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My Bio
Like Beast Wars: Transformers, Megaman, Legacy of Kain, and Vampire Hunter D, Hellsing, and :meow: torture of Gai from One Piece.

I know, evil, but I have that way when I am in a pissed off mood, otherwise, I am a gentle person. Oh and Final Fantasy is the best!!

Faves of the Anime: Nami(OP), Portigas D. Ace(""), Walter(Hellsing), Rock Lee(Naruto), Yachiru(Bleach), Kenpachi(""), Rahab(Legacy of Kain), Axl(Megaman), Chopper(""), Kon("", comic relief), Tails(Sonic), Halibel(""), D(VHD).

Also, I am Australia in this chatroom: chat.deviantart.com/chat/Hetal…; this chatroom: chat.deviantart.com/chat/APHAr…; and Belarus: chat.deviantart.com/chat/Hetal…

Don't diss the Aussie, mates. :iconaussielovesyouplz:

Also, in a fic, I am going to use a team of Nations as characters for a Final Fantasy storyline and the people that I hang out with:

Warrior: Prussia: :iconjerico-haystengs:

Blackbelt: Peru: :iconayama-the-empress:

Red Mage: Australia: :iconquetzalgirl:

and Black Mage: England: :iconpresidentprincesu:


RP family

:iconpresidentprincesu: - Pop

:iconayama-the-empress: - sis

:iconcrazyauna94: - little bro

:iconvampire-yuki: - my love :heart:

:iconjrkio: - a good friend of mine, don't fight with.

:iconrootface: - Damn good Russia and the one who introduced me to Hetalia in the first place, so I thank you!

:iconclairevalintine: - Australia's lover [China] [in :icongermanyhetalia13:'s rp chatroom]

:iconryotax: - bit of a fun Romano to chat with.

:iconshockbox: - true little sis, don't fuck with her. -points my daggers and guns at anyone getting any ideas- Cause I will fight to protect her.

:iconsuper-metal-sonic: - mad Rp partner in crime, don't mess with him or get a face full of poison. -eye twitch-

:iconfireheart1001: - Damn good Hellsing blooper comics artist and friend to talk to.

:iconatani4312: - good friend and mess with him, death will follow.

:iconlucario-chan: - Another partner in crime, this time, for some Soul Eater rp, so don't mess with. ;)

:iconcrazy-vampire123: - My OC's master.

:iconrachidile:- Blu Scout and my OC's nihon for the Team Fortress 2 story, "Scout's Adopted Sister."

:iconblustreak128:- cool friend to chat and rp with.

:iconheavymetalvictorian:- a real good friend

:iconphoenixhelix:- My English bf. :blushes:

:iconryuicefox:- A damn good Sniper.

:icondancing-glass-golem: My little brother from Sweden.

:icongaby89229: My good friend from other part of the world

:iconbugssayian27: - my real life best friend.

:iconartstude3n2: - a good guard and father-figure for me to look up

:iconmace66vw: - Fun ambassador for the rp I am with.

:iconjarret91: - Real sweetheart and lovely stallion.

:iconvictoireclinton: - my closest friend and [secret] love. ^///^

:iconangeloflight4: - My soon-to-be-Daughter-in-Law

:iconcryptic-91: - My Son

Current Residence: Midland, TX, sometimes in Spira or Prehistoric Earth
Print preference: Magnets
Favourite genre of music: Pop, Old School Rock, Soundtracks
Favourite style of art: MS Paint
Operating System: Microsoft 2000 office
Favourite cartoon character: Rattrap(BW), Tex(RvB), Zero(MegamanX), Rhyoko(Tenchi)
Personal Quote: "Ariel remembers where others have forgotten."- Ariel the Balance
My birthday badge

Favourite Visual Artist
Stan Bush
Favourite Movies
Right now, It's the 20th edition of Transformers: The Movie
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Queen, Five for Fighting, Santana, P!nk, everything that is appropriate for me.
Favourite Writers
J.K. Rowling
Favourite Games
Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
Paint, camera, w/e works
Other Interests
Watching YT clips, playing with my cats and games, listening to music, etc.
I don't like the new design of dA since its a headache to look at.
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Steve Cash of the Talking Kitty Cat channel passed away from suicide last Thursday and it's sad. Please talk to those you care about as they might not be around if you decided to end your life. Call for help if you are suffering.
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Check it out https://quetzalgirl27.tumblr.com/post/612859910340968448/soratayuya-enue3-downundersans Tell me this isn't the cutest thing ever
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I hope you've been alright over there lately.

thank you so much

I'm very sorry to bother you like this, but I haven't heard from you in what seems like forever. Are you alright over there? < : (

:love: !!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! :love:

It's December 11th which means it's that time of year again and your special day is here! We hope you have an awesome day with lots of birthday fun, gifts, happiness and most definitely, lots of cake! Here's to another year!

Many well wishes and love from your friendly birthdays team.


Birthdays Team

This greeting was brought to you by @chassb

Thx for the watch (・▽・)