Coming out the shell

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It's amazing that something can make you hide yourself from the world, i'm sure no one really cares so i wont go into the details but my life has been rocky for the last year or so.  I was always loud, brash, opinionated, and more than a little arrogant, I suppose the past years events have been the cosmos' way of taking me down a peg or two.  I've watched alot of you for a long time in admiration at how you all have the ability to find art, and magic in everyday life.  I think it's quite time that i find my voice again and tell this world FUCK YOU!  I intend to start finally sharing what i find beautiful in this world with any of you who would be interested.  I ask that as i do this everyone give me room to grow and offer their opinions on what i could do differently ( ie a little help so i dont suck =) )When all of the beauty has been stripped from your world it's hard to fill it up again but i'm going to try.  Thanks for listening errr.. reading my rant
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when i was younger, one of my teachers said "you're such a talented writer, but why can't you write pretty things?"

i told her - "if i was meant to write pretty things, i would have been born into a brady bunch world"

thus, i believe, art is our way of telling our story, all of it, the good and bad. it's always served as a way to alleviate my boredom, and when i quit getting high altogether, it served as my escape. i may not be the best artist out there....but i keep doing it, for me.
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I know that feeling and i also know i can get used to being in it and i know that at that point i am compromising.Because what is okay? Me being lost? Me being away from myself? Me not recognizing myself? There can be no compromises ,because our potential to be happy i every day 100% and hey you know that and i know that , oh well yes it takes a little effort ha ha but at the end of the day guess what ..... ha ha ha i like you journal Sam i anticipate more of your work.
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My life is not as beautiful roses either.It`s as dead weeds standing upon a dry dusty desolate place...But my work keeps me going.The only happiness I get is through my art work...Some way some how WE WILL MAKE IT...
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you should read the description to my sticks and stones photo in my gallery - it is 100% about this :hug:
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i made that journal post quite some time ago but i find that it's still holding true in my life, I watch others in envy at times. I was labeled a few less than pleasant things in my life and i eventually stopped worrying about what others think but now i think of myself in those same ways. Oh well such are our lives i guess. Thanks for letting me know that other people feel the same way. and by the way i love your gallery you're very talented and i look foward to seeing what the future holds.
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i think once you can "own" your bad labels, you can then set yourself free from them - no one can hang them over you anymore once you own them, forgive yourself if necessary and allow yourself to grow - move on :heart:
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Thankx for the watch. Switch to "Heyday" and you'll find that things make much more sense. Starfish is so dark.

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Hi, I saw you added me to your devwatch, thanks :) So I came on over to check out your page and read your journal & I can't even begin to tell you how much I can relate to this. In my eyes, art is the best release so get on it!! :)
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That is what we are here for it not?
cant wait to see some of your work
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I know how u feel thats life for me
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I can relate to all of this.

As a photographer, I tend to look at my goal as sharing what I happen to perceive as beautiful with the world. I think this is a very healthy way for you to implement some healing in your life.

Look forward to seeing your work.
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:( I'm sorry to hear that! I would love to see what you have to offer DA! Don't let the man get you down. :)
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