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Ultron, robotic nemesis of the Avengers. He started out as a pencil drawing and I experimented in Photoshop with the coloring. No inking this time.
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Ultron was always one of my favorite villains and you captured his/its essence perfectly here.

Absolutely love how the energy's texture and color turned out and all of the light reflecting on his/its adamantium exterior is gorgeous.  Perfect rendition of a perfect villain.
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WOW awesome!!! Nice composition.
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Since Ultron has Antman's brainwaves, does that mean he is just as crazy?
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I love this! I remember reading Secret Wars when I was a kid. Nice job!
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I think Secret Wars was my first intro to Ultron too and if I remember right, didn't he challenge Galactus in the first book and get his head blown off (later to be found by the Thing roaming around Battleworld after everyone else went home).
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Yeah, Galactus put him in his place hehe. Good times, good times...
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Oh, Hell yes. That's awesome.
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Thanks. By the way, I think we need a villain robot for Max to mash.
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