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One of my favorite pieces for Fantasy Flight Games, "A Game of Thrones" Living Card Game. She was a tough character to depict, but I think I caught her. For more info, check out

Available as a print, PS7, please don't steal for commercial purposes, your avatar somewhere hinky, or neglect to show me a little lurv in the form of credit or a link-back. Thanks, dolls. :blowkiss:
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I 'm just loving the details in this pic. The shinyness and texture of Brienne's armor in particular is very realistic as far as real life armor.

Her face is pretty good, though I though it would be a bit more manly (she has a man's lantern jaw, a low forehead ridge, and male body hair in the books) and her hair would be longer (she's constantly tying it up in the books).

I can't really say much on her physique due to the armor, but I will say that her neck should be much thicker (and visibly muscular). In Harrenhal, we see that she has a barrel chest and shoulders, and a swole bull's neck like a man (NOT a female bodybuilder--a man), as well as an exceptionally large and strong man's body structure and larger proportions (bigger, more muscular hands and feet, longer limbs, wider, heavier shoulders). GRRM himself stated that she can "fight against the likes of a Clegane" while in the books she hurls "a boulder the size of a cow" onto a river galley to sink the ship (it splits the vessel in two). That's top-level male World's Strongest Man-level strength (and physique) there!