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November 24, 2021
Wake me up - Part II by Quentinvcastel
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Wake me up - Part II


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Please read description!

This piece is my submission to the 

Fall Horror Challenge - Your Worst Nightmare

This is a retake of an idea I had after a nightmare I made years ago. The old drawing's here.

I've tried a different narrative, and to depict a horrific, yet heroic scene : It's time to fight back!
But if you take a closer look at the details, you may find a darker story behind this act of bravery. 
Feel free to share in the comments if you find out what's truly going on here.

Also, I'm reaching 3K followers on my page, after years being on the platform, I'm very grateful and wish to reward you guys!
In order to do that, please visit this poll I've made last month and vote for your favorite reward. I'll make it happen!

Thank you very much for reading and good luck to everyone who's participating to this challenge.
Feel free to share your submission in the comments too, I'd be happy to take a look at yours!
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Epic fight against Mr Madnes.

I am sure, he has certainly emerged from the book and turnend the world of dreams into darknes. .. and for a moment I am overcome by sadness at the death of the faithful companion (the teddy bear) he must have fought bravely at the side of his little friend, who will now heroically avenge him.

grandiose painting it have so much dynamism. And I love the light and shadow effects, generally how the picture guides the eye and you keep discovering new little details. Incidentally, with the cookies and milk, I get hungry spontaneously.

Quentinvcastel's avatar

Thank you very much for your comment!😎

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There's something beautifully triumphant about this. Whatever's going on, whatever history she has with this monster, whatever it has done to her, she's ready. This is her time,

It's as uplifting as it is terrifying.

That is a very vivid dream,, I have some weird dreams myself but cannot draw on them or get details

Quentinvcastel's avatar

it's an interpretation of a vague weird dream I had a long time ago actually ^^

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My minds always baffled when someone can draw such depth in something two-dimensional. Great job! Looks so eerie also 😳

Jeremy-The-Guy's avatar

Congratulations on getting featured 😊

100-ATMs's avatar

Reminds me of the final boss in God of War 2. Excellent work, wow. :o

xlntwtch's avatar

Truly scary, yet wonderful, the action in and around the bed is just... dreamy! Congratulations on your DD! :+favlove:

EdIt: I didn't see it right away, the real horror here. It was midnight here is my only excuse. The art is clear. I'm almost speechless; glad she's fighting, yet worried for her. It hits close to home, concerning a husband now deceased. Still a wonderful artwork I'm glad to collect. An eye-opener.

Quentinvcastel's avatar

Thanks for the DD !

Also, to the new comers, please feel free to go check this poll out to vote for a reward that you'd like to get from me to celebrate 3K followers!

Thanks so much once again <3

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Congrats on your DD for this Wonderful work!!! :clap:

For My Personal Use Only
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Well this is very dark artwork. I really admire how brave she is to fight back her abuser. If I understood this right) The guy is wearing a ring so he is married. I guess its left for imagination who he is, but usually in cases like these it's someone close. :(Either way this is well captured horror artwork and also realistic as still too many women has to go through this as a child. But i'm happy how she is wanting to fight back!

Quentinvcastel's avatar

Thank you for your comment! The ring was just here to suggest that the monster could be her dad for instance. I suppose this could be interpreted as an abuse from a forced marriage too.

lottajaakola's avatar

Yes that was my first thought! It's usually dad/uncle, sadly. Ooh I see! That is another very great interpretation if we are talking about child marriages. Whoa, I did not even think about it, but now it's all I see. This is really greatly done! Funny coincidence I just created an artwork recently and now posted it with similar topic, well not forced marriage only, but a woman who marries but faces abuse. That is why I called it ''behind the curtains''. It ended up looking more like wiccan/witch art though, but my intention was to bring up this issue as well. I guess it's up to how ppl want to view it.

Quentinvcastel's avatar

Thank you for your kind words! Oh and thanks for mentioning your recent artwork, it's an interesting piece! 👀

PktPictures's avatar

you won, You Won, YOU WON!!!! Big congrats, enjoy!

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in my heart you deserved 1°

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This is insane! Your skills are just on another level 🔥🔥 Such a great job!

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