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Lady Nym

The eloquent and deadly Nymeria Sand. For Fantasy Flight Games' "A Game of Thrones" Living Card Game. Based on the works of George R.R. Martin.

(As per usual, don't use this for profit! It belongs to FFG, and if you do display it elsewhere, please don't crop off the URL. Thankyaverymuch.)

Now available in a print!
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what a beautiful portrait
Other than Dacy, probably my favorite GOT peice you did. Wonderful details, and amazing colors! Thanks for sharing this with all of us!
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This is staggeringly beautiful. I love the colour, texture, and how realistic and beautiful she looks.
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Wow! Who's the model?
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She's kinda made-up. I pulled a pose from one ref but the girl was a sunny, California blonde which is clearly not Lady Nym! I looked at pictures of beautiful Indian women and just tried to smash the look together. And there you have it!
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Absolutely gorgeous. Just... Beautiful.
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Wow. That's just as I imagined her. Beautiful.
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Oh she's literaly deadly ^^ I love looking on the face my opponents when she and rest of Red Viper's bastards are put in game ^^
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I just bought both volumes of the ASOIAF art book, and I saw your Nymeria in there. I wanted to take a picture, but the colors kept messing up due to the lighting here. Then I recognized your name as the same person who drew my favorite Rhaegar, and so I came to DA. In looking through your gallery, I realized that not only are you responsible for my favorite Rhaegar and Daenerys, but also that really good Lady Mormont picture in the same art book. Wow!

I think that settles it. You are officially my favorite ASOIAF artist. I can't decide which of those four is my favorite. Character-wise, it's a battle between Rhaegar and Daenerys. I think I like Rhaegar overall as a character and you made him incredibly dashing and handsome, but then I like Daenerys's crown and I especially like how strong her eyes come through. I love those purple eyes. But then Nymeria here is just so gorgeous. She looks very Mediterranean, and as a classicist, that's a look I quite like.
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Nymeria.. Oh how I love you. The second I read her in the book I went nuts for her.

She's my favorite character and I love this. It's perfect and gorgeous and just how I imagined her in my mind.
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I love the skin tones, Cris!
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This is unbelievably stunning... every time i see it I just can't get over how gorgeous it is.
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I love her face, so angular and long.
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so beautiful! just like I imagine Lady Nym, her hair and eyes are fantastic !
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Oh such a woman! Hot and deadly.
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