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Not-So-Basic Journal Template

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A more advanced version of my Basic CSS Journal Template.

Use ^thespook's reference to find out what each of the sections means.

Click Download to get the text file to edit. Then once you have edited it and deleted all the [square bracketed comments], paste the code into the CSS part of your journal.

This feature is for subscribers/seniors only.

If you use this please comment and let me know, for no other reason than I'm nosy and want to see what people do with it. ;)



Change the colour properties to the hexadecimal code of the colour of your choice.

Change the font-size properties to whatever font size you want in each section. The size is in pixels: leave the "px" in place.

Font-family simply means the font itself, i.e. Courier, Times New Roman, Verdana etc. It is best to use a common font and not one you have downloaded - if other people don't have that font installed on their computer it will not display.

All of the other properties have a list of variables next to them. Pick the one you want, replace that where the ------ is, and delete the square brackets with the list of variables in it.

It should be obvious from this template that if you want a property to change only in one section, move the relevant line of code into that section between the {curly brackets} making sure to include the semi-colon (;) at the end of the line. For example, if you want a background image to appear behind your journal text but not your journal title or comment links, put it under .journalbox .journaltext

If you have any questions at all or you just need a little help, please feel free to note me and I'll be happy to give assistance.

Likewise if I've missed any important properties in here or there's something you want to change about your journal which isn't in this template, drop me a line and I'll see what can be done.
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i had this:

CSS Error:
Forbidden property (token: .journalbox .journaltext A)

come up? how can i fix it?
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I used it and my journal is colorful but i didn't see my background!
Black-Parade-Kitty's avatar
This helps a lot! Thank you so much!
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Thanks for the effort of creating and sharing this. This will help a lot! :love:
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Thanks for providing this, but I'm a complete idiot when it comes to this stuff... I've used the code you've given, deleted everything in square brackets and added the hexadecimal codes (a few different shades of purple), but the journal just looks like this: [link] What's wrong? :rose:
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Never mind, got it working. (;
xXChibiStarrXx's avatar
Thank you! This helped me out so much!
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Thanks for sharing this. Used it HERE
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Hey... justa wondering, how do you put an image in the journal backround? (noob at this hehe...)
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Why put the comments in square brackets when you can use the multi-line (/* */) CSS comments? Then people could leave them in if they really wanted and you wouldn't have the square bracket issue. Regardless, a nice resource for people new to CSS and journal styling.
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Because at the time - not sure if this is still the case - DA's system wouldn't accept CSS with /* comments */ in it.
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Ah, cool, I just wondered why, :).
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I used this and it was so very helpful! Thank you! <3
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I'm ganna try and use it, but I fail at the computer codes and such XD
Thanks for all the help!!
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A great help! Thank you!
Kandy-Cube's avatar
This is going to Help me so much thank you :heart:
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I;m gonna use it! i'll post the link when i'm finished with it :D
RecklessShameless's avatar
Thanks very much for this! I have a question though, you know some journals have those 'sections' for the groups or stamps images? Is there a certain code for it?
as-red-as-fire's avatar
Thank you very much for this template! I used it here.
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How can I change the font, colour and size of the header and footer separately to the main content? As far as I've got it, they all follow each other.
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Excellent work, this.
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Thank you so much for this :heart:
I had no idea about CSS and you not so basic template helped me a lot~!
*Has skin now* :3~
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