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Condeir ( OC ).

Name: Condeir.

Condeir is the member of the Black Hole Mercenaries. He is considered the brutalist and disturbing of the group, as he has a high obsession with his own disc.
These discs were made by him. He created it from his ability, as he can control the disc, but also capture sound.
Sounds he used to haunt many enemies that hear it before their heads are sliced off.
He was born like many Black Holes, alone and on his own.
His early life was a typical mercenary, doing work from many of the higher ups and never questioning his own actions.
His obsession came from his own birth, as while he was alone he began to socialize more with his disc than anyone else.
His disc became family to him. He would usually play with it, talk with it, or even have tea time with it.  
Despite his obsession, he became one of the most violent black holes to many who encountered him.
His vicious tendencies come from the fact he lives in a violent world, where no one is innocent and the only way to survive is by killing.
This would explain his appearance and his overall kill rate, which estimated 490,000,000,0000 kills.

“Nobody touches my disc and get away with it. Nobody! Otherwise, you’ll have to give my precious disc an apology. If you survive”- Condeir.
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