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One of my favorite pieces for Fantasy Flight Games, "A Game of Thrones" Living Card Game. She was a tough character to depict, but I think I caught her. For more info, check out

Available as a print, PS7, please don't steal for commercial purposes, your avatar somewhere hinky, or neglect to show me a little lurv in the form of credit or a link-back. Thanks, dolls. :blowkiss:
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I 'm just loving the details in this pic. The shinyness and texture of Brienne's armor in particular is very realistic as far as real life armor.

Her face is pretty good, though I though it would be a bit more manly (she has a man's lantern jaw, a low forehead ridge, and male body hair in the books) and her hair would be longer (she's constantly tying it up in the books).

I can't really say much on her physique due to the armor, but I will say that her neck should be much thicker (and visibly muscular). In Harrenhal, we see that she has a barrel chest and shoulders, and a swole bull's neck like a man (NOT a female bodybuilder--a man), as well as an exceptionally large and strong man's body structure and larger proportions (bigger, more muscular hands and feet, longer limbs, wider, heavier shoulders). GRRM himself stated that she can "fight against the likes of a Clegane" while in the books she hurls "a boulder the size of a cow" onto a river galley to sink the ship (it splits the vessel in two). That's top-level male World's Strongest Man-level strength (and physique) there!
I think what I like best about this is her eyes. She was described as having blue eyes that shone with confidence, and you captured that wonderfully here. 
She may not be a pretty princess, but she can kick ass with the best. 
I love this picture!  The shape of her face and the expression are so very Brienne.  You keep her looking very "masculine", but with the expression of a dreamer and an idealist.

Since you say don't steal to use anywhere hinky:  would it be okay if I used it as an icon in an RPG where I may be RP-ing as Brienne?  I'd credit you and link back to your DeviantArt page, of course, and the RP would have no explicit sex or violence or anything else hinky. 
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Sure, I don't see why not! Just don't make a profit, and remember, the image ultimately belongs to me and Fantasy Flight Games. Enjoy!
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yup, this IS Brienne

Although I love love love Gwendoline
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Absolutely stunning!
This is the best Brienne I've seen. 
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Masterpiece! Love it.
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This is pretty much how I imagined she would look like. I love the expression on her face, you did a wonderful job with that! :) It shows her character in a very unique way.
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just as how i imagined her while reading the book
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The eyes are the best. Just as Jaime described them and she looks freakish big and freakish strong this "Maid of Tarth". Well done.
I saw this picture on the web some time ago and was struck by it. This is EXACTLY how I pictured Brienne of Tarth. Well done!
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Brienne has been a favorite of mine (next to Dany and Tyrion) for a long, long time. I could never get a clear picture of her in my head, but now I do! Thank you :D
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Finally, a Brienne whose big and brawney, but still obviously female. She's as ugly as she's supposed to be and yet strangely cute in an i'll-break-your-spine sort of way. loves it.
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I really love this. You captured her character perfectly; in the series, she looked almost presentable had they put a dress and longer hair on her. Your rendering is very spot on to what I had imagined in my mind while reading. Great job! Very well done!
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This is perfect!
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Ooh. I'm in the middle of reading the third book and only on season 1 of the show, and I've had trouble coming up with a good mental image of Brienne. You've nailed it for me. :D Gorgeous work, you're very talented. :)
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One of my favorite characters and you have really done her justice :)
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wow, it's great!
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Having seen the show before reading the book, it was tough to get the actress out of my head (not complaining, she did a great job), but you've really emphasized how she is a woman doing a man's job by making her looks a little more masculine. Kudos!
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