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Eradicator Battleship

The destroyer of worlds.

400m long. Depicting a belly view (top) and a top view (bottom). High res so u can zoom in for some detail. Will upload even higher res when I return to RSA.
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Okay, you are by far one of the best Deviants I have ever seen, making stuff like THIS! What kind of crew does it have? How many ground troops and support craft does it hold like Fighters and Dropships?

Also, have you considered making a Fighter-type aircraft or spacecraft?
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hey, would you like to help out my team making a game? this is amazing and we would love all the help we can get.

email me your response @

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Exactly what i try to draw but can't. the best I can do is this. [link]
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ah man its fine just keep at it! ;)
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I love good starship renders. This one is really appealing to me. I think primarily because I'm a big fan of Starfire (both the game and the David Webber & Steve White novels that are based on it.)

And since I see this ship in that light, being a battleship is just the right classification for the size it appears to be. I base that on what looks like an assault shuttle leaving a hangar/boat bay in the picture. This is because in Starfire, ship sizes are based on the number of "hull spaces" (volume) that it contains (for adding in drive systems, weapons, defensive systems, crew quarters, hangar bays, cargo holds, etc.) For example, destroyers in SF range between 21 and 30 hull spaces, battleships range between 81 and 100 HS and large carriers range between 101 and 130 HS.

Plus, I can easily imagine the Starfire weapon systems this battleship mounts by the excellent detail in this picture.

Very good work sir. I really hope you do more starships in the future.
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thanks for the compliment. hadnt heard of starfire before, sounds like a great game though. doubt i will find anyone in South Africa that plays it though! such a pity!

i will keep at doing starships though, love all machines! :)
+10 for starting a serious sci-fi debate :)
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Hee, love the argument over how big a battleship has to be. (Thank you, George Lucas, for convincing people that everything has to be miles long... grah.)

I love the straightforward, functional design. Are you planning a run at texturing it later, or were you thinking of keeping it with that general colour?
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haha yeah! ffs, everyone thinks spaceships are from the same era as well. not like some from 2200AD or 2500AD etc..

i actually dont know how to texture!! :airborne: so maybe when (IF) i ever learn to texture then yes ill texture it..
Yeah, people assuming everything should fit in the same SF universe is a pet peeve of mine too. Ships from, say, Babylon 5 and ships from Stephen Baxter's novels are very different for a *reason*, people...

And yeah, I found learning texturing to be the most annoying part of my own work. I only know Blender and your work looks like another program, so I can't suggest much there. That said, it wouldn't need much for something like that - it's a very very clean design.
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Haha yeah i fully agree. Oh well i guess everyone shouldnt take things too seriously.

I guess i should still try to learn to texture, even if it is annoying as u say ;) and thanks again!
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I like the radial symmerty of the design and the very logical gun placement. No one is going to sneak up on this thing by hitting it from the forecastle or keel, no sir!
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Ah yeah!! :) thanks! mite get in by going straight from behind for the engines, think there's a wee blind spot there.
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If this is for a game, that's not a problem - it's a tactical opportunity. :V I dunno maybe the backwash from the engines screws up targeting or something silly like that.
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yeah that makes sense! maybe i'll leave it like that then! :)
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Ahh, the beauty of raw functionality. Classy as hell. ;)
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ah yeah! form follows functionality! :) thanks man!
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