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Harlequin's Hex 2 reference



Grav/Fire Dominator on Victory
No one knows the real name of the Harlequin's Hex. She was a talented circus performer known only as the Harlequin, gifted with incredible balance that allowed her to perform complicated routines on both the highwire and the trapeze without difficulty. In her time among the circus folk she also learned to manipulate fire - juggling torches, swallowing flames, and breathing fire. Until the cheapskate who owned her circus found a new way to make money. He sold the Harlequin's contract to Crey, where she became the subject of endless terrible experiments. The scientists focused on enhancing her natural abilites, giving her uncanny control over both gravity and fire. When the brutal treatment finally drove her mad, they locked her up and forgot she ever existed. No one is sure exactly how she managed to escape, only that she re-entered the world twisted and full of spite. True to her new nature, she called herself the Harlequin's Hex, and vowed to bring the same pain to the world that was forced upon her.
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