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Pepito and Juan -new style-



Thought it was finally time to give the duo a much needed facelift.

Pepito (left) - The highly intelligent, politically/socially conscious Chicano who is considered "too liberal" by conservatives, and "too soft" by self-proclaimed revolutionaries. Though a progressive reformist at heart who likes to be "the middle guy" in social and political issues, Pepito despises hardcore conservatives as much as he despises Che-shirt wearing teenagers who don't know what they are protesting about.

Juan (right) - While being the more friendly and outgoing one of the duo, Juan isn't really too bright when it comes to more important issues that plague society, and would rather smoke weed than join Pepito in his quest to empower the Latino community. Juan is also flirtatious at heart, as he always seems to find the time to hit on all the pretty girls he comes to contact with (which usually ends up in slaps to the face).

NOTE: Been trying to improve my technique and drawing style, and it's safe to say that I'll be sticking to this new style since I feel that it brings out more personality to my characters (plus it looks WAY nicer as well). Juan's blood-shot eyes are gone now, since he seems to look more normal without them.
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Is there a cartoon of this or something? i have him for mugen I find him hilarious and I want to know more about him