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Nausicaa: Winds of Change (Part 8)This chapter contains DiD: a female character is bound and gagged. Nausicaš of the Valley of the Wind, and the characters of Nausicaš, Asbel, and Yupa, all belong to Studio Ghibli. The image used was made by Yalleo.,Nausicaš's fall only lasted well under five seconds. But the way it seemed to pass in slow motion to her made it feel like a lifetime.The drop into the muggy airspace caused her to shriek loudly past her gag. Her arms yanked to grab hold of the aircraft's ledge, forgetting that they were uselessly welded to her sides and back. Her legs kicked, flailed, pitifully grasping for any ounce of control as the freefall sent her rocketing down. She spun without any rhythm or grace, forced to let the wind and gravity take control, making it a mystery of how she would land among the dark green treetops.It turned out they caught her on her side. "Caught" being a loose term.The girl's fall was gratefully broken, sparing her a gruesome death via splattered impact on the forest floor. But she still plowed right through their thick leaves and was knocked into hulking branches as she continued her descent. Tiny specks of plant life clung to her, patches of dirt staining her clothes and disheveling her hair. Her stomach, shoulders, and back took a beating as they were slammed about, worsening her already-dizzying vision as she was tossed upside-down, right-side-up, and everything in between. She couldn't do anything to stop herself, only delaying the fall by a second at most. Her legs tried in vain to hook onto any branch she collided with, but her momentum took her right out of its reach before she could even get a chance.She couldn't even make out where she was. Her entire world was moving, spinning, passing in a disorienting blur ... on top of her trying to conserve her air.Nausicaš had been smart enough to take in a swift yet very deep breath through her nose right as she fell in here. For these plants, like nearly all in this decaying world, were toxic, the air emitting from them sure to pollute and poison the lungs of anyone who breathed it in for long enough. But it was immeasurably difficult to preserve this air with how much her body was slammed, bumped, and sent down lower and lower. It took all of her self-control to not take in or out any involuntary breaths. A testament to her tough, enduring body built through years of training and exploration.With all these frantic distractions, though, the princess found herself caught completely off-guard when it all suddenly came to an abrupt halt.She felt a sharp tugging force at the back of her suit, just above her torso ropes, yanking her up in the opposite direction for but a second. She was then lowered again for just as long, followed by another tiny swing up, and so she continued as she went from falling continuously to bobbing heavily up and down."Gmmph!" she couldn't help but faintly muffle out.As she felt her swinging gradually slow down, Nausicaš looked around, trying to re-orient herself.She was back on ground level again, that much she could tell. While the massive trunks of the trees around her concealed much of the view in any direction, their bases and roots were clear as day. They were covered in a thin blanket of dark-green and dark-blue spores, ones similar to what she would find in the more familiar parts of the jungle. She could hear the sounds of insects flying and chirping, thriving in their natural environment. Gratefully the chaos above seemed distant enough to not incite their ire, although there was no telling if that would hold.As she felt herself continue to sway, she could tell that the back of her outfit had snagged on a branch. A particularly long one, apparently, as she was not in the midst of the trees themselves. Rather, she was dangling right over a barren, plantless lake of sand, several meters wide in diameter. The branch long enough to leave its home of the trunk and crane itself over the large pool of the heavy brown substance.But then, Nausicaš's toes lightly dipped into the sand. And as they felt its thick, liquid-like texture, she was quickly reminded of just what kind of sand it was."Grrhf." She swiftly yanked her feet out, her bound legs bending to keep out of the quicksand. She wiggled and pulled them against the ropes, but these motions only seemed to loosen the branches hold on her clothes.Thinking quickly, knowing time was short, Nausicaš deliberately began her swinging motion again. Her position was precarious, but with enough careful coordination on her part, she was able to repeatedly build up enough momentum to thrust her legs up and hook them around the branch, wrapping tightly. She curled the limbs so that her heels touched the backs of her thighs, wincing as the ropes clinging into her firm legs seemed to grip even tighter.The motion dislodged her clothing from its snagged position, however, and sent her dangling upside down.Nausicaš tried to remain steady, primarily needing to keep herself from breathing. She did her best to keep her racing heart at bay, the pressure and stress of everything about this moment making it all but impossible to remain so calm and still. She was dangling mere feet above a dangerous peril awaiting her below, her hair nearly touching the quicksand.The physically capable girl looked back up at the life-saving branch she was clinging to. She grew even more worried as she heard it creaking, watching it struggle to maintain even her below-moderate weight.Despite this, she knew she had to keep acting.Swinging herself yet again, Nausicaš used all of the strength in her powerful stomach muscles to vault herself up. Her torso fought against both gravity and the squeeze of the ropes. Her bound fists were clenched behind her back, her face contorted, her chest trying to remain still as her oxygen began to wear thin.She managed to successfully bring herself into an L-shape, her upper body now parallel to the ground.Unfortunately, it was too late.The branch she was so desperately clinging to snapped the very next moment.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Unlike Nausicaš's fall to the terrain below, Asbel's was not so brief.Once he was violently sent away from Utsu's ship, the Pejite pilot tried his best to maintain any degree of control over his own severely damaged gunship. Knowing he couldn't possibly survive a crash at his current trajectory, he gripped the handles of his controls and yanked them as far up as possible to lessen the slope of his fall. It was still very rocky, however, with the ship shaking and buckling just to keep itself together.He already knew full well that he wasn't getting back into the air; he could only hope that the landing wouldn't be the death of him.But looking around him, it was beginning to look like it was too late to even hope for a landing at all.He could feel the vehicle shaking heavily, creaking loudly, slowly coming apart as he zipped closer to the land. With a wing gone, he could only descend in a highly crooked, chaotic spiral. The whistling of the wind made it all the more stressful, joined by his heaving in and out as his world spun relentlessly. His ears felt like they were ready to explode, and the overall motion was making his body go both nearly sick and numb at the same time.One piece of the ship continued to fall off after another. It couldn't withstand this. And as its engines and parts continued roaring in despair, Asbel suddenly got the alarming sense that he wouldn't even be able to reach the trees with his craft still intact.So he went for broke.Letting off the controls, the boy hastily reached down to grab the supplies sitting at his feet. He tossed the bag over his shoulder and tightened it against his bag, while also making sure that his mask was continuing to flow clean air into his lungs.He opened the cockpit and stood up. He gripped the sides of the ship to resist the pull of the rapid elements on his now-exposed form, squinting to even keep his eyes open at all against the kinetic wind powering past his hair and clothes.Then, once he saw he was close enough to make a jump without serious injury, he did just that.And immediately after, his premonition became reality as the ship blew up completely, in a bright burst of fire and smoke.Asbel hit the top branches with a painful thud, a strenuous grunt slammed out of him. Pushing past the pain, he swiftly wrapped his arms and legs tightly around the heavy branches before he could go any further down without his own consent. He flinched and shielded his eyes as the debris from his ship came falling through, with some of it landing against his back, others colliding into the wildlife, and others merely making a straight drop down. He carefully crawled his way to the tree's trunk, hugging it even more securely as he waited for the rubble to settle around him.After taking a few deep breaths to get his composure back, the prince looked above him. He couldn't see the battle in the sky any more, his view obscured and shadowed by a dense blanket of leaves. But he could still hear his allies and enemies in action, and it didn't seem to be dying down in any way. He had no idea what the state of either side was; he had been so preoccupied with his own plight, fully forgetting about the rest of the fight in that time.Still, though, Utsu couldn't have much time left. The ship's guns were out of commission thanks to Matsuge, and it was only a matter of time before the gunships would be able to reconvene and all work together to exploit the opening created in the ship's wall. Perhaps the door on the other side had been blown off as well, or the back?Whatever was happening, it was all out of Asbel's hands now. He was fallen, grounded. He needed to get down out of this tree. He needed to keep his wits about him as he navigated his way through this environment - which had surely been stirred at least somewhat by the recent explosion right above it - and somehow find a way to rejoin the others.They were still in this. They could still take Utsu and Gisei down, and get Nausicaš out of that mess.The image of her trapped in those ropes, gagged so tightly, continued to burn itself into the boy's mind. To think that these captors had managed to so cruelly subdue someone as strong, capable, and skilled as her, for an amount of time he didn't even want to think about ...He shook his head and began climbing down. He would see to that in time, he promised himself. As had been the case so often lately, thinking of her fueled his heart and will to continue forward.Little did he know that she was closer than he thought.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Thanks to a combination of quick reflexes and pure luck, Nausicaš managed to land in the quicksand feet-first.As her bound feet made contact, she wobbled frantically with a tiny grunt. The substance was thick, but soft, making for highly unstable footing in addition to her legs already being forced together. Now, with them stuck and unable to adjust themselves even slightly, she was forced to bend her legs, twist and turn in place, and use whatever muscles she could to keep herself from tipping over and falling entirely into the sand.But these movements, while successfully fulfilling their purpose, also caused her weight to further press against the quicksand. Her feet had already been partially concealed, but now she felt herself sinking several inches further, with her ankles fully plunged under as they sifted beneath the viscous material.And unless she found a way out, the rest of her wouldn't be far behind.She could feel herself lowering, feel the unnerving sensation of the ground below her so gradually caving in. The heavy suckling sound of the thick sand accompanied its progress as it crawled up her boots. Her eyes went wide as she looked at it, still trying not to breathe. She impulsively twisted in her bonds out of fear, but this of course once again accelerated her sinking, and she again had to adjust herself to keep upright ... which lost her even more time."Mmgph," she whimpered involuntarily.The entrapped girl then shifted her view upward. She saw the same branch she had been dangling from but a minute ago, now less than a foot above her head, hovering over her sinking plight.Though it had snapped at the end, a majority of it still remained. She could have easily reached up to grab it and pull herself out of this heavy substance ... had it not been for these damned ropes!Her lower shins were now encased in the persistent mucky brown quicksand. Nausicaš twisted her bound wrists, trying not to jostle herself or cause the sand to buckle further. She adjusted herself as much as possible, pulling and stretching her upper half however she could, shaking her scuffled hair, her bound knees bending a little without her intent.Her efforts intensified as her view of the world got lower and lower. It was a terrible reminder of the time ticking, as she was pulled down another inch.And another. And another.I have to reach that branch! It's my only chance of getting out of this!And yet, with equally slow pacing, its distance from her only grew."Mmmh! Mmrrmph!" she moaned as she struggled, looking longingly at her one and only hope.The sensation of sinking slowly into this inescapable material was nearly sickening. It wasn't quite solid, but it certainly wasn't a liquid either. She cringed as her boots were wholly swallowed up, allowing the sand to start on her knees and upper legs. The gooey, pungent texture of the quicksand was more tangible there, and she wriggled her legs without even thinking, causing her to briefly capsize deeper yet.The sound of gunfire and blasted metal then caught her attention, bringing her gaze back to the sky.Her view only partially impeded by the leaves shading her sinking frame, Nausicaš watched in shock as the left door to Utsu's ship was blown off. Just like the one on the right, the door now flew free, leaving both sides of the ship with a new, large opening. Pejite gunships continued to efficiently swarm it, zeroing in and firing again as their quarry became more and more helpless to stop them.Nausicaš tried to suppress the muffled gasp that formed, unable to stop herself from wriggling - and therefore sinking - a bit more. "Gmph ..."From her perspective, it was clear by now that Utsu and Gisei were beaten, or at least would not be able to win this battle. Their ship was too damaged to fly properly, its patterns jerky and unstable. And with their turrets disabled as well, the Pejites could form any number of maneuvers to get the drop on them, ultimately finishing them off.However, this barely calmed the sinking girl. So the Pejites would end up prevailing at this point ... so what? What would that achieve? Utsu's plot would be severely compromised at best, yes, but the Pejites had still went forth and launched this attack against them in the first place. One way or another, they were playing right into Utsu's hands, giving him exactly the incentive he wanted! All the Pejites would have to show for themselves was more death, more pain ... and a now-unmendable rift between themselves and her people.How could they have thought this would do any good?! Why was everyone's first solution always such violence?!And then she remembered ... Asbel ...Had he finally given in as well? Was this all the final straw that had broken his will, poisoned his heart, allowed him to be swallowed up by this eruption of mob mentality?But ... The way he looked at her back up there ... so impassioned, so tender, appearing to have forgotten everything else around him ... that was still her strong, kind Asbel ... right?Or was she just forcing herself to see what she wanted to?It may not have mattered either way. He was gunned down, right before her eyes, left to a grimly uncertain fate.One that she had to see for herself. If she could only get out of this quicksand!But it still continued crawling up her slender body, slurping and sludging disgustingly as her rope-clad upper thighs began to fall beneath its unyielding grasp. The hem of her suit began to rise, revealing more of her legs, but she knew that it too would soon be dragged under. Beneath the material, her bound legs were nearly completely encased, left in a halfway-dangling state as they found no solid footing.Only a continued descent."... mmgh ..."-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------As soon as they saw the other door to Utsu's ship fall away, the Pejite-Valley team knew that now was their time to move in.They all had seen Utsu and Gisei's desperate, merciless assault on Asbel, and the subsequent turbulent fall it forced him into. Mujitsu had initially flown in his direction in some attempt to get him out of there that she hadn't even fully thought through. Only to then just barely see Asbel dropping out of his gunship, mere seconds before it suddenly exploded into worthless pieces.Mujitsu cried out in shock. She continued zooming her way towards him, unable to make out anything past the small cloud of fire and smoke that ensued. But even by the time it cleared, Asbel was still nowhere in sight.Very reluctantly, Mujitsu forced herself to turn around and return her attention to the fight. If Asbel had survived that, he would find a way to handle himself down there. If not ... she pushed that possibility out of her mind.Her team had already gotten to work in moving in. Once Matsuge managed to spread the word of the now-downed turrets, everyone else was then willing to break into one of their many pre-planned formations. Distraction was no longer as much of a necessity; now, they could go straight for their target, surrounding the ship on all sides as they grouped into large clusters.Of course, now their biggest source of difficulty was Gisei's increasingly desperate, haphazard flying. The ship wobbled and shook, tilting from one side to another and then back again as it clumsily sped through the atmosphere. Gisei's weaving and turning was sloppy, her trajectories veering far more to the right than she intended. She aggressively gritted her teeth in building stress, beginning to worry that they were about to push the craft far too hard.But Utsu would not allow her to dial it back. "Our only chance is to lose them! Get this thing away from here!""And how do you propose we make them lose a ship this big?!" Gisei barked back. "Or this slow?!""We can't let them win!!" Utsu shouted. "No matter what!!"No matter what, Gisei thought. I don't like the sound of that.She had been willing to give a lot for this scheme. Her time, her efforts, the risk of being exposed and punished. She wanted the Pejites out of her home as well, and had no qualms about taking such drastic measures to do it. But by this point, committing to the plan was going beyond stubborn resolve or determination; it was becoming blind suicide!And the woman didn't know if her life was one of the things she was willing to risk.The Pejite gunships, going at a prominently faster speed than them, had already managed to wind up on either side of the ship. They had clustered themselves into two equal groups, each one closing in on their respective side. Some of them continued to fire shots, either to further disorientate and confuse their foes or merely as signs of aggression.As they got even closer, Utsu turned around, petrified as he saw the increasingly vulnerable position he and Gisei had been placed in. They could continue to crash their way into any ship that came too close, and surely many would fall in the process ... and the more dead Pejites, he thought, the better. But all it would take was for just one to slip through these defenses and break their way in.But it was also at this moment that Utsu finally noticed something crucial.They were suddenly missing a third, very important passenger."Gisei ..." His voice could barely squeak out. "Where is the- AH!!"He was cut off when his pilot jettisoned the ship to the left, pushing the throttle to yield as much force as possible. All the gunships on that side managed to fly away to evade the move, and ultimately dip right back into their prior position as if it had never happened. Gisei tried to do the same thing to the foes on the other side, with even more force and speed, but the same result still ensued.This same pattern repeated itself, with Gisei's precision dwindling with each attempt. She could practically feel their engine sputtering, struggling dearly to keep up with the strenuous effort that she was demanding of the ship, flying maneuvers that would be stretching such a non-agile vessel even in the best conditions.Utsu's mind, meanwhile, continued spinning out of control. They were trapped within this pincer, with no means of escape from the speedy little ships! Their captive had vanished, suddenly nowhere to be seen, and he could easily surmise what had happened to her! They were closer and closer to facing the wraths of these fiendish Pejites! The ship was falling apart!Everything was falling apart!The gunships got closer still, continuing to dodge Gisei's attacks. Truth be told, Gisei wasn't giving it nearly her all anymore. On the contrary, deep in her heart, she knew the game was over for them. This was inescapable now, and she wasn't going to overexert the craft any longer. If she did, they would die.This meant that it didn't take much longer for Mito, Yupa, Mujitsu, and Matsuge to stand up in their cockpits, masks and helmets still secured on their heads. They too faced the fierce wind directly, a sensation that complimented both their spiked adrenaline and the stomach-churning feeling of being this high up in the open.Their copilots took over the steering, getting them close enough to make the daring jump. The four of them narrowed their eyes as they bent their legs further and further, one foot on their ships' middles, ready to spring on board the enemy vessel and bring this fight to an end.The gap between them and the ship was reduced to mere feet now, and continued to shrink.And, after one last failed effort by Gisei, they made their move.Matsuge and Mito burst in from the right, while Yupa and Mujitsu swooped in from the left. The jerking movements of their ships meant it wouldn't be the cleanest of jumps, but they nonetheless fought through the jagged momentum and just barely landed inside on their hands and feet, boots clanging on the metal floor.Utsu sprang up out of his seat, reaching for the gun he had holstered to his hip.But he wasn't quick enough, and froze when he saw three of the intruders pull out guns of their own, with the fourth brandishing a mighty sword ... all weapons aimed squarely at him and Gisei.The one with the sword growled."Don't. Move."-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Nausicaš had to take in a breath.She couldn't hold out any more. After minutes without it, far longer than most humans could withstand with or without an already-stifling gag in their mouths, she desperately needed her precious life-saving oxygen. Even if with it came drops of potentially life-ending toxins. One such deep breath wouldn't be enough to kill her, but as she felt the tiny drops of poison enter her burning lungs, her face scrunched up in an upset.By now, the quicksand had devoured the entirety of her legs, leaving her exposed only from the lower waist up. She whined in disgust as she felt the legs wading in the pool of sickly soft material underneath, listening to the muddy sand shifting and sloshing, its grasp adjusting as it took a little more of her body each second. Even the smell was bitter in the one deep breath she'd taken.As soon as her upper body began its descent, the threat of death by slow suffocation in this quicksand truly started to feel inevitable, her hopes for escape running out. She could feel her fingertips brush against the surface of the sand, wincing as it crawled further and further up her waist, eager to suck more of her into its smothering hold.She looked back up at the broken branch, ever so longingly. By now, even if she did get these ropes off, it would be too far away for her to grab on. It was out of her reach at this point. Tiny rays of sunlight beamed down onto it, as if to taunt her as it watched over the peril. Her arms couldn't help but keep tugging in response, almost having a mind of their own.But Nausicaš knew that this was too much for her.The princess simply couldn't escape the forces pulling her down, the weight causing the sand to give way. She felt as though she were now under half her normal height, having not been forced to see from such a height since she was a small child, trying to make sense of the strange, scary, yet beautiful world she had been born into.Her heart was pounding as the sand passed her belt, rising up to her stomach. She was no longer at risk of tipping over, but with so much of her body now buried, she felt so much closer to total consumption."Mmgh ..." She whimpered past her gag.The quicksand was relentless, taking her so slowly. It was as if it was actively trying to torture her, giving her ample time to escape knowing full well she couldn't use any of it. Drawing out her final moments of despair as much as possible. She could hear the squelching and bubbling even more now that her ears were closer, feeling the warm, thick sand around so much of her body. Her waist twisted in its prison, the movement only causing her to plummet faster for a second, sinking the remainder of her stomach. "Mmgh!"This ... This can't be it, she thought. Th-This can't be the end ...Nausicaš feared death, of course. Everyone did, as bravely or foolishly as they may say otherwise. And she feared a slow, painful death like this, being entombed in a pit of unbreathable, overpowering sands.But even more, she was terrified of leaving the world to be further reigned by chaos and war.She'd seen it firsthand now; war had been waged between the Valley and Pejite. One of her best friends was a casualty, in multiple ways. And it wouldn't end there.She had failed. No matter how much she had tried to grasp at peace, fear and hatred had managed to pull it away.Her lower chest was beginning to go under, and the princess felt her breath running out again. She shook her red-covered head, eyes beginning to well up. This quicksand had her securely now. The ropes around her torso had sunken under. Her shoulders tensed considerably, knowing full well that it would be a mere minute before they too were taken.Then her neck. Then her face. Then ...The poor sinking girl couldn't help but let out a scream. Expending her air for one loud, desperate scream, that would have pierced the heavens had it not been for her gag."HMMMM MMHH!!!"
Nausicaa: Winds of Change (Part 9)This chapter contains DiD: a female character is bound and gagged. Nausicaš of the Valley of the Wind, and the characters of Nausicaš, Asbel, Yupa, and Mito, all belong to Studio Ghibli. The image used was made by Yalleo.,Once Asbel was finally back on solid ground, he proceeded to make his way through this strange, potentially treacherous jungle. He breathed steadily, feeling the reassuring comfort of precious clean air filtering through the mask on his face, keeping his body safe and pollutant-free. As he walked, he felt the hard, dirt-coated terrain beneath his feet, with only a few soft patches breaking it up.This place clearly wasn't as lively as the spread of jungle closer to the Valley. Insects buzzed about here and there, but nowhere near as plentifully as what he'd seen in the past ... although the sounds of the aerial battle above might have made it sound like there were less such creatures than there really were. Some trees were very lightly coated with the deadly pollen and fungus he'd become more familiar with, to the point where clear, unblocked, dark-brown bark was visible in subtle streaks. It was like the cleaner life that had been lost a thousand years ago was trying to somehow break through and return, just needing the proper time and respect that many these days seemed unwilling to contribute.As he kept walking, Asbel did his best to disturb things as little as possible. Even though in the past he would have likely not bothered with such caution. He wouldn't have gone out of his way to actively try and destroy or disrupt anything, but his main and only goal would probably have been his own self-preservation and end task, little else being relevant. Now, however, he not only had the first tastes of what he hoped would be ongoing wisdom from life in the Valley and with its considerate princess, but he could see how much the ongoing dogfight left it all in a more precarious state. He didn't know what he may end up doing to tip it over the edge, and he wasn't willing to find out.Nonetheless, the prince's pace was brisk. He jogged his way through the dense territory, sliding under massive roots that couldn't be jumped over, effectively vaulting over the ones he could. Whenever he would come across any of the large insects in the area, he would duck into the nearest shadow and behind the nearest structure he could find to avoid being spotted. He was sure that at least a few animals had seen him by now, but in his mind, the fewer the better. Utilizing a great deal of patience, he would remain still and quiet, taking this time to think out the best paths to take from what he could see, parsing out what he could or couldn't make his way through.In one such instance, there was considerably more silence than before. It was only then that Asbel noticed that the fight above him seemed to have stopped. There were only the engines of ships to be heard, not any firing of weapons or collisions. He hoped that this meant the team had finally gotten the drop on Utsu and Gisei, and could bring the worst of this fight to an end.The further along he went, the softer the dirt at his boots got. It was never too sticky or sloppy to wade through with enough ease, but it, combined with the spores around him starting to thin out, was at least a change. It could very well be an indication that he was getting closer to reaching a more open region of the jungle ... or that he was only wading deeper into it.He couldn't help but contemplate how Nausicaš would react to all of this once she was safe. She was merciful, yes - miraculously so - but she was not one to let threats like Utsu and his horde just roam free among those she cared about, letting them draw up any other murderous scheme. She would at the very least have to either cast them out or lock them up.But then what of those who still sympathized with their goals, yet hadn't taken such action? There must be at least some; if not all Pejites would unite over this, surely not all Valley people would either. Would they be given the same fate? No ... Nausicaš would never take action against those who had done nothing wrong yet. It was why she'd fought Utsu and his supporters to begin with; they wanted to target individuals simply based on where they came from, and she wouldn't stand for that.Whatever happened next, Asbel knew that this whole situation would remain a mess in many ways. This was just a step closer to cleaning it up ... or so he hoped.His contemplation was then cut short by a very, very faint sound. A scream."HMMMM MMHH!!!"The prince halted, waiting for the scream to occur again. Many seconds went by, and yet no such thing occurred.It was undeniably another person. Extremely panicked and terrified. Yet muffled. No coherent words were formed, and it was barely even audible to his own ears. To the point where he wondered if he would have missed it had he been just meters further from its source.The source itself, however ... he could have sworn he recognized that voice, despite it being so garbled and distant.Further, with it sounding like the owner of the voice had something over their mouth ...Could it be ...His gut propelled him forward, his pace quickened as he set off in what he believed was the direction of this voice. He kept his ears peeled, awaiting any reoccurrence to help more accurately guide him. But it never came, leaving him to merely hope he was on a path that could at least help get it within eyesight.Whomever it was he was searching for, time was clearly of the essence for them.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Upon Yupa's crystal-clear demand, Gisei obeyed and did as she was told, not daring to move even a single muscle. Utsu complied as well, but more out of shell-shocked impulse than because it had been ordered. His face was awash with an embittered grimace of defeat as he looked at his four new assailants. He couldn't recognize any of them with their masks and helmets on, yet his eyes burned with the hatred one would expect when facing a years-long enemy.An enemy that had taken everything from him, and now was about to get away with it."Step away from the seats," the sword-wielding man ordered. "Both of you."Once again, Gisei was the first to act. She promptly stood up and walked away from her post, trying to not agitate the man with any unintentional gestures or too-quick movements. Matsuge kept his gun on her, while Mito pointed his at Utsu. He sat there still for several more seconds, seemingly refusing to comply, until finally standing up just before Yupa's minimal patience wore out.Utsu still made his way out from the front at a much slower pace. He seethed at Mito again as he passed him, still unaware that his intensely broiling ire was being directed towards a man of the Valley. Mito, in turn, leered back as if Utsu had never been from the Valley. He pointed his gun a bit closer, coaxing Utsu into picking up the pace in making his way to the hull's interior with Gisei.All while Mujitsu quickly made her way to the front to take control of the ship. It took her a few seconds to let the layout before her click into place, but thanks to the preparations she'd had before the mission, it took no longer for her to take steady control of the vessel.And so now stood Gisei and Utsu, backed up against the wall, with two guns and a sword effectively threatening them into staying there.It was only then that Yupa addressed the deeply concerning lack of a certain individual in their presence."Where is she?" he growled at their new captives, not even bothering to clarify whom he was referring to.The two of them both remained silent, though. How they both wished they could answer that very question themselves. Instead, however, they were fully aware that the fate of the princess was no longer in their control. All they could do is stand there and let the weight of her likely demise finally hit them.Nausicaš was either dead, or as good as dead. And it was all the blame of these attackers.Utsu nearly went in to shoot the individuals responsible, forgetting for a split-second that they had him trapped.Impatient and fretful, Utsu charged forward to hold his sword to Utsu's throat. "Where is she?! We know you have her!!" he exclaimed."Your guess is as good as mine!" Utsu hissed back. "Your glorious work on our doors is to thank for that!" How dare these Pejites question the whereabouts of the girl they themselves sent to her death?!Yupa's sword slipped a bit from its position. As his body went rigid as stone, the man's head slowly turned to face the now-doorless walls of the ship, their so-called 'glorious work'.The one and only explanation for Nausicaš's disappearance hit him in the face like a sack of bricks.It must have happened while Gisei had been flying this ship so chaotically, making it all too easy for the poor girl - who was surely restrained in some way - to helplessly fall out and away. As for when it happened ... the ship had at one point been low enough for her to survive such a fall. But that was only one of many possibilities ... and the only one that wouldn't shatter the aging man's soul.But even if she had survived the fall, she was now trapped in the toxic environment somewhere below ... "Take us down!!" he suddenly called out to Mujitsu. "We need to get to Nausicaš before it's too late!"If she's even still alive, he added inwardly, but didn't dare state aloud. For his own sanity more than anyone else's.Mujitsu obliged, similarly worried herself over the potential fate of the Valley princess. After everything she'd done for her and her fellow Pejites, she knew they couldn't let her perish like that if they could help it.As they felt their own aircraft begin to decrease in elevation at the hands of a Pejite, Utsu and Gisei could do nothing other than remain in place, carefully observing their three as-of-yet-unidentified hijackers."What does her life matter to you?!" Utsu spat, practically snarling. "Did you not intend on killing her already?! Do you just crave the satisfaction of knowing the deed has been done?!"It was peculiar to see a captor be so defensive of his captive, with so much ferocity that even the armed hijackers were a touch intimidated. But Utsu truly never wanted the princess to suffer more than what was needed. If anything, he realized now, holding her forever could have also protected her from the inevitable treachery he knew these Pejites would commit.But now, he knew, it was likely too late for any of that.Yupa's grip on his sword tightened as Utsu accused him of trying to kill someone he so loved. But it did nothing to lessen Utsu's resolve. Gisei, on the other hand, merely looked at her ally with exasperated wariness. Scared for her life as she was at the moment, she dearly wished that the man could simply stand down and not rile up their attackers further. They needed to cling to what little chance they had left of living through this.But the vengeful being refused to do so."Or ..." he continued. "Perhaps if she is still alive, you'd like to hold her hostage. To use her to take over our Valley, or get whatever else you want from us. Is that it, Pejites? Tell me, what is the next step of your miserable little plot?!""You're one to talk about 'little plots'!" Matsuge shot back. "You were going to kill innocent people!""Innocent?! They already made the first move!!" Utsu bellowed. "They waged this war on us!! We simply struck back! And we were clearly right to do so!""Utsu ..." Gisei pleaded. "Don't ..."As their ship continued to be taken down, slowly and methodically by Mujitsu, Utsu could feel his last remaining shred of a window for escape swiftly dwindling.In a twist of irony, the same way Nausicaš's heart had slowly filled with panic when she first found herself lifted higher and higher on this ship, so too did Utsu's as he was sent lower. The walls had all but completely closed in around him, these blasted Pejites ready to budge them those final inches and squash his desperate plight once and for all.The droning of the engine soon became the only sound to flow between this suspenseful confrontation. No one dared take their eyes off anyone else, nor did the hijackers lower their weapons even an inch. Fear of this unpredictable madman kept them on full alert even with a supposed upper hand.Utsu tried to very, very slowly bring his hand closer to his gun, without anyone noticing the snail-paced motion. He couldn't pull it out quickly enough now. But the second all eyes were turned away from him, he was ready to take action."Mark my words, fools," he said. "The Valley will not let this go unpunished. We've all endured so much, and we're prepared to endure far more. The Tolmekians couldn't hold our resolve back, and neither will you."He then glanced at Yupa. "Even you, blasted Lord Yupa impersonator! To think you should ever be worthy of even speaking the name of such a hero!"As furious as all three of them were, and as critical as their situation currently was, none of them could deny the inherent dark humor in such a misguided insult. Under his mask, Yupa's lips were curled ever so slightly up in the tiniest smug satisfaction towards the forthcoming reveal of just how backwards Utsu had everything.Indeed, keeping one hand on his sword, the hero in question proceeded to reach up and remove his headgear.Revealing the rugged, heavily-moustached face of the very man Utsu was attempting to defend.The utter shock, horror, and petrification in Utsu's eyes could not be understated, and yet was impossible to properly describe."N-N ... No ..."And it only continued as Mito then did the same and revealed his own identity. Followed by Matsuge, simply to confirm that every side was indeed together in this."no ... no ..." he repeated.Suddenly, Utsu's voice was no longer strong, assured, and confrontational. It was now soft, practically a whimper. As if any raise in volume would serve to destroy whatever was left of the fragile reality he'd clung to all this time."Wh-What ... What is ... What is th-this?"Because surely, this could not possibly be real."This," Mito responded, "Is us coming to our senses. And seeing who the true villains really are.""Not all the Pejites, not all of the Valley," Yupa added. "Just you and your gang of criminals."-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The quicksand reached Nausicaš's shoulders.The foul, steaming smell of the treacherous sand assaulted her nostrils, with her unable to breathe through her mouth to avoid it. Her eyes squinted in disgust, her throat close to retching. Not just due to the smell, but from the way nearly her entire tied-up body was now submerged in this sloppy, saturated, thick substance, trapped in its inescapable grasp and inching ever closer to her demise.She no longer tried to break free of her bonds. It wouldn't make any difference at this point. Even if she had access to full movement, she was so deep in the sand that any attempts to wade her way through it to the edge would pull her completely under. The fear of such a thing happening helped her keep still, yet also prompted the lightest wriggles that made no real difference to her position, but nonetheless didn't help."Mmrgph ..."As her shoulders, squeezed by the ropes and highly tensed up, were taken under, her skin was crawling, her body shaking. Around her, everything looked so tall now. The branch that had briefly managed to keep her away from this fate looked so much higher up, its salvation further than ever, and the roots of some trees were practically at her eye level.What a way to witness it all for what she believed to be her final time. To go from soaring high above all of it to being consumed by it. Slowly, agonizingly, probably taking several long minutes once she was fully under for the sandy suffocation to do its work, squeezing every last breath out of her and effectively clogging any more from ever blessing her buried form."Mmmh." She whimpered when she felt the quicksand on her neck. It was first time it had touched her bare skin, and the sensation was just as repulsive as she had imagined. So gooey, so slimy, so warm and wet, sludging around and brushing past her, catching on her hair. Her eyes squeezed even tighter, making it harder for the tears from within to slip out down her cheeks.Further and further up her neck the warm sand went, prompting her to crane her head back as far as possible. This got more of the viscous brown muck in her pure red hair, which began lightly resting on the surface.It hardly made any difference, though. She still just kept sinking, the quicksand slowly yet relentlessly crawling up her neck. Every millimeter felt like another nail in her coffin, a coffin to be tossed six feet into the ground with a still-living body trapped within.It soon reached her ears, creeping its way inside."Mmmrrmm!" she cried out, her head jostling in reaction. Her muffled voice was raggedy, laden with fright and disgust. The sand continued filling her ears, tauntingly touching each sensitive little crevice, clogging them so effectively that she could barely hear anything anymore.The quicksand stained her gag as well, which still refused to come off as it remained welded to her face. It would block her from ever having to taste the repugnant slosh, but still made her feel even more helpless, more restricted.The sifting around and beneath her continued to send her pounding heart into a frenzy.Even more so when the sand touched her face. It caressed her soft skin in its putrid hold, lightly tickling, unbearably gentle."mrrmm ..."No ... please ...-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------This had to be a figment of his imagination.That was Utsu's only possible explanation for what he was seeing and hearing. Some hallucination, some trick of his brain. Perhaps they had already landed in the jungle, and its toxic atmosphere was infecting his mind as his life deteriorated away. As his head swiveled back and forth between these three unmasked assailant, each turn made him internally beg more and more for such a theory, such a far more desirable fate, to indeed be the truth.For as crushing as a defeat at Pejite hands would be ... nothing was a greater nightmare to him than this. Greater than the prospect of his own kind and the legend Lord Yupa himself assisting and aiding his mortal enemies. Betraying those who were supposed to be their most trusted allies."how ... h-how can y-you-""How can we?!" Mito snapped. "How could you! Taking Nausicaš away, putting her through all of this! She's a bigger part of the Valley than all of us put together, and you turned on her!""I-I ..." Utsu's breathing had practically ceased as he spoke so feebly, pushing himself to get even the softest volume. "I-I h-had to ... She s-stood in the way of ... W-We ... We didn't want to kill her ..."Everything Utsu had done to Nausicaš, no matter how ruthless or cruel, had been for the sake of his plan. For the purging of his father's killers, and for the safety of both the Valley and himself. Her morals, her belief in peace without violence, had no place in that. It had turned her against them. And so he simply had to remove her.Yet it seemed even that was insufficient. Her influence still lingered. And it had blinded those whom he thought would never go against him.He still could not fully believe it. He refused to."Nor did we want to hurt any of you," Mito said. "But you forced our hand when you resorted to this. And in doing so, only managed to bring the two groups closer together than they were before."Groups ... Gisei thought. Does that mean ...A new, dark epiphany dawned on her as she realized the implications this possibly brought upon this latest battle."... Are there more in this mission?" she asked with great apprehension. "More of ..." she glanced at Mito, "... Us?"You dare still call yourself one of us? Mito thought. But instead of voicing that thought, he simply answered, "As I said. Closer than before."Utsu then thought back to the battle himself. All of the ships flying around them, attacking them, working in such coordinated unison to fight against them. In spite of his continued attempts at denial, it was clear to him now that many of those ships ... were piloted by people of the Valley. They had plotted together, collaborated as if one and the same, done so much work with the Pejites ... using their ships even!Using their ships ...... The deranged man felt himself begin to shiver as he came to the same realization that Gisei had.He'd shot down several of those ships. He'd made sure to kill every pilot on board them. But what if ......... Had he killed one of his own? ... Several??"The ship continued to descend. And with it, what little was left of Utsu's sanity.He was practically steaming through his nostrils, barely able to keep on his wobbling feet. He could feel his vision blurring, partially from the water stinging his burning red eyes.He replayed each and every death he'd delivered to what he had thought without question was a deserving Pejite. Over and over and over. He vividly recalled how he had imagined their terrified faces, their painful demises. How they'd either burn up in the explosion or feel their bodies shatter upon impact below ... and how much he'd reveled in it all, in having one less of those foul creatures exist in the world.And he then considered even the possibility of any one of those individuals being ... being ...He turned to Matsuge, whose eyes, initially full of unyielding contempt, grew somewhat fearful as they gazed into those of the madman."Y-Y-You ..." Utsu huffed. "Y-You did this ... You ... A-A-All of you ..."He'd corrupted his people. This young Pejite, and every one of his kind, had turned his own Valley against him. And in doing so, he had forced Utsu to inadvertently do the same.The blood of Valley citizens was now on his hands ...'For shame,' he could hear his father say.'This is how you avenge me?'And to his horror, he knew he would be right."Utsu?" Gisei uttered worriedly.But this final straw had broken him.With a fierce, howling scream of pure, unbridled rage, the blinded Utsu whipped out his gun.And just before he was shot in the shoulder by Mito in response, he managed to fire two bullets of his own.Both of which were plunged into Matsuge's leg."MATSUGE!!" Yupa screamed."NO!!!" Mujitsu shrieked.Without even thinking, she leapt out of her seat and bolted urgently over to her shot friend. Mito thankfully thought to immediately move and take over control of the ship after passing his gun to Yupa, seeing that the Pejite would not be in any mental shape to pilot at the moment."IN THE CORNER!!" Yupa roared. "NOW!!!" He kicked Utsu's gun away, practically ramming his own into Utsu's chest.Gisei fled in fear as she was told, crouching low to make it as clear as possible she would not set him off. Utsu, on the other hand, was too far gone. In his hysterical state, he made a beeline for the kicked gun, only for Yupa to easily grab the thinner man and toss him back."I'LL KILL YOU!!" Utsu bellowed out. "I'LL KILL ALL OF YOU PEJITES!!! YOU MURDEROUS BASTARDS!!!" His screams echoed throughout the ship, sending a jolt of fright through everyone on board, even Gisei.Practically feral, he tried to once again get his hands on a weapon.But Yupa had had it with this monster. He brought the back-end of his gun to Utsu's skull, hard enough to send him collapsed unconscious on the ground, violently halting his worthless rampage in an instant.But none of this was even registering to Mujitsu.All she could focus on was the badly injured, heaving form of Matsuge that she was now knelt over. She tore off a strip of her own suit and tied it around the wound, trying to keep the blood at bay as it began to ooze out of his leg. He hissed through his teeth as the tourniquet was tightened. Mujitsu grasped his hand in response, trembling as she felt the blood leak out from the makeshift bandage and begin staining his clothing."Get this ship down as fast as possible!" Yupa shouted to Mito. "Matsuge needs medical help!"Mito nodded and sped up their descent, yet while still trying not to push the ship too hard and send all four of them to their deaths.Matsuge gasped for air, his nails screeching against the metal floor as his leg screamed out in agony. Every millimeter of movement on its part resulted in tremendous pain, and he quickly resorted to simply trying to keep it still, in spite of the piercing burning that still remained, the bullet still lodged inside and damaging his limb more and more by the second."Please," he could hear Mujitsu beg. "Hold on.""H-Hey," the male wheezed, using up so much energy just to tilt his head in her direction. He could barely see her anymore, or hear her for that matter. But he could still tell that she was in emotional distress. "I'm not go ... g-goin anywh- ..."But in her desperate, clinging hands, Mujitsu could feel her friend fighting tooth-and-nail to even stay awake.She looked away, unable to bear the sight of her friend in such suffering. Even now, with his voice weak and frail, he still managed to exude his rugged, somewhat brash persona. Yet she could nonetheless tell that he was afraid, trying to be strong and assured for her sake. But it only served to fuel the fear within her, a reminder of the kind of person he was and what she was now at risk of losing.Her blurry eyes then happened to rest on Utsu. Even passed out as he was, unmoving and helpless, she felt no pity for him. He was a cold-hearted, savage killer. One who wanting nothing but the precious and personal revenge that he disguised, perhaps even to himself, as justice. She thought of everything he'd put them all through, what he had wanted to do ... and how, at any moment now, he may end up succeeding at taking one of her dearest friends away from her.She then saw the gun that had dropped from his hand. Laying on the floor.Perfectly within reach for her to pick it up. Opening up a guaranteed way to make sure he could never hurt anyone ever again ..."Don't."Yupa's voice diverted her attention. She looked up at him, seeing that he could clearly tell what was running through her head.Truthfully, the weathered veteran felt his heart melt at her hurt and tortured face, those pained eyes that wanted so badly to end all of this suffering.Of course she wouldn't. Not like that. Bringing herself to such a gruesome low would not help anything. But she had still allowed such thoughts to enter her head, long enough to, even for a moment, consider doing the drastic deed.It was enough for her to finally break down. As her hands gripped Matsuge's chest, the weight of all she'd been through and the foreign darkness boiling within her came pouring out in gentle yet passionate cries.As the ship neared the ground at last, Yupa went over to hold her. As she leaned into his comfort, the swordsmaster lamented for what felt like the thousandth time what this violence was capable of doing. Not just in the lives it took, nor in the physical and political consequences ... but the mental ones as well. The spiritual ones. All it took was one dark act, one sin against a person, to incite another. And then that would incite another. And thus the cycle would continue, nearly impossible to stop and swallowing up whatever good tried to resist it.To the point where, even briefly, he could see the prospect of someone as innocent as Mujitsu about to succumb to that cycle.As he looked at the barely-clinging Matsuge, he knew that he would not let her resolve be punished in the form of further loss.They'd all had more than enough of that.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------With the entirety of her body now caked in quicksand and sinking deeper, Nausicaš's choked sobs were the only thing her clogged ears could hear anymore. The tears slid into the quicksand as the material now began invading her upward vision. It crept its way into her line of sight, unwelcome as it closed in on her like a slithering serpent tormenting its helpless prey, veering ever closer to her eyes.Sinking still, the drowning princess took one last look at the light, living world.Before the foul stuff finally sloshed over the widened, beautiful red irises, completely cutting off the world from her view and plunging her into darkness.Then the first particles of sand slipped their way up her nose.That was when she took one last breath. Though the air was still infused with poison, and more oxygen meant an even longer time suffering until she finally suffocated, she couldn't resist once she felt the very first hints of total confinement.Moments later, her nose was the last of her beautiful face to be wholly buried, leaving only her hair yet to be pulled down."Grrghmmgph ..."The thick, moist sand was unbearable to feel swirling around in her nostrils. She recoiled and cringed, mumbling and gurgling into her gag and the wet material coating her entirely. She was being smothered, choked; just seconds fully submerged and she could already feel it. Claustrophobia, already present beforehand just in her bondage, was kicking into overdrive. Literally every single glimmer of space and freedom was gone now. She was unable to see, unable to hear, unable to move, unable to breathe, surrounded by the rough grains and sickening sludge practically groping every inch of her lovely form, all too happy to take her bound and gagged body into its eternal hold.Despite having been deliberately holding her breath ever since falling into the jungle, there was something so much more upsetting about not even having that choice any more. No air could break through these sands.As the mire of stomach-churning quicksand continued to press against her skin, sealing her nice and tightly, the girl suddenly regretted not breathing in the toxins of the jungle before it was too late. She would have died faster, her mind sent blackness to be spared the experience of such a depraved demise, buried alive and drowned in such filth.Because either way, there was no getting around the inescapable truth.... I'm going to die ...... I'm about to die ...In all her total misery, she had to submit her mind to what the next few, final minutes of her life were about to be put through ...... Until a new, unknown force began lifting her back up.

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[MMD] Kiyohime in quicksand(test) by sinothreebody
Swamped Zelda Blender (SD77) by Secretdude77
Hinata Blender (SD77) by Secretdude77
Rosalina Blender (SD77) by Secretdude77
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Izayoi Sakuya by vkjt
Emiri Kimidori by vkjt

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Toru Hagakure From MHA Sinking In Quicksand by TAPbagan

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Beta Desert Blunder (4) by silentzorah

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Camp Sarandoga Adventures 10
Chapter 10
Russell sprinted through the woods trying to figure out if he was heading in the right direction. He was scared from what was going on that his head was in the clouds just trying to figure out which way to go.
There were two trails.
He fell against a tree and panted. Sweat fell from his head as he looked at each trail.
He knew which trail to go down but he didn't know which one was correct. One of them had to lead back to the camp but if he chose the wrong trail there would be no hope for Mr. Fredricksen.
Russell founds tears streaming down his face. He dropped to his knees beginning to cry about the awful things he said to his adopted father. He wanted Carl out of his life and now look what was happening. He should never have gotten mad at him for losing the challenges or just telling him to be quiet.
Carl wasn't Robert. He was old not young. He did not have the strength like he used to and therefore he should never have snapped at him. He was his adopted father just trying
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Camp Sarandoga Adventures 11
Chapter 11
The sounds of laughter came to Russell's ears as his heart filled with joy knowing that he finally was back at the camp. Lucky for him it sounded as if everyone was outside for the day.
Russell took a megaphone out from a counselor's hand and rang it all through the camp.
"Listen up please! This is an emergency! The elderly man Mr. Carl Fredricksen is in the woods stuck in quicksand! I need your help to pull him out!" Russell turned to the counselor. "Sir so we have any rope, long rope, around the camp?" Russell asked.
"Are you telling us the truth son? There is no quicksand around in the woods." another counselor said. "Yes! I'm telling the truth. He's near the Sarandoga Lake and when I last left he was at his hips. I think..."
"Stop lying! No lake is filled with quicksand and why do you care about that old man when you said you didn't like him?" a boy yelled.
"I'm not lying! And I love my Daddy and I should never have yelled at him" Why would I make this up? We need to hel
:iconeene-fangirl:eene-fangirl 4 72
Carl Escapes Quicksand by eene-fangirl Carl Escapes Quicksand :iconeene-fangirl:eene-fangirl 6 12 Carl in Quicksand by eene-fangirl Carl in Quicksand :iconeene-fangirl:eene-fangirl 3 103
Quicksand Get out
[Karnak comes in with Russell. Russell sees the bubbly mud and Thia is sitting in a chair close to it]
Thia: Hello kid.
Russell: What's a big pile of mud doing in the middle of the floor?
Thia: It's not mud kid.
Russell: What is it?
Thia: Get in and you'll find out. [Russell is about to get into it but walks away a bit]
Russell: I don't want to.
Thia: Oh come on it'll be good on your skin.
Russell: I don't care I'm not getting in that mud.
Thia: Karnak. [Karnak begins pushing Russell towards the mud]
Russell: Hey what are you doing? Stop it!! Let me go! [Russell falls into the mud and he sinks up to his waist. Russell reaches for the edge of the floor but begins sinking to his stomach] What kind of mud is this? I'm sinking!
Thia: Mud can't sink you kid?
Russell: Well it's as if I'm being swallowed!
Thia: Well kid the only mud that can swallow is quicksand. [Russell shot up looking at Thia. He knew what quicksand was. He learned it while reading. He stopped struggling and finally kept s
:iconeene-fangirl:eene-fangirl 3 6
Zina The Rescuer
ZINA and RICHIE sit on the hill watching the sun set over the two they've been looking at. ZINA'S head is on RICHIE'S shoulder as he coudles her. RICHIE moves to get something out from his pocket.
Yeah Richie?
We've been dating for a three months now and I really like you.
I really like you too Richie.
Do you want to go steady?
RICHIE takes a small box out and inside are two friendship rings.
Oh Richie, they're beautiful.
ZINA suddenly looks sad.
What's the matter? Don't you want to be my girlfriend?
I do, it's just that... can I ask you something Richie?
What is it?
Just please be honest and don't think I'm weird, I don't want you to think I'm weird like others do...
Zina relax, I never judge a book by its cover. Whatever it is your already a unique person. I like you for who you are. Nothing you could say could prevent me from loving you.
Thanks Richie. That's so sweet.
Now what do you want to tell m
:iconeene-fangirl:eene-fangirl 5 31
The Trap page 1 by eene-fangirl The Trap page 1 :iconeene-fangirl:eene-fangirl 3 2 The Trap page 2 by eene-fangirl The Trap page 2 :iconeene-fangirl:eene-fangirl 1 2 Carl in Quicksand test picture 2 by eene-fangirl Carl in Quicksand test picture 2 :iconeene-fangirl:eene-fangirl 6 37 Carl in Quicksand test picture by eene-fangirl Carl in Quicksand test picture :iconeene-fangirl:eene-fangirl 3 13
The trap
Carl followed Muntz out from the house and followed him into the forest. Robert watched from the exit on the ramp of the Spirit of Adventure to see where they were going
They walked through the dark forest until they stopped.
Carl looked around and saw a pond of dirty water. Muntz was looking at it in a sad way.
"Why are we here?" Carl asked. "This is where my lover died. The first time we came to Paradise Falls we were chased by these animals. She was calling for me and I came just when she disappeared. She had to die this way and we were about to be married."
Carl patted Muntz' shoulder. "I'm so sorry Charles. Is this the day she died."
"Yes. She wanted to help me catch that bird and I was going to do it in her honor. Now that I have that bird I can honor her!"
"What are you talking about?"
Muntz turning to Carl looking him in the eyes. "Do you really think I've changed? I brought you here because I am going to take that bird whether you like it or not! Even if I have to kill you!" M
:iconeene-fangirl:eene-fangirl 5 45
Sora's Mud Bath by Kermitthefrog223456 Sora's Mud Bath :iconkermitthefrog223456:Kermitthefrog223456 8 5 Bad idea... by Toughset Bad idea... :icontoughset:Toughset 209 32 Stupid bouncy Box! by Toughset Stupid bouncy Box! :icontoughset:Toughset 225 44 Terra and Raven mud fight by TeenTitans4Evr Terra and Raven mud fight :iconteentitans4evr:TeenTitans4Evr 65 15 Robin and Starfire sinking feeling by TeenTitans4Evr Robin and Starfire sinking feeling :iconteentitans4evr:TeenTitans4Evr 115 31


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6. Do not bother the Contributors with "Gimmies" or any other requests that they do not want to make for you, anyone doing this will be banned from this group. No Ifs, Ands or Buts! I cannot risk losing great, hard working artists because of this.








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BurstHeartsBlue Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2021  Hobbyist Artist

That's a wondeful server where you can. Sink alone or with your friends, hang out with our town part ,just talk in one of our voice channels or if you are daring do a rp in the voice channels. What are you waiting for? Just join.
You can delete this if you don't want this here

SigilHero Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2021
Something is wrong. Every time I load ANY DeviantArt page on my mobile device, the site thinks that something new was added to this group, even when nothing changes.
bignoob73537337537 Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2021
i believe lady of mud and other qs members are in it
bignoob73537337537 Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2021
i was in a qs discord sever once and I left a while ago and want to rejoin. Can someone post the link
MattTheBat7 Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2021
what is up with you people liking girls being sunk into quicksand? you wouldn't find that hot and sexy in real life would ya?
zootie01 Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2021  Hobbyist Filmographer
Hmm, why do you ask?
MattTheBat7 Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2021
because of the quicksand fetish art
zootie01 Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2021  Hobbyist Filmographer
Well, I think it can be agreed that quicksand is one of things you don’t immediately expect to be a fetish, but you eventually get used to it. Also, I’ve seen filmed, live-action, sometimes pornographic videos of girls in quicksand, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think it was hot.
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myaccount2487 Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2021
Does anyone know any other websites to find art, images, or videos of girls in sand? Preferably breastdeep 
FowaFowaFowaFowa Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2021
Victorjia has to be banned
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