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Burning Water Screen 01

Making of Burning Water
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this is simply amazing and very inspiring!!!
123zion456's avatar
its is so colorful and ..................... amazing.. i can understand how u achieved this. honestly
OriginStory's avatar
:rofl: this is crazy! I don't have the patience for making so many layers!
Quiccs's avatar
thanks :) well i did not do it in one sitting :D just a litte bit everyday until it got finished :)
liznc's avatar
YOU ARE GREAT!!!! I wanna be able to do that one day
Quiccs's avatar
thank you very much! :D I hope you do!
liquido-design's avatar
at least 113 layers from what i can see here.... you surely had a lot of patience. I don't care if pixels can be seen at a zoom the colours and concept are outstanding. It would have been nice to have recorded how you did this (at least a few layers not all of them :) )
Kisarune's avatar
this is a vexel, not a vector. still beautiful though.
Quiccs's avatar
thank you :) form what i remember it immediately becomes a vexel once you put brush strokes in it or anything else besides vector shapes, which in this case doesnt apply :) This was done in PS which is a raster program yes, but everything you see in this image is formed by vector shapes, absolutely nothing flattened/rasterized. And i mean everything :D
Kisarune's avatar
i dunno, PS is a raster program, and even if it`s vexel shapes, if you zoom, at one point you will have pixels (at least that`s what they taught us in my graphic design program).
just being picky i guess XD
gfxMaven's avatar
Photoshop has vector tools (although they aren't as fully features as Illustrators) and as long as you don't rasterize the path-layers, you get real vectors. The thing with shape layers is a hybrid: the entire layer is filled with pixels and a vector clipping path is used to define the shape...this way you can get pixel-smooth gradients with sharp vector outlines that don't pixelate. Either way, the method he used here was not vexels.
SopranoDancer's avatar
WOW that's intense!
F1yMordecai's avatar
ahh i see..I usually use Illustrator for Vector work...I can see the advantage of using Photoshop though for blending layers.
Otakuprincess's avatar
Craaazy amount of layers. What's the color box with the slider to the right of the layer name? I've never seen that in PS before ^^;;
Shinae93's avatar
surely a LOT of work, but I think its worth it... well, I dont have to make it myself, only thing I have to do is enjoy, and thats what I really do^^
Unr3ality's avatar
Wow so is this hard to do?
goa103's avatar
Great work but what a waste of time ! If you don't like how Illustrator handles blending, my advice is to switch to Inkscape ! Using so many layers and Photoshop to draw vectors is just the wrong way, but the result is quite good.

Reasons not to use bitmap editing tools (PS, The GIMP...) to draw vector images :
* You have to deal with thousands of layers :P
* Shapes have to be flattened, so can't be edited
* The whole drawing process is a nightmare, but is great way to test you patience. 3 days ? I still can't believe it :shocked:
* Bitmaps can't be zoomed in when a vector image don't have a size, I could use your work as a wallpaper but my desktop is too large for it :(
* Good vector-based softwares like Inkscape have everything an artist need, even great blending effects, but you first have to learn how to use them. I think you should give Illustrator an other chance, or try an other software. You probably spent too much time using PS and now you stick with it for the wrong reasons because switching to an other tool seems too painless. Switch ! Trust me, you won't regret it !

Anyway, great work. It's inspiring ! :orange:
Quiccs's avatar
i've heard about inkscape, i should try it sometime :) i use illustrator most of the time, but not for this specific technique :) thanks for the advise i will take note of them :)
xseppex's avatar
whats the difference with inkscape (which ive never heard off)
blasianonna's avatar
that is a lot of layers!
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