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EASIER Softie Ball Pattern

Oops... this has been on the blog for a while, but I forgot to post it here. Dhurr. :B

An even easier (and perhaps more geometrically correct) method of producing a perfectly round, plush ball.

This pattern (and all the other ones) can be found here: The Shishi Girl

Original softie ball pattern (12 pentagons) is here.
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Thanks for the pattern, just what I'm looking for!
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Awesome tutorial!  Thank you!
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Would there be a way to get this and turn it into a giant oval with a fat bottom? (Trying to make a huge penguin ._.) Thank you for your time. :3
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i wish that this had the exact measurements (so i could make a huge version)
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you really dont need exact measurements. just sketch a pattern that looks a lot like this one, and sew them together. ive never had a problem
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mine came out looking like a watermelon D: I had to sew the ends off two times
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thank you, it is a great help for me! I'm glad and thankful. :)
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which stitch is used? whenever I stitch you can see the thread when turned inside out....
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Lunatic: I used your pattern to make pokeballs! If you want to see them, you can go here: [link]
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Thank you for this tutorial, love your color selection too!
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Thanks for the awesome pattern/tutorial! So helpful! ^_^
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I've used this pattern on a Pokeball [link] Thanxz again :D
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Thanks so sharing this! It's very helpful! =)
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Thank you for the awesome pattern!
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Sorry to be asking a dumb question, but does the "do not sell" relate to the pattern itself, or things made using the pattern?
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What do I do if I want only 4 pieces?
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Uh, you should be able to mathematically redesign the whole pattern with the equation detailed here. Just change the denominator for the number of peels from 6 to 4. The lengeth of each piece will still be half of the circumference of the circle, but the width will change (increase).

Don't forget to add a seam allowance all the way around. :3
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this is a little bit wrong. the outer line should be the sew line, by the calculated ball pieces size. you should've added extra lines for cutting OUTSIDE of that, not put sewing lines inside
quexthemyuu's avatar
The mathematics scale infinitely, so this shouldn't be an issue. Also, felt stretches; you can't count on solid Euclidian numbers when dealing with fabric. If you need a bigger (or smaller) ball, just increase the print size accordingly.
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nope, if you increased the ball diameter, the curve would be a little bit different. you just outlined the ball from the website and added the "sew lines" inside of it randomly.

sure, with fabric it's not very important, as you can stretch it however you want and most likely fit it; but to have the "precise" basic print, this is misleading

and of course that if you need a bigger or smaller ball you should increase the print size accordingly, why must you be stating the obvious.
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Okay, now wait a second. Increasing the ball diameter would not change the curve. What makes you think that would be the case? The curve of a sphere is a simple function of pi. This is why all circles (and by extension, all true spheres) are congruent to one another.

Here is the abbreviated mathematics of this equation.

By the same equation, the division (by real numbers, and in this case 6) of the surface area of an infinitely scalable three-dimensional shape will produce a two-dimensional shape that is also infinitely scalable. The sewing lines are a decrease in scale from the exact outline. They are there for beginners and younger crafters who want to sew but have no experience with adding a seam allowance.

Now, with all of that established, why don't you try the pattern out before you decide that there's something wrong with it? Go ahead and make a ball, then take a photo and post it. Show me where you think it goes wrong.

I notice you have yet to upload anything to DA, but you seem awfully fond of criticizing other people's work. This is not the way to achieve anything good. :iconbawww-plz:
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thanks for the pattern! i used it to make a pokeball.. [link]
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Thank you for your template - I used it to make a giant ova :giggle:
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