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DR: Hidden TrapThe morning rose in the Osaka countryside, it was the start of another beautiful day. A gentle breeze blew through the trees, the birds chirped happily, and the sun began to rise into the sky. In the dense forest stood the home of Korekiyo Shinguji, along with the rest of the students from the Ultimate academy. He invited them over for movie night last night, they spent the entire evening watching Friday the 13th along with Avengers: Infinity War. However there was more excitement going on that night other movie nights, Miu ended up nearly drowning in a mud bog within the forest. Luckily she was rescued by Kaede who helped her back to the house, from there Miu went and took herself a nice long shower. Then she settled down in the living with everyone as they watched endless movies.The golden sun peered into one of the guest rooms and began to fill it with a dim orange glow. Shuichi Saihara was sound asleep in bed until his phone alarm went off, he desperately tried to block out the noise but it wasn’t working, he reluctantly woke up still tired. Groggy, he rubbed the sleep from his eyes and yawned. The boy’s hair was ruffled and was dressed in a Sherlock Holmes t-shirt accompanied by black pj’s, he got out of bed and stretched, a small creek came from his back and quickly stopped. He checked his phone and saw that the time was 7:37, his stomach growled loudly. “I wonder what Kirumi’s gonna make for breakfast?” He wondered as he rubbed his belly and exited the bedroom.He walked downstairs and was greeted by a sweet warm aroma. “I guess Kirumi’s cooking after all” he thought as he made his way down, upon coming to the kitchen however that wasn’t the case here. Kiyo was at the stove with a spatula flipping pancakes, he was also wearing an apron that read “I love Humanity.” Kaito, Ryoma, Rantaro, and Gonta were also present in the area. “Ello gov'nor!” Kaito said in a phony British accent as he waved at the detective. “So kind of you to join us this morning Saihara, come I’ll make you a plate” Kiyo said as he gestured over to the dining table. “So. How’d ya sleep?” Rantaro asked. “Pretty good actually, although it was some getting used to because of how uncomfortable the mattress was” Shuichi said. “Tell me about it! I think my back has more lumps than the mattress” Kaito said as he gently stretched in his chair trying to make himself comfortable.“Gonta slept like newborn child in bed” He said happily which got him a small pat on the arm from Ryoma. Kiyo came over to the table with four plates of pancakes, there was a smiley face on top in syrup. “Enjoy gentlemen” he said warmly, the others were confused as they just stared at what was placed in front of them. Ryoma poked the hot cakes with a fork and Kaito sniffed his to make sure there was nothing out of the ordinary with them. “I didn’t know you cooked,” Rantaro said. “I don’t, but I figured I give Kirumi a rest and make breakfast myself, and I figured I’d do something nice for my guests while they’re here,” Kiyo said. The guys all froze in place and just stared at the food, Kiyo never cooked once in his life and they were suspicious that he may have tampered with it. Kaito bravely dug his forki into one and cut a piece off, the utensil shaked in his hand as he brought it to his mouth. He closed his eyes and put the food into his mouth and chewed, after a few seconds his eyes opened. He cut his pancake into more pieces and began stuffing his face. The guys got in on the action too and began cutting their hotcakes up and eating them, one by one, a smile filled their faces. “Woah. These things are great!” Kaito said in between bites. “I was a little worried at first but these are really good,” Shiuichi added. “What’s in these?” Rantaro ask curiously. “It’s a recipe my sister used. It’s nothing really, just some brown sugar, vanilla extract, cinnamon, and a little nutmeg” Kiyo replied, sounding like a caring father.“So Shuichi? What do you have planned for today huh? You gonna take a walk around the forest? stay here with us? Oh! I bet you and Kaede have a little something going on” Kaito asked. Shuichi chuckled before taking a swig of juice, as he did that Oma cane into the kitchen. “I smelt food and thought mom was cooking, but instead it’s just our resident creeper” he said in a half tired voice. “And a good morning to you too, Kokichi” Kiyo sneered, the supreme leader stuck his tongue out at him and walked over to the table and joined the others. “Actually. I’ve been researching popular tourist attractions in Osaka and I think I found one that Kaede will like” Shuichi said. He pulled out his phone and showed the screen to the guys, on it showed an image of a traditional Japanese castle. “Oh. Your gonna take her to Osaka Castle aren’t cha, great pick” Rantaro said. “Hmmm. Sister and I always enjoyed seeing that castle, it became one of our traditions ever summer. Just thinking about it brings a tear to my eyes” Kiyo weep as he wiped his eyes. “Good on ya Sherlock! Taking her to a nice tourist spot for the day, and when ya come back you’ll be making a little “music”” Kaito said as he shot duel finger guns at the detective. Ugh! Shut up Kaito! Just because you didn’t get any action in the bedroom from Maki last night, doesn’t mean you gotta innuendo everything we say!” Oma said, causing the astronaut to flusher and get mad. “S-shut up man! S-she said she was tired from movie night is all” he said, his voice breaking slightly as he tried to hold back tears. He slumped back in his seat and stuffed a pancake into his mouth. “Well that’s great! Gonta hopes that Shuichi and Kaede have fun” Gonta said happily, even Ryoma nodded his head in agreement. “Does Kaede know about this?” Rantaro asked, the sudden question caught Shuichi off guard causing his face to blush.“Uhhh… Ahem! I-it was meant to be a surprise of sorts…” he said softly, the supreme leader sneered as he took a long drink from his apple juice and a Kiyo was looking at him from over his shoulder. “It was!” The detective said trying to defend himself, but was failing at. He pushed his chair back, got up and left the table. “Where are you going?” Kaito asked. “I’m gonna go and tell Kaede what I have planned for today” Shuichi said as he left the dining room and went back upstairs, when he left, Kokichi grabbed his plate of pancakes and immediately drenched them in a tidal wave of syrup and an avalanche of cinnamon.The Ultimate pianist: Kaede Akamatsu was in her room facing the mirror, brushing her hair all the while singing to herself as she did. “Masquerading as a man with a reason, my charade is the event of the season, and if I claim to be a wise man. It surely means that I don’t know. On a stormy sea of moving emotions tossed about I'm like a ship on the ocean, I set a course for winds of fortune but I hear the voices say” she was interrupted from her melody when she heard a knock at the door. “Kaede, it's me,” Shuichi said from the other side. “You can come in” she said, the door opened and he came in. Shuichi took a deep breath and collected his thoughts, then spoke. “I was looking online for things to do in Osaka and I figured we could go see the Osaka Castle, just the tw-“ he stopped when he saw that the girl was fully dressed. She wore an orange drawstring hoodie that had “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy” written on the front that exposed part of her midriff, some dark purple pants with wavy thin black lines along with music notes and brown belt, and some purple platform flip-flops with piano key designs on the sole and sides. Her nails and toenails were painted in a nice shade of lilac, on her left ankle was a bracelet with a treble clef, half note, and heart. She was also wearing her white backpack and a few friendship bracelets on her wrists. Her ash blonde hair was styled with one bang on the right as well as a ponytail tied up with a dark violet bow with music notes.“So. You’re going out?” Shiuichi asked curiously. “Well Angie wanted to go on a hike and she decided to invite a few of the girls just for the fun of it” Kaede said. The boy tilted his head down to the ground in disappointment, the pianist could tell that there was something wrong. “Wait. Did you have plans too?” She asked. Shuichi raised his head and pulled his phone out and showed her what was on the screen. “Osaka Castle, you wanted to spend the day with me, oh my god that is so cute!” Gushed Kaede as she clasped her hands over her mouth and silently squeed happily. “It was meant to be a surprise, but it looks like that the surprise is ruined heh, heh, heh” Shuichi laughed nervously as he scratched the back of his head. “I figured that we could have the whole day to ourselves, since there’s nothing to do around the house. But if you wanna go I won’t stop y-““Look, if you wanted to tell me about this why did you decide to keep it a secret?” Kaede asked, causing the detective to get flustered. “I-I… I wasn’t sure if it would be your cup of tea” he said. “Cup of tea? Really?! Smooth moves Saihara!” He thought to himself as he mentally facepalmed for coming up with such a stupid reason, but he saw that Kaede’s cheerful demeanor hadn’t changed. She placed her hands on his shoulders and looked him in the eyes. “Look if you really want to go, I promise we can go tomorrow” she said, she then gave him a small kiss on the cheek making him blush. “Alright then. But be careful out there, your knight in shining armor won’t be there to protect you” he joked causing the pianist to laugh. “Don’t worry my beloved I will” she said as she grabbed her phone off the bed and walked out the bedroom door.The blonde pianist made her way downstairs and found Angie and the others in the kitchen, all of them already dressed. Angie wore a simple yellow plaid button up, with blue jean shorts, and white converse sneakers. Tsumugi wore a white long-sleeve shirt with “Cosplay Queen” written in orange, complete with purssian blue pants with an orange belt, and orange sandals Nami wore in One Piece showing off her dark blue toenails. Himiko was wearing a cute red and black striped shirt and a Gryffindor scarf, garnet red shorts, black knee-high socks, and ankle brown boots. Maki wore a dark red tank top with a black button up around her waist. Ripped up black pants, along with brown leather hiking boots. Tenko was decked out in an olive green sports bra with “Aikido Queen” on the front that showed off her muscular build, baggy black pants, and black Nike slip-on sandals with white socks. Miu wore pink overalls with one strap loose along with a white short sleeve t-shirt underneath that read “Bad Bitch” in big pink letters, on her wrists were spiked wristbands, and a pair of 6 inch killer wedge heels that showed off her long sharp toenails in cheshire pink.Kirumi was putting something in Himiko’s bag. “I’ve packed each of you a small lunch in case you get hungry, and I’ve also added some bug spray and water bottles as well” the maid said. “Thanks Kirumi,” Tenko said happily. “Hey Miu, I’d suggest wearing a dog collar around your neck so you won’t get lost again, can't have you playing in the mud again now can we?” Kokichi sneered much to the inventor’s annoyance. “Shut your fuckin mouth you purpled haired abortion!” She yelled, she was about to walk over to him but was being restrained by Kaede and Tsumugi. “We should get going, we don’t wanna waste the day while it’s still young!” Angie beamed. “She’s right, when we get back I wanna snuggle out on the couch and watch My Little Witch Academia” Himiko muttered which was picked up on Tenko’s ears. “Oh! You're a Little Witch Academia fan too Himiko! Do you mind if we watch it together when we get back?” The aikido master asked, the magician took a few minutes to think about it. “I guess I don’t mind” she answered much to the aikido master’s delight. Once the girls got themselves situated they headed out the door.The sun peered through the canopy of leaves and the sound of bird chirps filled the air as the girls went about their merry way. Angie was beaming from eye to eye as she raced ahead and looked at all the flora and nature surrounding her, it was almost like she was in a candy factory. “Get a load of the fuckin midget over here, acting like she never saw tree before!” Miu laughed. “Cherry blossoms are mostly common in and around Japan, it’s kinda like a Japanese staple. Almost like how Masters are always seen with Servents” Tsumugi said inquisitively as she fantasized of being the Master of Gilgamesh. “No doubt in my mind Kaito would enjoy this” Maki blushed trying her best to keep a straight face. Tenko had a bundle of blossoms in her hands and showed them to Himiko, the mage took one and stuck it in her hair causing the latter to cry out in happiness. Kaede looked about her surroundings taking in all the beautiful scenery, it almost made her feel like she was in another world. Everything around her was so tranquil and calm, the gentle summer breeze blowing through her hair, the lovely aroma from the flowers, and the various bird calls that could be heard within the area were enough to take her breath away. The pianist was in pure bliss as she immersed herself in her newfound nature paradise. The others were walking on ahead just to keep up with Angie as she further and further ahead of the group, that wasn’t until she came to a fork in the road where she stopped and the others were finally able to catch up to her. “There’s two pathways, which one should we take?” Angie asked. Tsumugi put a finger near her lip and thought for a few minutes while Tenko used Himiko’s foresight to decide which path they should take. Miu sighed angrily as she pushed her way past them and pointed down the left path. “We’re taking this path, is that alright with you lonely virgins?!” She asked. The others were silent like mice and nodded their heads in agreement. They were about to take off when Tsumugi saw that Kaede was snapping pictures of a few flowers with her phone. “Uh Miu, should we wait for Kaede. We can’t risk any of us getting lost” she said, Miu turned around and faced the cosplayer with a sour look on her face. “We can leave Ms ironing board alone to tend to her fuckin weeds! I ain’t got time to wait around for her slow ass!” She huffed as she turned back aground and began walking down the path with Angie and the others right behind her. Tsumugi looked back at Kaede one last time before she ran off to catch up with the others.Kaede herself didn’t hear the group leave, probably due to her being focused on her picture taking. “Shinichi's gonna love these when I get back. OMG! I could make him a scrapbook with the photos I took” the girl thought to herself as she began snapping more pics. Her picture taking spree went on for 10 minutes until she stopped, her phone battery was now at 85% and she didn’t want to waste anymore of her battery life. “Alright guys I’m ready to go” she said to her group, but when she turned her head they were nowhere to be seen. “Uh guys…guys! Where are you!” She called, as waited a few minutes hoping to hear any of their voices but she was met with silence. The pianist uttered a frustrated sigh as she folded her arms, trying to figure out what she should do next. That was until she saw the fork in the road along with the split pathways, her face softened up and she was more relaxed. “No problem, I’ll just catch up. I mean, it’s not like they’ve gone that far” she said, and with that she made her way down the left path and ventured further into the forest.Meanwhile the others were once again trying to keep up with Angie, as the artist was gushing and fawning over the trees and flora. “Nyahahaha! All of these wonderful flowers look like a wondrous masterpiece made by Auta himself. It’s so wonderful!” Angie sang “All these wonderful flowers...Ugh! That kooky bitch runnin around like a virgin when he finally gets laid, only difference isn’t that he doesn’t announce it to the entire fuckin world!” Miu cried in anger as she jammed her fingers into her ears to block out the artist’s voice. Maki did the same. Tsumugi occasionally looked over her shoulder to see if Kaede was behind them, but whenever she did the pianist wasn’t there. “Kaede still hasn’t caught up with us yet, maybe she was captured by a giant sentient robot and is being used as it’s core life unit?..OMG what if she was taken by the Devil Gundam!” she said nervously. The others all looked at her with visible confusion and bewilderment on their faces. “The Devil what?! If that’s another anime thing I’m gonna kick you in the ass!” Miu hissed causing the cosplayer to sulk. “No... It’s just a very powerful fighting robot... That has self-recovery, self-replication, and self-evolution!” she mumbled to herself. “Tsumugi’s right! We should go back for Kaede, no doubt in my mind that she’s probably looking for us” Tenko added with Himiko nodding in agreement. Keh!... If you blowhards wanna go look for saggy nipples then fine by me! I could care less than two shits about what happens to Kaediot!” Miu huffed.Kaede walked down the trail at a steady pace, being vigilant of her surroundings and keeping her eyes out for her group, the forest around her had gotten darker due to the sun being blocked out from the trees, but that didn’t stop little rays of sunlight to seep through. “Okay this isn’t a problem, I mean it’s not like I’m lost or anything “ she thought. She kept walking for a few more minutes until she stopped. “I’m lost aren’t I?” She looked around and saw that she was in a part of the forest completely foreign to her, the sides of the trail were lined with trees and ferns. “Guys! Where are you! Tsumugi! Maki! Tenko! Miu! If this is a prank then it’s not funny!” She called. A faint rustling sound could be heard from one of the bushes, Kaede gave a frustrated yet relieved sigh. “P-playing hide and seek a-aren’t we Miu. Heh, heh, heh very funny” She said nervously as she made her way to the bush and peered in. But instead of finding Miu, she found something else.A nest of giant Asian hornets had made a home in that bush, and they weren’t too happy to see a human intruding on their property. Kaede’s body went cold as she saw the palm sized insects raise their heads and looked up at her, in a surge of panic the pianist ran the opposite direction. The hornets flapped their wings and took off after the intruder. “Get away from me! Get away from me!” Kaede uttered as she ran from the swarming bugs, but the hornets refused to follow her command and leave her be as they continued after her. The girl screamed in horror as the massive swarm drew closer and closer until she felt the ground give way beneath her feet, next thing she knew she was flat on her back sliding down a mossy embankment. She didn’t stop until she reached the bottom. “Ow, that’ll teach me to not pay attention to my surroundings,” Kaede said as she gently rubbed her behind and brushed off a few blades of grass from her clothes. Thankfully the girl only suffered from a few scraps upon coming down the slope. Upon getting up she saw that she was in foreign territory once more. She was in an open area that was near a river with twigs sprouting from the ground, shrubs, reeds, and cattails. There were also a few trees present within the area too, a faint sound of a bird could be heard in the distance. “Okay, I might’ve got thrown off track but that’s not gonna stop me!” Kaede said proudly as she put her hands on her hips, with that the girl pressed forward.The pianist trotted along the grassy area humming a little tune to herself. “They tell me I’m too young to understand, they say I’m caught up in a dream. Well, life will pass me by if I don’t open up my eyes. Well that’s fine by me. So wake me up when it’s all over, when I’m wiser and I’m older. All this time I was finding myself, and I didn’t know I was lost.” The reeds and cattails swayed gently in the breeze almost as if they were in tune with her singing, but while the young lass was lost in her music, she was completely unaware of the danger she was getting herself into. As the girl continued her ears could pick up faint “slops” and “slups” coming from the grass below her feet. “Okay that’s a little weird, It’s probably nothing” she told herself as she continued her walk.She neared a section of the clearing with a circular patch of moss along with a tree right next to it, upon wondering onto the section her right flip-flop broke through the thin grassy layer and the bottoms were partially sunk, the sudden event brought the Pianist to a complete stop. “What the?” She began, confused by what was going on, she looked down and saw that her right platform flop was partially mired in warm dark brown mud. Due to it slightly gushing out of the hole her shoe made. “Ew! There was a mud pit here?! How did I not see- No.. it’s fine, I can just wash it off when I get to the river” she told herself. With her left foot she brought it before her right to take another step, but it too broke through the thin mossy layer and plunged into the mud, slightly deeper this time, halfway up near the insoles. This caused the pianist to gag in disgust. “I just got these shoes last week and now they’re ruined!” She groaned.The mossy ground beneath her ruptured slightly but she was more worried about her ruined shoes to care or notice it. Kaede gave a frustrated sigh as she raised her right foot out of the mud and could see the bottom of her shoe coated in a thin layer of dark brown. “There goes 200 yen” Kaede sulked trying to ignore the burning hole in her wallet. She placed her right foot down in front of her left and was met again with it sinking into the ground, this time going deeper till it reached the tip of her insoles. “Oh my god this so gross!” Kaede whined. She went to lift her right foot out again but was met with some resistance from the mud, the goop clung tightly to the sides and base of her footwear, keeping her rooted in place. “This is just a little mud?! I don’t understand why I can get my foot out of this”She pumped her leg and tried to retch her foot free but the gooey-like tendency of the muck refused to relinquish its hold on her shoe. It also didn’t help that whenever she tried lifting it up, gooey dark brown strands rose up and clung tightly to the soles of her shoes. She even tried lifting her left foot to bring it closer to her right, but that was a bust, since it too was stuck in the tight gooey mud. Everytime she lifted either of her feet they were immediately pulled back down into the mud. “Oh! I don’t have time for this! I need to be looking for the others, not fumbling around in this disgusting mud!” Kaede grumbled. She clenched her fists as she strains to free her trapped feet to continue walking, but her futile struggles don’t seem to be helping her situation. Strands of dark brown taffy rose up with her shoes everytime she lifted a leg.The girl tried lifting her foot out once more, but got little to no success as the thick-semi thick gooey earth continued to hold both feet in place. Each time she did she was met with mocked “shlps” and “spllths” from the mud, almost giving off the impression that the goop was laughing at her pathetic attempts at escape. Getting slightly annoyed at her predicament she grabbed her right leg with both hands and pulled as hard as she could. The mud suckled and belched as her shoe clad foot slowly went up and down, her movements sent small ripples out along the surface. Her muscles tensed and flared with energy as she pulled and tugged in vain at her stuck feet, she struggled for about five minutes before taking a short break to catch her breath. “Who knew trying to get out of mud would be hard work.”Her struggles had only made matters worse, upon looking down she saw that she made little to no progress. Both shoes were near the insole, in the left’s case it was slightly past the insole and Kaede could feel the warm slime gently prick at the base of her toes. “Great! Now I’m even more stuck then I am before, at this rate my pedicure will be ruined!... wait. Why should I be worried about that!?” She thought getting herself sidetracked by her misplaced priorities in the midst of the situation she was currently in. The further her shoes sank, the more ensnared they became in the tenacious iron grip of the mud. It didn’t help that the busty pianist refused to stay still as she thrashed and squirmed about in the mud’s bonds, feeling herself inch downwards with every move.“Alright, I knew it would come to this. I don’t wanna do this, but I have no other option” Kaede said. She took a deep breath and slid her right foot out of her flip flop, her foot hovered above the mud, unsure to keep it in the air or set it down. “You can wash off when you get to the river! you can wash off when you get to the river! you can wash off when you get to the river!” She uttered, until finally she brought her foot down upon the mud. The wet slimy slurry squished and gurgled loudly as her sole made contact with the goop, it slowly began to create a small indentation in the ground as thick rings of mud formed around it. “…Eeeewwwww!” She said with annoyed disgust as she saw her foot sink into the nastiness of the swamp. She slipped out her other foot and brought it in front of her right, it too made a small indentation along with thick rings round the foot. “Oh my god this is so gross!” She whined. Kaede looked over her shoulder and could see her purple platform flip-flops were mired in the mud, she could feel the yen in her wallet fly out and burn away to ash. She bit her lip and turned around and bent down, she grabbed her shoes and pulled as hard as she could to yank them free. She tugged and pulled at her stuck shoes but the iron suction from the goop held them in place like molasses mixed with gummy candy. The mud squished and squelched as the girl fought to relinquish her footwear, she wasn’t gonna let 200 yen go to waste. After roughy three minutes of agony, her shoes came out with a wet “splch”, she nearly lost her balance when they came out but was quickly able to regain it. She sighed happily, grateful that she wouldn’t get any dirtier. Looking at her platform flops she squirmed and stuck her tongue out in disgust. “Let’s just get over to the river so I can wash these off” she groaned.The girl began to move forward but she had to wretch her foot out of the mud, the earth was wet and sticky but it wasn't hard for her to get it out. When she did the sole and sides of her foot were lined in a semi-thick layer of dark brown, she wiggled her toes and she could feel the wet mass in between them. Feeling the goop in between her toes caused her grossness levels to skyrocket, she shook her head trying to ignore the wet earthy gunk on her foot as she continued forward. She brought her left foot in front partially coated and when she brought it down again she was met with a loud wet fart from the mud as her foot broke the mossy layer once more, she gave a frustrated groan as she continued to trek through the disgusting mud. Every step taken was met with wet “blips” and “plttts” from the muck below, a trail of muddy footprints littered the moss clearing, they were still fresh as mud was still the holes. Kaede continued to walk across the muddy moss pit with a sour look on her face, her anger spiked every time her feet made squishy sounds. She pouted trying to ignore the gunk in between her toes and toenails. As she neared halfway the mud began to get more clingy and sticky, she discovered this first hand when she took another step with her right foot and it plunged through the moss and was sunk ankle deep into the mud. The pianist gave a hard frustrated sigh as she was once again forced to stop. Kaede wiggled her foot within the goop, but could feel that it was very thick and tight, kinda like cake batter. “I’m not gonna let a little mud stop me” she said as a playful smile filled her face, she jerked her right foot but it wouldn’t budge, wiggling it was out of the question too since the mud’s suction had a firm hold on her foot. Everytime she wiggled or pulled her foot, the mud stretched up, clinging tightly to the bare soft skin of her foot. Kaede went to lift her foot again but it wouldn’t budge, she then tired pulling at her left but got the same result. The mud held onto her feet most stubbornly with its tenacity and suction almost like a bundle of kittens wrapping around your leg, she tugged on one leg then the other, still unable to move while the mud squelched in apparent laughter at her pathetic attempts to escape.“You can get out of this Akumatsu, you know why? Because you’re a hard worker! You're determined! You're motivated! And one that powers on when the going gets tough!” She told herself confidently. Filled with determination she took her right flop and put it in her left hand and grabbed her right leg and began pulling to free it. The mud refused to relinquish her foot as it was trapped within the vacuum suction of the goop keeping her stuck in place, again tried lifting her right foot out of the mud. She continues pulling at her leg but she remains stuck fast as the thick, gluey mud stretches up, gripping her foot tightly. After five minutes of pulling her foot came out, this time soiled in more chocolate pudding-like mud. Once her right foot was out she gave a sharp yank to her left, freeing it as well, with both feet freed again she continued her walk. “Let’s hope I don’t run into anymore trouble” Kaede thought to herself She continued trekking through the muck, getting pulled down and stuck every five seconds, meaning that she would always have to stop in order to free her feet. She figured that she’d be forced to walk through more mud until she reached the edge of a clearing, until something strange happened. Upon taking another step her foot didn’t break through the moss. This surprised her as she thought her mind was playing tricks on her, but when she gave the ground a few pats with the tip of her foot, she immediately knew that she stumbled upon solid ground. “Yes! This’ll make my walk a thousand times easier” She cried happily as she walked out onto the moss, but continued to keep pressing her foot just to make sure it was solid. About halfway she began to get a little overconfident and started walking normally towards the edge. “I hope I run into the others soon, I don’t wanna get lost out here” Kaede thought to herself.She neared the center of the clearing and stopped to catch her breath and leaned against the tree. She reached into her backpack and pulled out a water bottle and began to drink its contents. “Struggling through that mud made me thirsty, it’s a good thing Kirumi made us lunches go we wouldn’t go hungry” she said as she took a long drink from her bottle. When she was done she put it back in her backpack and was about to leave when something caught her eye, a white lotus residing among a cluster of flowers to the right of her. The girl’s eyes immediately lit up as she got her phone out of her pocket and went to take a quick photo. “Shuichi’s gonna love this! Alright time to find the others” she spoke as she put the phone back in her pocket and went to move again but found that she couldn’t, and a faint wet “slurp” could be heard.“What the?” She looked down and saw that her slightly muddy feet had broken through the grass again and were sunk in more dark brown mud. “Heh, heh, heh. No problem I can get out of this, I got out once I’ll do it again” she said nervously. She lifted her right leg and her foot rose up from the ground encased in a huge wade of muck and was quickly yanked back down, when she tried her other leg she got the same thing. She pumped and jerked at her legs but they were stuck fast in the warm slurry of brown earth, pulling at her legs proved to be useless as they were caught fast in the sticky gooey clay of the pit. If that wasn’t bad enough the pianist could feel herself getting shorter. “Wait, why is the clearing getting bigger?” She asked herself, upon looking down she was given her answer.The thick dark brown sludge had fully engulfed her foot and was slowly dragging her downwards, her ankles gently cupped the surface but were slowly being pulled into the goops clutches. Acting quickly Kaede bent down and tired pulling them out of the sucking mud, however she was met with a ton of resistance. The thick mass wrapped tightly around her feet with an iron grip, similar to tar or rubber cement, and every move she made only seemed to agitate the mud more and more. “Come on you stupid mud! Let go of me! Ungh!” She shouted, the wretched goop had a firm hold on her ankles and was surprised to see how it ruptured and jiggled with her movements. I was like she was standing in a tub of melted marshmallow. The pianist tried to do everything in her power not to panic in her situation, she calmed herself down best she could, but it wasn’t working as she could feel herself inch deeper and deeper with each passing second.“Help! Help, somebody help me!” She began. The mud bubbled and burped as her ankles went under and her legs began to be consumed. “Help! HEEEELP!” She cried.Elsewhere in the forest Angie and the others were continuing along their way until they could hear the pleas of someone in danger. “Did you hear that?” Tenko asked as her head shot up and looked around trying to determine where it was coming from, Himiko went and stood at the aikido master’s side while Tsumugi was beginning to panic. “The JDG-00X found us! Now it’s gonna use all of us as its life core units until we’re weathered fleshbags!” She cried. “Shut the fuck up weebo! I’m tryin to listen over here!” Miu spat as she raised a hand over near her right ear, the voice came again and she was able to know who it belonged to. “So ya finally decided to catch up, huh dumpy tits?” She thought, she then began to walk away from the group. “Miu? Where are you going?” Angie asked. “I’m going to find that mysterious voice, if you pussies don’t wanna follow that’s fine by me!” She roared and went about her business.But this point Kaede was up to her kneecaps in the nasty swamp as she continued to pull and tug at her legs, but no matter what she did she couldn’t break free. She bent down and gripped her left leg and pulled as hard as she could but the sticky swamp held onto it tightly, in the process her right leg was pressed deeper into the goo. She tries lifting her right foot out of the mud again. Yet, she remains stuck fast as the thick, gluey mud stretches up, gripping her leg and foot tightly. In the meanwhile, her left leg is thrust into the warm mud to the lower portion of her calf. She cringed as she felt the wetness of the mire seep through her pants and prick her skin, she kept her hands at her side to maintain her balance. But it didn’t seem to slow her descent.“It sounds like it came over here” Miu thought as she maneuvered her way through bushes and pushed branches out of her way until she came to the edge of a clearing, she could see something or someone standing in the middle of it. Squinting her eyes she could make out the being in question, it was none other than Kaede, who was knee deep in mud and was slowly wiggling about trying to free herself to no avail. “There you are kaediot!”The pianist grows more frustrated and angry with each passing second as she inches deeper and deeper in the confines of her prison, she’s slowly building up a sweat in the hot humid summer air. She bends over, sticks her butt out, and grasps her left thigh with her hands and pulls with all her might to free her left leg from the mud's suction… but once again she can't. Her eyes are shut tight, she grits her teeth, her head is tilted up, and a strained look dominates her faces as she pulls for all she’s worth. The mud again stretches up, clinging tightly to her pant-clad calf. The mud's suction clung to the material and formed a tight grip around her calf that held her fast. Meanwhile, her right leg is now pressed deeper into the mud until it, too, is sunk to the upper portion of her right calf. “Come on! UNGH!... I… want!... Out!... Let!...UMPH!... Me!...UNGH!.. Go!!!” She groaned.“Well, well, well. What do we have here?” Said a voice that caused Kaede’s entire body to freeze up, she turned to the right and saw Miu standing on the edge of the pit with a small smile in her face. “O-oh… hey miu” Kaede said nervously, on the inside she was hella embarrassed that Miu had to find her like this. “So. Was that you screaming for help?” The inventor asked. “Y-yeah” Kaede answered softly, there was a brief moment of silence between the two. “So, uh… what are ya doin?” Miu asked again. “Well obviously I’m not having a tea party! I’m stuck!” Kaede yelled. “Stuck?” Miu asked, confused. She slouched down and saw that the flat pianist was half past her knees and was slowly sinking to her lower thighs. “Your sinking. Pffh! HA! HA! Ha! Ha! Ha! You mean you're actually stuck in that crap?! Come on, give me a little wiggle!” Miu laughed. Kaede rolled her eyes as she gently wigled left and right within the mud, sending small ripples out along the surface and moss, causing the extra busty inventor to howl with laughter. “This isn’t funny Miu! I can’t even pull my legs outta this stuff! Please help me” Kaede pleaded while continuing to fidget about in the thick clay mud. “Why should I berry nipples, I’m not the one who decided to linger away from the group to take pics of fuckin daisies! And now you want me to get you out of this disgusting bog? Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! You're a real piece of work Kaediot!” Laughed Miu.A small vein appeared on the side of the pianist’s head as she shot her hand forward and angrily grabbed the strap of her overalls. “Stop laughing and help!” The pianist growled causing the latter to shake in her six inch wedges. “Alright fine! Don’t get ya nipples in a twist” Miu said as she relinquished herself from the girl’s grip and raised an arm out to her. “Grab on” she ordered. Kaede reached out to grab Miu’s hand but was too far out of her reach, it also didn’t help that the thick muck held onto her legs like glue. She huffed and shifted her weight to the left to try and better reach Miu but she could still feel the sticky clay mud latch onto her, but she refused to be trapped in place. So she thrusted and kicked her legs within the goop and soon she could feel herself slowly move forward.Soon she was able to get closer and grabbed Miu’s hand, from there the latter began to pull. Miu tilted her head and body back as she tugged and strained her muscles to free the trapped pianist, she gritted her teeth and groaned as she struggled. “More! More, more! Pull harder!” Kaede called. Miu was pulling as hard as she could but so far she was making little to no progress. “Geez Kaediot! Did ya put on weight? You're heavier than a herd of cows!” She cried causing the pianist to make a cute angry face. “C-cow?! I’m not that heavy Miu! When you were stuck in the mud I couldn’t pull you out because of your huge che-““La! La! La! La! I can’t hear you!” Miu said as she blocked out her words. The girl’s six inch wedges struggled to gain traction on the grassy floor as she could feel herself slipping forward with every inch, but she firmly stood her ground. “Pull harder Miu!” Kaede yelled. Sweat ran down the inventor’s forehead as she grunted and growled and increased her strength, Kaede looked down and could see her legs slowly come out of the mud, her purple pant legs darkened from the water and mud. “Miu it’s working, keep it going!” Kaede beamed. “I can't, I'm at my limit!” The latter said as she let go, the moment she did Kaede was pulled back into the mud, this time to her upper thighs. “Well at least I tried my best, this genius is all brains not brawn. I may not be physically fit, but I’d say I gave it a good effort” Miu said, feeling proud of herself. “How could you be so proud of yourself when you didn’t even get me out, now I’m deeper than I was before!” Kaede said angrily while slamming her hand against the mud’s surface, this made Miu mad. “Just be fuckin greatful that I even bothered trying to save your ass titless! If I didn’t have any morals I’d just watch ya sink!” She spat.The inventor was about to fire another insult at her when an idea materialized in her “golden brain”. “I know! I’ll go get help! Stay where you are Kaediot, don’t go anywhere!” Miu said as she ran back the way she came. “Where would I possibly go Miu!!!... Miu?... Miu?!” Kaede called only to find that the inventor was gone, the poor girl was alone once again. Looking down she saw the mud devouring at her thighs with vicious “phhps” and “plops”, the mud pool she was in slightly expanded as a result of her struggles destroying more of the moss surrounding her. “Miu may not get back in time, and if she does I'd have gone under by that point” Kaede thought. “I can get out of this without her!” She lifted at her legs once more, first with her left then her right. Her legs didn’t move, the mud encased them noticeably thicker and had gotten considerably heavier than ever before. This was due to the mud filling into her pockets and coating her pants, which made her weigh more, causing her descent to quicken. Clenching her fists, she pulled harder, jerking at her thighs to dislodge them from the mud, but neither budged at all. The superfine silt of clay sediment was slowly regaining its viscous, semi-solid consistency as a thickening plaster, leaving her legs locked in the marsh from her lower thighs on down.“…UNH!!! …UNGH!!! …Jeez!” she groaned. “…This stuff …Is …UMPH!!! ...UNH!!! ...Concrete!” The mud churned and liquified drastically turning into a mix of brownie batter and caramel, each time she lifted her legs a gooey strand rose up, clinging tightly to her limbs with a vice. “UNGH!!!...UNH!!!... Dang it!” She cried, losing her composure as the frenzy of her struggles intensified causing the pit to shake and wobble madly about like a stormy sea. After 15 minutes of anger and exertion Kaede finally saw that she was making some progress In spite of her less than stellar performance this time around, her endeavor did eventually loosen up the stiffening mud enough to allow her thighs to finally budge and rise up a few inches. Unfortunately, any apparent success realized now resulted in an unwanted and highly frustrating failure as the silty clay ooze once again reverted back into its thick, dense gluey gel nature that adhered to her skin and gripped with a reinvigorated suction. Annoyance and frustration dominated her face as she glared down at the mud holding her fast and slowly drawing her in ever so deeper.Kaede was FUMING! She gritted her teeth, clenched her fists, and twisted her legs back and forth as she STRAINED to lift her stuck thighs out of the swamp mire. And, as Kaede pumped her thighs, the mud rose up heavily in sticky mounds that stretched and clung to her skin and pant legs like heavy tar, refusing to let go. And, when the mud did loosen up, her struggles simply drove the thickness of her sweaty thighs deeper into the marsh. The girl catches her breath after her struggle, sweat ran down her face and forehead. She is now sunk to the middle of her thighs. Straining and grunting with fists clenched, she tried lifting her right leg straight up out of the mud, but the sticky mire stretched and held her thighs viciously. “COME ON!!!.... MMMPPPHHHMM!!!!.... UNGH!!!.... LET!!! … ME!!!... GO!!!” She yelled as she pumped and thrashed her thighs in the greedy muck, only for her to continue sinking downwards.She grits her teeth as she glares angrily down at the mud entrapping her thighs, and begins twisting violently at her broad hips and upper torso, thrashing her thighs against the mud's thickness and suction. In spite of her impressive efforts, she can't move... nor budge her thighs at all. After ten minutes of fruitless struggling she stopped and regained her composure, by this point she was butt-deep in the sludge and was a mere inches away from her crotch. “Ok. Looks like struggling and thrashing aren’t good escape options, I could just wait for Miu. At the same time, I don’t know when she’ll be coming back. What if I had something to pull myself out like a vine, root, or bran-“ she was interrupted from her thoughts when she saw a tree to the right of her, and upon looking up she could see an outstretched branch above her head. “Bingo”The girl raised both her hands high above her head and tried grabbing the branch, but it was a little out of her reach. She reached her arms out as far as she could as she continued to sink, but the tree branch was a few inches away from her straining fingertips. She closed her eyes tightly and gritted her teeth as she continued reaching until her hands touched the branch and she was able to grip it. With both hands wrapped around the branch she began to pull up, she could slowly feel herself rise up from the mud, but it wasn’t going to give her up so easily. It was so thick that no air could get into it to break the powerful suction beneath the surface. Through that, her legs were good as sealed in the mud. In addition, the mud that sticks on her legs was much heavier than herself, so she needs to lift twice her weight. Her thighs slowly rose up from the mud soiled wet. “It’s working!” She cried happily, she continued to wiggle and pump her legs, huge stands of thick mud coated her lower legs, but slowly they began to rise out of the sucking trap. It looked like she was gonna get out after all… unfortunately that wasn’t the case.When her legs finally came out the branch she was holding onto snapped, plunging her back into the mire, she sank past her thighs and was now waist deep with a 1/3rd of her butt still resting above the surface. The branch landed directly in front of her, her once calm collected face was replaced by a look of fear and dread. That branch was her ticket to getting out the bog, but now that it’s broken, she’s right back to square one. “N-no, no, no!” She began, the girl frantically looked around trying to find something else that could be of aid but she couldn’t find anything, it only caused her panic levels to increase. In a frenzy she violently thrashed and struggled in the mud, she pumped her legs within the mud hoping to break the mud’s adhesive suction on them. Her hips slid into the nasty trap and gently grazed her midriff causing her to blush. Her bellybutton was only a few inches above its surface. She went and raised her right leg in hopes to free it but the thick ravenous sludge below continued to hold it like glue, but she refused to give up. She tensed her leg muscles and pulled as hard as she could, until she could an outline slightly poking up from the mud’s surface, it was her right leg. Her confidence resurfaced as she mustered up more of her strength to pull it free, in the process her left leg plunged deeper into its muddy tomb. Kaede dug her hands into the mud and firmly grasped her thigh and tugged hard at it, the leg outline rose higher and higher, until she lost her grip and it quickly plunged back into the mud. Her confidence sank and the fear returned stronger than ever. She clawed at the moss in front of her, only for her fingers to find more mud beneath the surface, she was slowly running low on stamina and was still sinking in the mud. “UNGH!... MHMPH!!... I can’t get out of this stuff?! Everytime I move I just sink deeper, it’s almost like I’m in quicksand….OH MY GOD I'M SINKING IN QUICKSAND!!!” She cried as the goop squelched and bubbled with malice as she felt her descent quicken.Angie and the others patiently waited for Miu to come back. Tsumugi was lost in her thoughts, Himiko and Tenko we’re sitting on a log. The mage was resting against Tenko’s shoulder as the Aikido Master had slid off her sandals and rubbed her socked feet, and Angie was humming a little song to herself. The sound of running footsteps caught their attention as they looked up, soon Miu came running in and put her hands on her knees, she was breathing hard and out of breath. “Miu, are you okay?” Tenko asked. “Did you find the mysterious voice?” Tsumugi asked. The inventor put a hand up as she got herself together. “To answer your questions, yes. Kaediot was the one who was making that racket, looks like Miss berry nipples got herself stuck in a bog” The others were shocked from what Miu told them. “Ohhhh Myyyy Gooood!!!” Tsumugi cried causing Himiko to wake up from her slumber “neyh? What’s going on?” She asked. “Oh my, it looks like Kaede ran into a bit of a snag” Angie said. “Ha! Ya should’ve seen dumpy tits wiggle her ass in the crap, she looked like a sad little virgin!” Miu laughed but was silenced by Tsumugi. “Kaede’s in trouble and she needs our help! Come on!” Tenko cried as she ran off with the others close behind her.Kaede wasn’t having any success in escaping, she wiggled and squirmed against the ravenous quicksand as it continued to slurp and suckle at her form with loud “burps” and “shllps”. Her bellybutton slid into the gunk along with her waist, sealing her in tightly to the mud’s relentless sticky grip. Slowly running out of options the girl placed her hands on the mud behind her and pushed down upon the surface with her hands as she tried twisting her crotch, hips, andbutt out of the mud. Her crotch gouges into the thickness of the goop beneath the mire’s surface as her upper body writhed, jerked, and twisted every which way as she fought for freedom. Her hands began to slowly sink but she quickly relinquished them before they got stuck too, the pianist just looked down at the mud in fear as more and more of her was slowly munched on. “HELP ME! I-IM SINKING IN QUICKSAND!!!! PLEASE! SOMEBODY! ANYBODY! HELP ME!!!” She yelled again hoping that someone would hear her cries and come to her rescue. When Kaede was getting dressed this morning the last thing she expected to be doing today was struggling about in a quicksand bog. Miu along with the others made their way down the trail leading to the clearing, determined to get there in time before their friend’s demise. In the meanwhile Kaede has stopped struggling to slow her descent, she stood perfectly still with her arms at her side, but she was still sinking, though not as fast. The mud reached the hem of her hoodie and continued to her lower chest. Kaede had her eyes closed and a collected smile on her face, she winced a bit as she felt the wetness from the mud ruin her hoodie, on the inside however she was absolutely terrified. She was trying to do everything in her power not to panic again, but it seemed like her emotions had other plans. “Someone, please help me!” “Kaediot!” Called Miu as she came into view, Kaede turned around and saw Miu along with the rest of the girls beside her. “I told ya I’d get help! And your tiny ass didn’t believe me!” She chuckled. Ignoring the inventor’s crude comments Kaede beamed brighty at the latter for keeping her promise. “Don’t worry Kaede we’ll get you out!” Tenko said as she began to walk out onto the mossy clearing only to be pulled back by Miu. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you Miss Audrey! That is, if ya wanna be joining tiny tits other there” Kaede simply rolled her eyes at the comment. “Try not to struggle, the more you move the faster you sink!” Tsumugi said. “Thanks for the advice Tsumugi, but I already know that,” Kaede said back. “Can’t we just pull her out?” Angie asked. “Not really, if we did we’d end up snapping her in half. At the depth she’s at there’s too much pressure against her lower body” Maki said. “But she’ll sink and drown!” Tsumugi cried. “You can’t sink in quicksand the human body’s too dense, but panicked movements can cause you to sink deeper” Maki said again.“Wait, how do you know about this Maki?” Tenko asked. The question caught the assassin off guard causing her to blush. “I-I… uh… l-looked it up online” she said softly. “Uh guys, I don’t want to be a burden. But I’m still sinking!” Kaede called as she was now up to her stomach in the hungry earth, her hoodie getting more and more dirty in the process. “Himiko, can’t you just use your magic and get Kaede out?” Tenko asked. “Neyh, I could use a levitation spell, but I don’t have enough MP for that” she softly spoke. As the others went on with their conversation Maki went off to find something that could help them, she ended up finding a long, thick tree branch. She picked it up and walked back to the group. “I found this, it might be able to reach her” she said. Tsumugi examined the branch from top to bottom and figured it would work.Maki handed the branch over to Miu and she stretched it out over the pit towards the pianist. “Come on dimple tits, reach!” She said. Kaede, now past her stomach and slowly to her rib cage, did what she was told and stretched out her arms to grab the branch. But it was too far out of her fingertips, let alone her hands. “I-I can’t reach! It’s too far!” Kaede squeaked. Miu retracted the branch and the others were forced to come up with a new plan. “Ya sure you didn’t pick up a short branch lady killer!?” Miu hissed as she glared at Maki. “No, that was the longest one I was able to find. We just need to get it closer to her, but if we walk out onto the moss we get st-““Don’t worry Kaede, I’m coming!” Tenko cried as she grabbed the branch from Miu’s hands and ran towards the pit’s edge. “Tenko don’t!!!” They all cried in unison but she didn’t listen, the aikido master was so focused on saving her friend that she completely ignored her own safety. As soon as she crossed the edge her right foot broke through the moss and sank into the mud up to her ankle and lower leg. The girl leaned slightly forward and windmilled her other arm to keep herself balanced, but was hard to do since she was holding the branch in her right hand. She could feel her right foot sink deeper into the bog, in a surge of panic she jerked and pumped her leg to wretch it free from its clutches, but the sticky clay mud wrapped and stretched up as it clung tightly to her shoe and foot. “Tenko, stop moving!” Kaede said.“I-I can’t move my foot! I can’t get it out!” Tenko said as she tugged at her right leg with her free hand, a small outline of her foot rose slightly from the slime but immediately disappeared when it was yanked back down. She refused to give up as she pumped and twisted her leg within the slurry as more of it stretched and clung to her ankle and foot. She gritted her teeth and continued pulling at her leg.Tsumugi and Himiko ran over to Tenko and grabbed her left hand, they began to pull the girl out of the sticky mud. The thick, heavy, clay clings and stretches as the girls tried to pull her to safety. Himiko chanted an incantation for a strength spell as she and Tsumugi strained their muscles to get her free. After 15 minutes of utter tedium, Tenko’s foot cane loose and she was thrusted forward, landing in the magician and cosplayer duo. “T-thanks guys” the aikido master said in relief as she hugged them both. “Too bad about your shoe,” Maki said as she pointed down. Tenko looked to the ground and saw that her left socked foot was soiled in thick dark brown slime and her sandal was missing, she looked ahead and saw it partially sticking out of the mud, only for it to quickly sink with a plethora of thick bubbles.“Okay new rule, don’t walk on the grass!” Miu yelled. Kaede saw the mud reaching her upper chest and nearing her breasts, she wiggled slightly in the muck but could feel herself inch deeper. “Uh guys?... Still sinking over here” she called as she continued to shrink. “Neyh… What do we do now, she can’t grab the branch, and if we try to get it closer to her we’ll end up stuck in the mud too” Whined Himiko, Tenko gently patted her head and reassured her that everything was gonna be fine. Maki looked around to see if she could find something else to use until she looked at the belt around Tsumugi’s waist, acting quickly she grabbed her and reached for her pants. “M-Maki!? W-what are you doing?!” Tsumugi stuttered, Maki unbuckled her belt and pulled it off causing her pants to fall revealing black lace undergarments with little red bows, the assassin went to the edge of the pit and laid on her chest. “Grab this!” She said as she threw the belt forward at Kaede, who was now slowly up to her breasts. The pianist reached out with her muddy hands but couldn’t reach, Maki retracted the belt and threw it again, this time it landed closer to her and she grabbed it tightly. “Hold on! Try and relax, the more relaxed you are, the more buoyancy your body has to keep you afloat!” Maki instructed. Kaede, now breast-deep, began taking deep breaths trying to calm herself but was fear stricken as her breasts began to sink into the goo. Maki pulled on the belt and began to get her out but the quicksand’s hold on her refused to loosen up, it tightened and increased the suction on her body. Maki pulled as hard as she could, her muscles tensed and surged with energy as she tugged the lifeline. Kaede looked down and saw that her breasts were halfway mired and were still shrinking, she looked up at Maki with fear in her eyes. The assassin knew that she was running out of time, she clutched the belt with both hands and tugged as hard as she could. But as she did, she felt herself inch forward, the sticky mud was not only sucking down Kaede, but it was also pulling her into its clutches. “It's pulling me in!” Maki cried. Himiko and Tenko ran to her aid as they grabbed her legs to prevent her from getting sucked in, with their combined strength they got to work extracting their friend. Deep within the mire Kaede could feel the muck shift and loosen up, soon she could feel her body rise up from the mud, the pianist wiggled her trapped lower half about in the quagmire to loosen it up further relinquishing her waist and thighs. After one more mighty tug she was pulled out and onto solid ground.Kaede laid on her front, breathing heavily and out of breath. There were splotches of mud on her face and hair, and everything from the breast down was a thick dark brown. Even her white backpack got a little brown on it too, her feet were bare and covered in thick coats of dark brown. “T-thanks guys…. I thought…. I was… a goner” Kaede wheezed. Maki smiled while Tenko shot her a thumbs up. “"Hyah-hahahahaha! Did ya have a nice mud bath Kaediot? I’m almost mad at myself for not jumpin in with you when I first found ya!” Miu laughed. The pianist lightly chuckled, ignoring the latter’s comment as she got up and wiped the mud off her face and clothes. “Oh! I hear mud does wonders for the skin Kaede, you should be happy that you didn’t have to pay” Angie smiled with the pianist giving a half assured smile back. Tenko looked up and saw that the sun was setting and suggested that they start heading back, the others were in agreement to that idea, especially Kaede. She was tired and dirty, and the only thing she wanted was a nice warm shower. The others couldn’t argue against that, they all began to leave when Miu felt the pianist grab her arm. “The fuck you want now, cow utters?!” She spat. Kaede raised her arms out and hugged her, which surprised Miu and even caught her off guard. “Thanks” she said, Miu wasn’t sure what to say. She just pouted. “Y-yeah, n-no problem. Now can ya let go of me, I don’t want ya filth on my clothes” Miu said. Kaede went to relinquish her grip but a mischievous smile formed on her face, she hugged Miu again and rested her head on her massive chest. “I would, but I’m super tired. I can’t even move my legs” she said in a child-like voice. “Oh no! I’m not gonna fall for that kiddy voice again! Nuhuh! Not gonna happen!” Miu said firmly as she crossed her arms. “Pwease” Kaede said as she stuck out her lip and gave her the puppy eyes, Miu looked away, refusing to give in. But after five minutes she cracked. “Ugh! Fine, I’ll carry ya back to the creep’s house. But you owe me some new clothes!” Miu roared. Kaede smiled as she raised her hands above her head. “Deal” she said. Miu walked over and picked her up in her arms and carried her bridal style. The others began to make their way back with the blonde duo racing up behind them.Back at Kiyo’s house the guys were all in the living room watching 21 Street, while Kiyo was in the kitchen preparing dinner. The guys heard the front door open and the girls came in. “We’re back” Angie sang as she waved to them. “So, how was the hike?” Kaito asked. “It was great, we even took a couple of pictures,” Maki said. “So Miu, did you wind up in another mud pit, and had to be rescued? It’s okay if you did we won’t laugh, well, except me” Kokichi smiled at the inventor with his hands behind his head. “Fuck off ya little shit! Besides I wasn’t the one playin around in the mud this time! Come on ladies!” Miu called. As on quie Tenko and Kaede came into the room, Kaede was covered from the breast down in dark brown mud, most of it she was able to wipe off before coming in. “Woah! I didn’t know you guys brought back a swamp monster, oh wait nevermind, it’s just Kaede” Kokichi joked only for Tenko to slip off her other Nike sandal and throw it at him, nailing him in the face. “What happened to you?!” Rantaro asked. “I got separated from the others, and when I tried finding my way back to them, I stumbled into a mud bog” Kaede said nervously as she scratched the back of her head. “We tried pulling her out with a tree branch but she couldn’t reach, so Tenko tried getting closer to her” Angie spoke. “Only to end up losing a sandal,” The aikido master said as she wiggled her toes in her dry muddy sock. “Maki had to pull off Tsumugi’s belt in order to pull her out!” Angie finished. “Well at least none of you were hurt” Ryoma said with Gonta nodding his head in agreement. “I suggest you wash up, I don’t want you tracking mud in the house,” Kiyo said. Kaede immediately remembered about the shower and began to make her way upstairs but Shuichi offered to help her up.“I’m glad you're alright, I wouldn’t forgive myself if I wasn’t there to protect you” Shuichi said sadly, Kaede went and hugged him which caught the latter off guard for a moment. “Hey! It was my fault I got separated from the group in the first place, this has nothing to do with you” she said. “I know! But, I worry that if I turn my back for a split second you’ll be gone!” Shuichi said back. Kaede hugged him tighter and gave him a reassured look. “I’m not going nowhere anytime soon, if it means I have to leave the people I love the most'' she said. The detective’s face began to blush and quickly turned away. “T-thank you Kaede” he said softly, the pianist flashed him a warm smile in return. “Now… uh, could you let go of me. I don’t want my clothes getting dirty” Shuichi said, Kaede immediately forgot that she was dirty and got herself off him. “Well if you need me I’ll be in the shower” she said making her way to the bathroom. “I’ll tell Kirumi to send up a fresh pair of clothes for you,” Shuichi said. “Thanks Shuichi” she said before closing the bathroom door leaving the detective to himself.The End.
Mandy and Dan'sPeat bog adventure! - Copy by SandyMandy33
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Do you know where to get quicksand videos? Pornhub used to have a lot but they got deleted
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I got lots of QS-made content if interested.…
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My first take on a Quicksand roleplay story!
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That's a wondeful server where you can. Sink alone or with your friends, hang out with our town part ,just talk in one of our voice channels or if you are daring do a rp in the voice channels. What are you waiting for? Just join.
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what is up with you people liking girls being sunk into quicksand? you wouldn't find that hot and sexy in real life would ya?
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I don't see it as that simple.  Sure, there are those who "jack-off" to QS videos and images.  But others may have rescuer's mentality.

Others may have deep seeded symbolic connections to videos, images, or even written stories.  For example, QS is life.  There are things in life that are unknown, hidden, and lethal that are incapable of thought but can kill you nonetheless.  Once in one of these life traps, you will not be able to get out without the assistance of others.  Many see their own life symbolized in the interest.

I also see it as a hybread of several "fetishes" such as bondage and others depending on the person interested.

Also, "you wouldn't find that hot and sexy in real life".  I assume that you have heard of roll playing.  So yes, a vast majority seek out the stuff in real life and in groups.  Some have created their own pits and have secret locations.

It is usually far more complicated to the person involved than just cute chicks in mud.
MattTheBat7 Featured By Owner 6 days ago
you people always have to turn something into a fetish don't you?
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