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Virgin Elven Princess Captive by Your Fire



More fan art for u/ravishagirl's scripts over at r/GoneWildAudio, this time for the script "I'm a Virgin Elven Princess Captive by Your Fire; What Are You Going to Do With Me?" from the book Elf Girls.

A sample:

The soft, sweet sounds of the elfgirl waking. She is gagged with cloth. Suddenly, she comes fully alert. She whimpers and squirms, then protests into the cloth gag, frightened, indignant. We can also hear ambient forest night sounds. The sounds of a fire crackling. From the beginning, the elfgirl is both frightened and sexually excited, though denying it.

Forest Camp
Stormi for Mika 8; Alhena hair and headband; dForce Asymmetric Button Dress; PTF Grungy Threads; Sickleyield Tied Up 2 cloth gag; Noone102000 ropes
Hugren for Scar 8; Seok hair; dForce Cimmerian Outfit
Image size
1920x1080px 3.69 MB
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