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FoE: Brotherhoof of Steel Ch 02
Chapter 2: An unwelcomed addition
"A ground pounder with wings? This is something I gotta see."
"Uh sirs, why is the Enclave here?" I asked High Elder Kindheart.
The pegasus glared at me, "Hey! I'm standing right here. Plus I'm not with the Enclave anymore."
Her reply made me raise an eyebrow, "Really? 'cause judging from the fact you still have your Cutie Mark, I know you're not a Dashite. So if you aren't a Dashite you must be Enclave." Her face reddened, though I was unsure if it was due to anger or embarrassment at me staring at the image of a crystal that adorned her flank.
"Whoa there y'all," Star Paladin McIntosh raised a hoof in front of the angry mare, "this ain't no way for squad mates to act."
Wait, what did he say? I found myself looking at McIntosh, before gazing over at Kindheart, looking to confirm McIntosh's comment.
The elderly stallion smiled, "What McIntosh stated is correct. Scribe Hotwire, Scribe P
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Jury Rig by Quick-Study Jury Rig :iconquick-study:Quick-Study 17 4 Prism by Quick-Study Prism :iconquick-study:Quick-Study 5 0 Penicillin by Quick-Study Penicillin :iconquick-study:Quick-Study 4 0 Ember Pie by Quick-Study Ember Pie :iconquick-study:Quick-Study 5 0 Hotwire by Quick-Study Hotwire :iconquick-study:Quick-Study 5 0
FoE: Brotherhoof of Steel Ch01
Chapter 1: Nightmare
"It's time to rest your sleepy head."
Bodies were scattered across the dark muddy wasteland, lit only by the occasional flash of lightning from the thunderstorm roaring above.
I made my way through the blood and rain soaked muck. After Luna knows how long of walk, I saw what looked like a end to this graveyard.
I heard the loud crack of thunder behind me. It took me a second to notice the absence of the lighting flash. I looked behind me, and in the distance I spotted......him, a sniper rifle floated beside him in a soft glow.
I ran.
My hooves slipped a bit before they finally got a hoofhold, and I galloped as fast as I could through the mud covered corpses. I dared not look back, praying to Celestia that he didn't see me.
One of my hooves clipped something and sent me sprawling into one of the piles of bodies. I tried to get up, but I found myself trapped. The pile must have shifted upon impact. I twisted and turned trying to escape , but the sound of a rifle bolt
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FoE: Brotherhoof of Steel
Fallout Equestria: Brotherhoof of Steel Prologue
Steel Rangers
They've been called the defenders of the weak, seekers of lost knowledge, scourge of the wastes, Stable killers, soulless robo-ponies, the ponies in the tin cans, those scary mean ponies with the big guns.
Travel the wastelands of Equestria and ask anypony who are the Steel Rangers and each of
them will give you a different answer. A few see the Rangers as knights in shining armor
that will save the Wasteland and bring Equestria back to her former glory. Most view them as death on hooves that would kill their own mother for a piece of lost tech. Of course some of these opinion are made by ponies who have never actually meet a Steel Ranger in their life, so before we continue let me give you a little insight into the Steel Rangers.
The Steel Rangers were formed during the time of the great war between Equestria and the
Zebra armies of Cesar. The project itself was originally a one of a kind armor concept
commissioned by the
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Music Theory with Octavia: Cadences by ReakkorShrike Music Theory with Octavia: Cadences :iconreakkorshrike:ReakkorShrike 1,289 441 Felicita by InuHoshi-to-DarkPen Felicita :iconinuhoshi-to-darkpen:InuHoshi-to-DarkPen 2,603 169 ponycraft2 by Wylfden ponycraft2 :iconwylfden:Wylfden 3,168 785 On My Way to Las Pegasus by Sonic-chaos On My Way to Las Pegasus :iconsonic-chaos:Sonic-chaos 167 50 Shock and Awe 1 by Stholm Shock and Awe 1 :iconstholm:Stholm 52 7 Shock and Awe 2 by Stholm Shock and Awe 2 :iconstholm:Stholm 18 1 Fallout Equestria: 'Eye of the Storm' by Stholm Fallout Equestria: 'Eye of the Storm' :iconstholm:Stholm 32 5 Fallout Equestria: Thunderhead-class Platform by Stholm Fallout Equestria: Thunderhead-class Platform :iconstholm:Stholm 41 18 Fallout Equestria: Raptor-class Dragonslayer by Stholm Fallout Equestria: Raptor-class Dragonslayer :iconstholm:Stholm 38 9 Lightbringer by 3Maxa Lightbringer :icon3maxa:3Maxa 471 164 Wasteland Saviors by MisterMech Wasteland Saviors :iconmistermech:MisterMech 275 71 Twilight Sparkle and Starcraft Ghost Unit Portrait by Yudhaikeledai Twilight Sparkle and Starcraft Ghost Unit Portrait :iconyudhaikeledai:Yudhaikeledai 2,674 681 Rarity and Starcraft Battlecruiser Unit Portrait by Yudhaikeledai Rarity and Starcraft Battlecruiser Unit Portrait :iconyudhaikeledai:Yudhaikeledai 2,054 365 Pinkie Pie and Starcraft Thor Unit Portrait by Yudhaikeledai Pinkie Pie and Starcraft Thor Unit Portrait :iconyudhaikeledai:Yudhaikeledai 2,497 562 Project Horizons Cover by Sw1tchbl4de Project Horizons Cover :iconsw1tchbl4de:Sw1tchbl4de 488 75 New Beginnings Cover by Sw1tchbl4de New Beginnings Cover :iconsw1tchbl4de:Sw1tchbl4de 147 53


Ok, because of work, school, and other reasons I'm unable to focus on writing Brotherhoof of Steel, so I'm currently shelving the story. But I'm not going to disappear from DA. I'm currently taking classes for game design and if I create anything cool, I'll post it here. Also while Brotherhoof of Steel is on hold, I will be spending some time on a original MLP:FiM story I've been dabbling with, because I'll have a bit more freedom with this story, than trying to stay within the confines of the universe that Kkat created.

So until next time, later.

P.S. A special thanks to Luckyleaf,…, for the creation of my cutie mark. I am blank flank no longer.


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When is Fallout Equestria game coming out?
rainbowdash42 Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2012
can wait to be in the story :D
crashman101 Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
I really enjoy your story so far. have to say ive never read any fallout ficts purely based on a start in the steel rangers
Quick-Study Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2011
Thanks, and yea I've always thought that the Brotherhood of Steel/Steel Rangers, for such a important player they are in the Fallout Universe, are very underrepresented.

In all four Fallout games, I've always sided with them. Heck on my first playthrough on New Vegas I stopped siding with the NCR when they were forcing me to destroy the Hidden Vally Bunker during For the Republic, Part 2.
crashman101 Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
Have to say i did close to the same thing :D also i just finished going over chapter two i had to read everything else before i could grasp the story's direction
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