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Eager Hostile ( OC ).

Name: Eager Hostile.
Born: Earth.
Specialize: Intelligence.

Eager Hostile is the leader of a terrorist organization, ANTICS! And is the soul idealism placed under his rule.  He is ruthless, vicious, and cruel.
Born in America 1808, Hostile has always been interested in architecture. At a young age, he’s always fascinated about the ants, and it is built by simply shaping like a pyramid.
His goal was to advance the country's cities by having his architecture inspire and be known to the public, a bright future for America.
Unfortunately, his request was denied by the investor and even straight up was mock for the idea. Even worst, his works were burn by the politicians that he came to them, out of pure fun and joy,
Despite his dream being crush, he continue onward to live in his own good life by having a wife and two children’s to raise. This would result in another terrible incident, in which during a slave revolution, his wife was among those who were slaughtered.
Later on, his two children were killed during a carriage accident.
This scar broke him dearly, and it was that last moment when seeing his two children being buried in a graveyard that he suddenly cracked.
He began to have a vengeance look toward the world, a hatred of everyone around him. The rich and the poor. The workers and the boss. The first and third class. The slaves and slaves masters. The citizens and leaders. EVERYONE. All those who he deem are awful and deserve justice.
He created the organization out of spite, anger, and to inspire his own idealism to the world.
He wanted to rid everything that caused him and those around him with similar motives that ruin him. He wanted them to be eradicated and forgotten. A idea of being forgotten is something he view as a better punishment, far from torture or death.
To do this, he gained more and more supporters on his side, wanting to create a new society with one idea.
He gains alliances, allowing access to industrialism, weaponry, and secret documents for him to take.  
One of the more interesting traits about him is his ability to transform into a mechanical, giant ant that he has full control of. It is unknown where he got it, but it is said to those who are closest to him that a witch came and stabbed him on the eye, causing him to gain the ability.
The monocle he always wears, if cracked, will allow him to be transformed into the monster. To revert back, it has a time limit, only remaining in the form for about 24 hours, or if powerful enough, he could tame it down for his own will.
This seems to also give him immortality as well.
Despite his frustration and hatred against the world, he still love art. In fact, he still holds his interest over his own architecture designs, even wishing to replace the cities with his own. He despises how filthy, wasteful, and awful the city has advanced to, and wanting a cleaner and pure one from his own.
Despite him gaining more supporters and becoming more of a threat throughout time, his plans were always foiled by those opposed to him.
Even those who are against him, he is determined to make the world in his own eye, a better home.  

“Let me tell you this. I do what I want, I do what is necessary for this world to understand. I do what my ideas told me to do, understood? I have enough with the scums that hid behind their pity and sadness, without showing their true colors, their true monstrous nature. At least I’m honest about my intention, but to everyone they do not confuse, they denied it! They denied what they did! They denied their action! They denied EVERYTHING! MY IDEAS! MY WIFE! MY CHILDREN’S! ALL GONE BECAUSE OF THEIR VERMON, CURSE, SELFISH, FOOLISH, CORRUPT MINDSET THAT COVER THEMSELVES WITH THE FAKE INNOCENT OF THEIR FACES! *pant* *pant* *pant* *pant* but that is why I created this organization. To bring sense to this world that doesn’t deserve its name. A sense of truth, if I can say”- Eager Hostile.

This is a OC  I created. He may appear in one of my fanfics, probably in the Spectacular Blaineley show. 
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