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Zandrill ( OC ).

Name: Zandrill.
Born: Black Hole.
Specialize: Philosophy, hand to hand combat, flight, intelligence, and power abilities.

Zandrill is the first alien member of the organization Antics and is part of the Black Hole alien species.
He is a charismatic and delusional man, believing what he’s doing is considered right and always right, without thinking of the consequences.
In his younger past, Zandrill has been intrigued by humans from hearing myth and stories.
When grown older and able to be sent out to travel, he married and support a child named Onyx.
Although it is common for a family to bare a child, the Black Hole families do not, as though having no culture, their belief is that most will only stick around if necessary or do not out of no interest.
In this case, Zandrill left his family to pursue his own life, founding humanity among the stars, and his most interest is Earth.
Beforehand, he had conquered and enslaved a planet. Instead of worship, he wanted to do an experiment, forcing his own slave to do what they are motivated to do and wanted to do in their own goal.
This would result in failure, which concluded him destroying his own planet out of a fit of rage.
When arriving on Earth around the year 1858, he took many jobs such as a miner, teacher, trader, and an overseer. He pretended to be a normal American citizen among the country, blending it and learning a bit more from his observation.
During his stay, he learned hatred among his peers. He learns how hatred are usually use as some sort of tool. A tool to either expressed stress or happiness.
In this case, he was disgusted by what he saw. He seen the vile and corruption had done to this planet, and to him he wanted to see Earth humanity reach it potential. That was his dream, a motive, and a goal. Ever since he heard and finally arrive here, he felt an urge to do something, believing he could help the people of Earth to be given a chance to be more advanced as he is,  more capable of doing something of value.
To do this, he would wipe out anyone he deem “wasteful” to humanity. Ones he felt are dragging humanity down from grace, potential, and value. He would do everything in his path to save Earth Humanity no matter if his actions are uncall for, brutal, cruel, harsh, or vile.
He believes himself as a rightful man, a hero and influence among them, but to some they view him as delusional.
This resulted in him joining the organization Antics, and having great plans of ruling a new future for Earth himself.    
Zandrill possesses the same power as the rest of the Black Hole species, although he does have one unique ability.  
He called it the rain, a type of ability where he shoots out the black hole rains down onto his victims, where they would endure a slow and consuming death by the drills of every particle, resembling the droplets of rain.
He does have weakness, as his charisma and overconfidence could lead to him to be easily defeated.    
Another thing to note, he would not harm a child. To him, he views children as important for generations, and it is one of which he cannot break his own rule from.

“My intention is the sake of humanity, a sake for everyone! A sake for the future! Don’t you understand! Every fool who defies me are traitors themselves, traitors that don't know the true value of their own sake or potential! That’s why I’m here,  to rid the ones who drag them down. To leave waste on those who I deem not necessary to live because of their foolish, minded ways! I don’t want chaos, I want a dream. A dream I can see humanity going down a path of greatness, a dream you and I will hopefully see. You must understand, I’m doing this as good for Earth, and its inhabitants, not for my selfish reasons. Despite everything I have been through and witnessed, I will always try to save humanity's potential, even if it means ridding every scum who gets in my way”- Zandrill to Onyx. 

This His is the final design for Zandrill, who will make an appearance in my fanfics. 
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