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Count Suffer ( OC ).

This is a finish artwork of Count Suffer. 

Name: Count Suffer.
Birth universe and date: Unknown.
Specialize: Hand to hand combat, weaponry, saboteur, stealth, and engineering.

Count Suffer is a well known mercenary across dozens of universes. He uses every type of weaponry such as lasers, bombs, gas, electric shock, swords, gun powder, and many more. He is very stealthy, has a vast knowledge of hand to hand combat, and is very skilled with the art of rife.
Once a teacher, he has devoted his life to be a noble and aristocratic mercenary, taking any job or bounty for his own gain. His robotic son, Neo always accompanied him, and would always be helpful in his dire needs. Like him and his robotic son, they both custom themselves with a jetpack, allowing them to fly and protect themselves from any harsh environment, which also came with missiles attached on it ( Four of them, exactly ).
He is also very honorable, allowing his victim to take up a request and promising it with any request, as the job has been completed for any of his clients.  He would also usually taunt his victim, and if he failed he allowed his son to take over the job.
It is said that the reason behind his robot son was due to the death of his own supposed adopted son, who died under the hand of his own wife. This resulted in him killing the very wife he used to love, and built this robot as a way to gain what he lost. Unfortunately, he would not see it as a way to fix his loss.
He owns a ship called the Collided. A show that could hold about forty men and women, custom to any creatures, has two bedrooms, powered by atomic, electric engineering, and has two torrents.  
He does have a few weaknesses. His ego can get a hold of him, and any harm stricken on his supposed robot son, resulted in him backing down and come to his aid.

“Neo, oh I wish you hadn't died. My care for you has always been with you, ever since I adopted you. If I hadn’t been off teaching to the generation of the future, I would’ve saved you from that curse of my wife I foolishly  loved. But now that I have no one, you are the only one I could keep you alive. The only way to see my works and care for them. Now, I’m alone, and I will stop anyone from harming you again, even to the point of killing myself if I ever reach the very thing I swore to do”- By Count Suffer, finishing off building his son.
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