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Doomslash ( OC ).

Name: Doomslash

Doomslash is the member of the Black Hole mercenaries.
He is considered the strongest member of the group, as he prefers to use his real muscle, rather than his black hole power as he felt more comfortable and believed using fake muscle wouldn’t make a person powerful.  
His belief came from his early days as a wrestler.
Before he became part of the group, he spent his entire century as one of the most ruthless and dangerous wrestlers in the whole galaxy.
He would take on anyone he encountered, and everytime he wrestled he would leave scars behind.
He would train for three month with no rest. He would use less of his power and more of his skills.
One unique fact about him is that he speaks entirely in Spanish.  
The reason behind this is due to his love for Mexico. In fact, it is said he ruled fifteen parallel versions of Mexico, and each time he ruled he would perform his live wrestling to his people, praising his might and power.
Although he doesn’t use his power, he does pose with his signature weapon. A black hat he uses to slice anyone in half with, only if his enemies want so or not.

“My weapon is nothing to me. Only my strength matters most, and my grateful love for my country too as well”- Doomslash, translated from his language.
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