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A Club for Fans of the First Legion of Super Heroes couple Brainiac 5 and Supergirl
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Is the first club on Deviant Art showing our love for Brainiac 5 And Kara the First Legion Couple. We are dedicated to, and/or fans of pairing them in any shape or form. That means Brainy/Kara from the comics, animated series, fan art and more.

Joining: Just had Click the Button, if your are having problems Please send the club a note with the subject title 'Join'.

Art Submissions: The picture/fan fiction must have Querl or Kara together some where in it. To submit a picture or writing, you have to be a Contributor or member. from there go to submit on your page. Under Deviation title and category box there should be a Submit to a Group box click that and the art work should be added instantly.

If you are not sure where the art work belongs just add it to Featured and it will be sorted later.

Affiliations: If you would like to affiliate we'd love to so go ahead

Questions and Suggestions: To submit a question or suggestion, please send a note with the appropriate subject title, or send a note to the club and ~SaintAsh will get on it.

All art work is categorized once submitted. ~SaintAsh will put it to the in the sub sections. If you don't think it belongs there, send a note to the club with your argument and one of she will change it.

-NO!!!!! adult material is to be posted in this club - lots of people check this at school and work so the rule of thumb is work safe.

You don't have to have any art work in your gallery, you just have to be a fan and that's it...there are plenty of places in the club. All you have to do is click the join Button

-You must be a fan of the couple.
-You must watch the club for updates.
-Add a link to the club in your journal or signature.
-Respect one another.
-Respect one anothers deviations.
-To add it to your Signature type : IconQuerl-and-Kara : Without spaces. It should look like this:iconquerl-and-kara:
I will be the moderator of a new FB group I started up for us, Supergirl and Brainiac 5 shippers! For those who love them as a couple.

I started it up to help keep the Supergirl and Brainiac 5 shipping community active and help share and spread our love for this couple and their beautiful elsewhere world daughter, XTC.

The FB group will, of course center around Kara and Querl and their relationship over the decades, will also talk about the Legion of Super Heroes and the Superman Family in general.

The Querl-and-Kara group will still be here on Deviant Art.   This will still be a great group for Q-n-K  shippers to come and get pictures, etc of them and of XTC.…
Supergirl + Brainiac 5 = XTC

I hope you will join the Supergirl + Brainiac 5 = XTC facebook group and help spread the love.

To celebrate Mother's Day, we will have contest.

The Prize:  50 Points!

There is only one prize for this contest.

The picture must be Supergirl and XTC TOGETHER, doing something together.

Examples:  Lounging by the poolside or playing on the beach.   The swimsuits must tasteful.

Fighting bad guys.  

Rescuing people.

Playing together.

or simply come up with something original.

The winner will be picked Mother's Day at 6 pm by SaintAsh and me, Valerie21601.  

Good Luck!

Have fun.
This is  the Comics Alliance podcast of the Landry Walker interview, where he talks about his plans, for Kara, Brainy, the Legion of Super Heroes and more!  

Behind the scenes details on the Cosmic Adventures series so many I will let Landry's podcast to the talking.    Landry does go from talking about Supergirl 8th Grade to the Danger Club series.

There is a partial transcript on the page but you miss a great deal if you don't listen to the podcast.    

Warning!  There is frank discussion about body parts in the Walker interview.

The Landry Walker interview starts at  37:30…
I am personally going to go the extra mile to try yo get Supergirl 9th Grade published

I am posting my own name and address on Q-n-K and sending notices to other sites and blogs.   To anyone who wants please spread the word about campaign to other Supergirl fan sites, blogs or forums, who love this series to take part in it too.

Asking the fans of Supergirl 8th Grade, who want to take part in getting Supergirl 9th Grade published . To send their letter/petition asking DC Comics to give Landry Walker and Eric Jones the green light for it, mail it directly to my address and when it gets to a certain size.  Depending on the amount letters I get, I hope to mail it on November 5!  I will bundle the letters/petitions/pictures up into a package and mail it to DC Comics myself.

The letters would be of Supergirl 8th Grade fans stating they not only bought, love Supergirl 8th Grade and why but they would buy Supergirl 9th Grade when it's published too.

It would be optional if the fans would take pictures of their Supergirl 8th Grade copies and send it with their letters as proof they did.  Be creative if you want like take pictures of your copies with Supergirl figurines, past series, collectibles or have a friend take a picture of you holding your copies.

I live in a apartment complex, in a low crime area in a medium size town. No bushes to hide behind here. So I feel safe about making my apartment address known for this cause.

My name and address is:

Susan Cotrill

270 Brentwood Drive

Painesville, Ohio 44077 USA

aka    valerie21601
Sorry, My computer had to get fixed, when it died in March. I have a new (used) computer now.

The plan to get publicity for Supergirl Cosmic Adventures in the 9th Grade to be published should have started February but a great deal of it can still be done. If enough volunteers want to join in it.

1st part:

If you are going to go to a Comic Con in your area between now and in September and have a PO Box. With luck there will be more than one going to the same convention. ;)

Only post your home address if you really want to do it.

2nd part:

The second part is ALL fans of Supregirl Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade take pictures of themselves, family (especially of their own young Supergirls) and friends (who are fans of it too) holding their copies of either the issues or the trade paperbacks.

Print out the photograph with enough white space on it and write: I bought Supergirl Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade and I (and mention your own Supergirls names if you want) will buy Supergirl Cosmic Adventures in the 9th Grade too! Tell them how everyone loves this series in your own words and assure them you will BUY the next series in it.

Then everyone mails their letters to the Q and K fans to their PO Boxes, where you, the volunteers, bundle the letters and take them to the convention. When they have open Question sessions, ask about the series while holding up the bundle for all to see, telling them you have like 100 or 200 or more ;) letters and pictures to prove they bought it. You would like to give it to someone who will take it from the convention to Dan Didio, himself.

If there is more than one fan at the same convention, hopefully co-ordinate between them so that as many open question session DC gets another bundle of fan letters with pictures added onto the pile.

Hopefully if this is done often enough the PR will help Landry Walker and Eric Jones got the 2nd series approved.

Remember along with this DC will also learn there is HUGE Q n K fandom (960 members at this time) for our favorite couple too, since the 9th Grade their plan calls for Brainiac 5 to to be an very important character of it, starting in this series.

3nd Part of the Plan for Supergirl 9th Grade

I have a name to DIRECTLY send the letter/pictures to at DC Comics.

Peter Hamboussi

This name isn't from Landry Walker or Eric Jones but from a reliable insider. If we can make an impression on him on how much we want Supergirl 9th Grade to be published he might help us with our cause at DC Comics.

Also be sure to DIRECTLY address picture/letters to Head Cheese: Dan Didio

Peter Hamboussi
DC Comics
1700 Broadway
New York, NY 10019

Dan Didio
DC Comics
1700 Broadway
New York, NY 10019

Letters have a high impact with many businesses.   It shows it really means a great deal to you, where you took the time to compose, print and mail a actual hard copy to them.    Many businesses also figure one letter equals say 100+ other people think and feel the same way but they don't send a hard copy for whatever reason.  

Here is a direct link to send email directly to DC Comics and to Peter Hamboussi and Dan Didio…

Hopefully we will one day get our favorite couple back together and get to grow more Q n K fans out there in the near future.

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There is a Supergirl in the 9th grade group on facebook  just type in the search engine and it will take you there.

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