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Blood Eye Ver, 2 ( OC )

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Name: Blood Eye.
Born: Unknown.
Specialize: Stealth, brutal combat, acrobatic, hand to hand combat, brutal weaponry, and saboteur.

Born from a unknown origin, it is believe that she was a alien, crash landed onto Earth around 1844.
During her time there, she has no idea who she is and where she comes from. Believing to be one of the creatures on Earth, she began to be raise by foxes, bears, and many forest animals around her.
She mostly fed what she saw from the animals she met, like meats and berry. However, she seem to prefer the latter, as seeing a dead animal trigger a bleed from her eye and some flashes memories that she had never owned. A memory of the once deceased bodies.  
Her first encounter with humanity started when she brutally killed two slave catchers, after seeing them chasing down and harming an innocent man. Having no idea who these men were, she took their cloth and buried them, making them into something she’s comfortable. This was the first instant of her discovering her ability,
Her second encounter was a older, Native American hunter. She was adopted and raised by him, taught about the language of English, the culture, and further more about humanity and life.
Around possibly her teenage age ( As her lifespan age seem to be unknown ) she had witness her adopted father murder by some man. A man she desire revenge and have never forget.  
Carving a sword to resemble a feather, she took off in search for the man who murder the father she was once raise by.
Soon, it was discover the man belong to a secret organization known as the Antics. A organization determine to rule under a one idealism.
As such, her goal is to take down the organization and avenge the many friends she encounter and harm under the hand by those group.
She has been very acrobatic, stealth, and brutal in nature. She can jump from long distance, hid behind any darkness, and has strength very aggressive to a fox or wolf.
She is very pale looking, has white hair, and mostly spoke in a calm, exclusive, and shy tone despite her aggressive behavior and tactics. However, her most interesting features are her eyes, as they usually bleed whenever she anyone. This would result in her feeling some sort of pain, something she try to courage up and let it pass.
It is state whenever her eyes bleed, it triggers a memory and feelings from her victim, as some sort of useful power or a curse.
Her main weapon of choice is a feather like knife, as the reason for it to resemble of that is due to her being raise first by Birds.
She does have flaws, though. Her weakness are her not thinking straight and jumping into battle, making her sometime naive in situation.
Another is a fear of sound, especially loud sounds involving a ringing of some sort, causing her to panic and be weak against it.
She is capable of resisting any pain, despite it being severe to her.  
Her personality wise is exclusive, shame, regret, and cynical. Due to her almost raspy voice, she would usually be layback or non-aggressive. When she does, she would frequently taunt or not take anything serious to cover the regrets in her. A regret involving anything she killed or witness.  

Everytime I kill, I keep feeling the pain and memories of my kills, all the screaming, agony, and loss. Do you really think I like doing this? Chopping, ripping, biting, stabbing, breaking, slitting, and choking anyone for self offense itself? No, it is a curse. No matter how useful it can be, it is always a suffering in my mind to relieve their lives, their once lovable lives until they, fate, or I destroy it”- Blood eye, said to a unknown interviewer.

This is the final art art and re-design of my older OC.
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