you want. The screen will change, and you can play with the shower heads to get exactly the experience you want." I pointed to all the different jets and shower heads aligned on the stone pillars. "Other buttons will appear as you make choices, so you can play all you want. The only thing you can't do is switch to the clay/mud mode in the middle of your shower. It's a big process and the system won't let you do it while you are inside." Mel nodded without much reaction. "Okay, but I really just wanted a shower to cool. off." I know that you said you just want a quick shower, but maybe you'll indulge in this for a while. It seems such a waste. So these buttons on top are the main controls.” I pointed to the touch screen showing Mel the button for the main programs: showers, mud spa, full body exfoliation, steam and some others. “each main program has options that you can choose once it’s started up. You’ll set the temperature, which water jets will be used, how much pressure. In the sandy floor program there’s even an exfoliating foot massage built in. You can’t see the options until you get in and touch one of the programs. The whole things turns on when you flip down that lever.” I pointed to a shiny brass handle mounted to the top of the glass door. That turns everything on and seals the door to keep all the water in." “This looks really cool,” said Mel. “Can I play some music too?” “Sure! That will show up on the options page once you choose the main program. When you’re all done, come on upstairs and tell me about it.” I pointed to a robe and some towels and a selection of organic soaps, shampoos and lotions. “See ya later." Mel filled a little basket with the cosmetics and the moved to where the robe hung. I turned and left the spa. Mel moved slowly around the spectacular personal spa. Everything was perfect in the space. Meticulous stone and tile with amazing lighting. It also smelled wonderful, maybe lavender with some other spicy scents mixed in. The stone floor was climate controlled as was the air temperature. It was also curious that even thought the room was all hard surfaces, there was no echo or extra noise. The room felt close and cozy like a plush sitting room with a blazing fire in the hearth. Mel moved to the shower stall and opened the door. The glass was much thicker than expected, and the door had significant weight as it swung silently closed. Mel reached up to pull the brass lever into place, pressing clear seals around the doorway into place. At the same time the touchpanel control brightened as if inviting interaction. The floor looked and felt like any ordinary plastic or fiberglass shower floor, and Mel wondered how it would somehow become a sandy beach. At the touch of the “sandy Floor” button, a recorded voice said, “Please check your footing as the floor will begin moving in a few seconds.” Sure enough, the hard floor began to slide away, exposing a floor of very fine, soft sand. It was easy for Mel to step off the moving platform onto the sand. Once the platform was gone, the screen was replaced by an array of options. Mel chose “warm shower” and the screen changed to show an image of all the shower heads surrounding the space. Mel began touching the images and each showerhead changed color with a touch. Below the image was a temperature slider, which Mel set for 100 degrees. The start button began to flash and Mel touched it. Mel enjoyed the shower thoroughly for a good 10 minutes, playing with all of the options from temperature to pressure and pulse. It was very nice, but not really up to the hype. There were additional buttons on the screen now, and Mel pressed the foot massage button. There was a vibration from below, the sand began to undulate and suddenly the beach softened and Mel sank ankle-deep into the slurry. There was a new floor beneath the sand, and Mel absently guessed that it was a slippery metal screen. Soon the gentle movement of the sand accelerated, churned and roiled in the shallow tub. Mel could feel the gentle abrasiveness of the sand smoothing callouses and powering away dead skin. It felt amazing. The only thing that would have made it better would have been to be sitting in a soft lounge chair while the sand did it’s work. Also, it was very noisy. Whatever mechanism was churning the sand was also making a racket that was so loud that the music was all but inaudible. Mel looked around the cube to see if anything else had changed, but nothing had. The touch panel was lit, awaiting commands. The only difference was that the brass lever at the top of the glass door was now out of reach. Mel reached up to test the height, and it was a good 6 inches out of reach. With a good jump, the lock could be disengaged. A slight uneasiness settled in with the idea of possibly being trapped in an inescapable glass box. With the scrubbing sand churning wildly, Mel stepped to the touch panel, which was now above eye level, and looked at the options. At the bottom of the screen there was a red button labelled QT, and Mel assumed it would send the machine into a quiet mode. When the button was poked, a confirmation message popped up, so Mel poked “confirm” and stepped back to the center of the shower. A 30-second countdown timer appeared on the screen, and Mel waited. When this time reached 0, the screen flashed brown and the loud buzzing changed to a rumbling groan similar to ordinary hot tub water jets. Mel looked down to see the churning sand subside to a slow roll, as if it were a pot of slowly boiling syrup. The sand was also gaining weight and viscosity as it slowed. Mel lifted a foot and met with considerable resistance as the sand coalesced and stuck together. Wondering what was next, Mel stood at the center of the cube watching the sandy surface. The rumbling from below deepened and sent vibrations through everything, yet the surface of the sand went still. Suddenly Mel felt the screen under the sand shift the same way the plastic cover had. Actually, it was different. The screen seemed to be split into two sections and each was moving away from the center in opposite directions. Mel’s feet would have been forced apart if not for the extremely thick sand holding them fast. As it was, the screen slid out from under, and with a sharp gasp and a feeling of weightless queasiness, Mel quickly sank down into the vibrating sand to just above the knees, then the rumbling ceased. Almost instantly, the sand hardened like cement around Mel’s legs. No movement was possible, and it began to dawn on Mel that this was indeed a diabolical trap. Door lock - out of reach. Control panel - out of reach. Sand hardening further with every passing moment. Almost as if in affirmation, the touch screen, now far out of reach, flashed the words “Quicksand Trap – phase 2 beginning 30 seconds.”,TThe Diabolical Luxury Shower Trap - Phases 2 and 3You know, I thought I was just gonna be watching a
Sink Into The MemoriesI hop out of the passenger side of my boyfriend’s car and make my way around to him just as he’s getting out himself. I’m dressed ready for our walk: wearing a black tank top depicting my favorite band, a pair of blue denim short shorts, knee-high white socks, my favorite pair of purple running shoes, and finally a black beanie covering my dirty blonde hair that I’m wearing in a ponytail. . He smiles when he sees me come around to meet him, as if he hadn’t spent the last hour with me right next to him. He leans down to kiss me, showing off just how much taller he is than me. “Ready to go?” he asks, taking my hands into his own. I nod eagerly and we make our way into the dense forest.It’s a place I’ve wanted to experience again ever since I was little. I remember exploring the woods near my childhood home for hours at a time. During summer vacation, after school, and some days, when I felt especially adventurous, before school. Much to my mother’s chagrin when she saw I had gotten my school clothes dirty. And so, after bringing it up at least once a week for the last eight years of our relationship, having him agree to return to my old stomping grounds with me had me bursting with excitement! Just a few feet into the area and I’m taken back. The sights, sounds, smells, it’s all exactly how it was when I was little. Eventually I have to stop and take the entire scene in. I stay like this for what feels like an eternity before I’m brought back to reality when I feel my boyfriend’s hand losing contact with mine. I turn around to see him jogging back from where we came.“Forgot the water. Go on ahead, I’ll catch up!” he says, turning and waving at me before turning back and continuing. I just giggle and continue down the trail. I hum to myself as I continue my walk down a quite literal memory lane.Soon my travels lead me to a familiar sound. It’s faint but clear… running water. I break out into an excited jog in the direction of the sound. A few dozen feet and I’m standing in front of it. A fairly large stream of rushing water that provided young me with hours of summertime fun. It doesn’t take long for me to decide on what to do next. I toss my beanie off, followed by my top, revealing the red bra underneath. Next I unbutton my jeans and let them fall to my ankles, revealing my baby blue panties. I then go to step out of my shorts…But… I can’t.I look down in confusion. I tug on my legs but they’re firmly planted. I bend over, surely giving a potential onlooker quite a view, to lift up my shorts. When I do, I discover my feet sucked into the muddy bank, just as it covers my shoes completely.“Shit…” I whine. “I love these shoes!”I pull a little harder to free my trapped feet to no avail. All I’m met with is a wet sucking and squishing noise. I pout defiantly as I grab onto my thighs and pull with all of my strength but the fucking mud won’t let me go!I roll my eyes as I look around for something to grab onto, maybe a low branch to use for leverage. But of course it isn’t that easy. It’s only then do I shudder as a cold, wet feeling graces my skin. I look down to see my shoes are totally gone, causing the ground to make contact with my thin socks. Subsequently causing my skin to make contact with the cold slime that I now realize I’m sinking in…Biting my lip, I look down at my predicament, transfixed on what’s happening. Fear and curiosity battle for attention in my head and that makes me freeze up, not sure how to react.I mean… My boyfriend has to be nearby, right? He just went to grab our water bottles. It’s not like he’s going all the way back home. He’ll be back soon enough to rescue me. I guess I could have a little fun while I wait, right? Returning my attention to my trapped legs, I decide to test something out. I tug on my left leg and, just as I suspected, the right one sinks a little bit. I pull on the right, and my left leg sinks. I have to giggle a little bit, finding a little amusement in my predicament.My little test speeds up my sinking just a little bit. It’s over my knees in no time, but that doesn’t worry me. I’ll probably just sink to my waist or something then touch bottom. Then I just wait for my boyfriend to swoop in and save the helpless damsel like it’s some cheesy movie. I lean back, practically sitting down in the mud now. I trace my finger along the surface. I draw some hearts, smiley faces, smiley faces with heart eyes, my name, I even play a game of tic-tac-toe with myself. Of course it ends in a draw because nobody wins tic-tac-toe.After a while I sigh, frankly getting a little bored. That is until I feel the muck make contact with… uh… sensitive spots, my panties become darker in color from the moisture surrounding them. A violent shudder surges through my body, caused by the surprising and uncomfortable sensation of the chilly slime sucking on my most private spot as well as the fear creeping back into my heart. I realize I should stop or at least slow down my sinking by now but my descent continues at a steady pace. I act fast, digging into the pockets of my shorts which were still around my legs and were beginning to be pushed under by my ass. Finally I fish out my phone and find my boyfriend in my contact list. I send a call and wait for an answer.“Hey, where are-” he starts as soon as he answers the phone.“Hey! Um… Are you going to be back soon?” I cut in, not wanting to waste time.“I’ve been back but I can’t find you. How far down the trail did you go?”“I-I cut through the trees to a little stream. I’m uh… kinda stuck.”“Stuck?”I look down just in time to see the waistband of my panties sinking under.“Yeah. There’s this mud on the edge of the water. It’s loose and really sticky. I’m… kinda sinking.”The other line is silent for a few long moments.“Hell-”I’m cut off by the sound of hardy laughter coming from my boyfriend. I roll my eyes.“Y’know, babe. If you wanted to mess around while we’re out here, you could’ve just said that. You don’t have to-”“Just shut up and come help me!” I yell into the phone. I’m up to my belly button, the purple piercing sticking out of it vanishing under the surface.“Fine! Where are you? Like I said, I went about a mile in and I haven’t found you yet.”I do my best to describe where my personal trap is but eventually I lose my patience and just send him my location. I hold my breath in nervous anticipation while I wait for approval.“All right, got it. I’ll see you in a-”“Wait!” I cry out. Another fierce shudder courses through my body as my stomach is steadily devoured.“What’s up?” he asks. I sigh with relief, I caught him.“Can you stay on the line with me?... I’m kinda freaked out…”I catch the small chuckle from him.“You got it. Switch to video, let’s see what we’re working with.”I do as he asks, turning on my camera and pointing it at myself, directing it at the surface of the mud, which is now working its way up my chest, staining the bright red of my bra in murky brown. My boyfriend’s face appears in the corner of the screen and his eyes light up at what he sees. Whether it’s because he gets to see my boobs or because he’s surprised at my situation, I can’t tell. But for my sake I hope it's the latter.“Shit, babe. How the fuck did you get so deep?” he asks. “I-I don’t know,” I stammer. “I was about to go for a swim in the stream but by the time I got my clothes off, I was sinking… I didn’t think it was possible to go this far in!””He rubs his beard with his free hand, working his way through a plan.“Okay, I’ll be there as soon as I can. But for now… shit… Try to push yourself up. Buy some time, just in case.”I sigh and nod. I look around for a place to set my phone down while I work. Finally I find a rock to prop it up on and place my hands onto the thick mud currently holding me hostage. And, to my surprise, it actually works! It’s super difficult, and I’m not instantly free, but my chest begins to reappear. But…My arms break the surface…As soon as hope of self-rescue appears in my mind, it’s ripped away as my arms find their new home stuck to my sides.I cry out in surprise, causing my boyfriend to look back down at the screen, frowning.“Damn… That didn’t work, huh?” He asks, a small chuckle escaping him.“YOU THINK?! YOU NEED TO HURRY!” I scream at him, wiggling my shoulders to try and free my trapped limbs. But nothing happens aside from my chest settling back into the muck.“Relax. I’m almost there.”“You try relaxing when you’re up to your shoulders in fucking quicksand!”“Touche.”Fina-fucking-ly I hear him coming. Somewhat clumsily stomping his way through the brush until he finally breaks into the clearing, just in time for my shoulders to sink into the ground, leaving just my head and neck. “There you are. All right, this will be over soon. Just stay put,” he says, looking around for something to pull me out with. My lip is trembling and under the surface my whole body is shaking. I’m looking up at him, pleading for him to save me.After a few agonizingly long minutes of looking, he manages to pull a long branch off a tree and holds it out to me.“Here. Grab onto this,” he says, smirking.“I CAN’T,” I cry, my chin dipping into the muck. I tilt my head back to keep my mouth free. “My arms are stuck! Please, I don’t have long left!”“Hm… Yeah, you’re right. Oh well, that’s all I can do.”“WHAT?! You can’t be serious!”Tears fill my eyes, terror taking over my senses. I do my best to look at him from my upturned view only to see him touching himself over his shorts.“Wh-what are you doing?? Please help me!” I say through choked sobs. “P-please…”He… pulls his phone from his pocket again and holds it up, starting to take video.“Sorry babe… There’s nothing I can do. Might as well enjoy your way down.”I’m speechless upon heaving those words, albeit quite muffled by the mud. It’s climbing my cheeks now.“It’s been real cutie. I told you it’d be over soon, and… Here we are,” he says. With a smirk, he slips his foot from his sandal and lifts it up over my face.“No… Please baby don’t do this! Please don’t-!” I try to say but my words are stopped when he puts his foot on my face.I scream and cry as he steps down hard, but all noise only produces bubbles as my face meets the rest of my body underneath the suffocating mud. Everything is silent and still underneath the quicksand aside from my intense struggling to free myself. But something deep within myself knows he won’t let me up. That he will keep pushing down on me until I’m gone… It’s all hopeless. All I can do is wait…
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Zelda stuck deep in tar 4 by stuckinmud Zelda stuck deep in tar 4 :iconstuckinmud:stuckinmud 126 4 Zelda stuck deep in tar 3 by stuckinmud Zelda stuck deep in tar 3 :iconstuckinmud:stuckinmud 110 7 Zelda stuck deep in tar 2 by stuckinmud Zelda stuck deep in tar 2 :iconstuckinmud:stuckinmud 106 3 Zelds stuck deep in tar by stuckinmud Zelds stuck deep in tar :iconstuckinmud:stuckinmud 142 1
230 Peterson Chronicles: What was I Thinking?, II
   The thoughts were with her precious deep brown eyes.  They poured out rivers of tears.  They glowed with a deep and desperate emptiness that only came with the realization of lonely abandonment and pending violent death.
   Her “sweet Billy” was always by her side protecting her from harm.
   But she had slipped away from her “Billy” not telling him where she had gone.  He was probably looking for her but in all the wrong places.
   Sarah knew that she was lost and alone in a very unlikely location, “Billy” would never find her.
   Caught and steadily sinking to a miserable and lonely death in quicksand.  All traces of her unmarked grave would be gone as if she had just vanished from the earth.
   Just one more time with “Billy” just to see his quirky smile again.
   Just one more time to have him comb his fingers through her hair as she combed he
:icondark-angel-seven:Dark-Angel-Seven 6 0
Simply Jungle Girl in quicksand by FrydaMud Simply Jungle Girl in quicksand :iconfrydamud:FrydaMud 64 4 Tsunade's Little Show by RBX2 Tsunade's Little Show :iconrbx2:RBX2 53 5 Spider and friends in quicksand by CuteYoshiLover Spider and friends in quicksand :iconcuteyoshilover:CuteYoshiLover 8 19 Ultrawoman H engulfed in quicksand! by sudo5348
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Ultrawoman H engulfed in quicksand! :iconsudo5348:sudo5348 16 16
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[Commission] Bee to the chocolate pool ! by Anselmejk
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[Commission] Bee to the chocolate pool ! :iconanselmejk:Anselmejk 26 1
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Welcome to the Quicksand Groups, where fellow members of the QS community can join in and share their quicksand related drawing, stories etc.


1. Drawings, Stories, Etc. are allowed in Features as long as they're made by you. If you submit something that's not made by you, then it goes to Favorites.

2. Peril and/or Erotic themes are Allowed.

3. Submissions must be Quicksand/Sinking-Related.

4. Be Nice to everyone and absolutely No Flaming, Bashing or Fighting in general.

5. Anyone on the "Banned" List will have their submissions deleted off of this group.

6. Do not bother the Contributors with "Gimmies" or any other requests that they do not want to make for you, anyone doing this will be banned from this group. No Ifs, Ands or Buts! I cannot risk losing great, hard working artists because of this.








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Bronzeti Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2022  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey, thanks for allowing me in the group!
EmilNAL Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2022  Student Writer

Hey, make sure you set your group admin permissions to "Subject to Vote" or "Are Not Allowed". There has been two notorious group hijackers for over a month now who apply as a co-founders, delete all the artwork in the gallery and favorites, and replace it with gore, scat and porn.

sixgunsloaded Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2022
Hello? Anybody here?
sinothreebody Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2022
Thank you for accepting me!
SexJunkie69 Featured By Owner May 14, 2022
if anyone wants to tell me how to draw quicksand pics id love to k ow
SexJunkie69 Featured By Owner May 14, 2022
hello guys im new here
JustALoadOfFetishes Featured By Owner May 13, 2022
Sorry to have to ask this, but I’ve been looking for an old quicksand image I’ve seen in this site, but I’ve lost, and I believe the account is deactivated.

It’s a picture of a woman with brown hair and a red shirt sinking chest-deep in quicksand. All the while, a little boy wearing blue (Probably her son) is poking the sand with a stick.

Sorry again about this comment, and I’m sorry if I’m misremembering the image.
SPrestonQS Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2022  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you for having me in your group! I will try to behave myself. LOL!
Thesquadinggopnik Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2022
Here is one of my works Screenshot (331) by Thesquadinggopnik  
ptddddd Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2022
Got a lot of good pics to show!
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