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Four-winged dragons

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Digital painting - illustration
Anatomy study of this creature : quentinvcastel.deviantart.com/…
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Maybe they are fire lizards (from Anne McCaffreys Dragonrider books).
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AlcothHobbyist Digital Artist
This is a fun piece.  The parental instinct, the well thought out anatomy, the motion conveyed in the flight of the dragonfly.  I think part of the scale point you cite on another comment is the size of leaves and the wood texture, as well as the distant dragons which would have to be quite large to appear at that range.  Despite, I love the piece and your work in general!  Thanks for this!
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malibu-hyungHobbyist Digital Artist
oooh I love the perspective in this piece! And the colouring is lovely :) Great job!!
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MatAndreProfessional Digital Artist
Either that's a really big dragonfly or those are really small dragons. Either way, I would love to see both!
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QuentinvcastelProfessional General Artist
Thanks to that piece, I learned a lot of things about scale because I realized I needed to be more explicit about it in my paintings, a dragonfly isn't enough to tell people that those dragons are tiny.
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MatAndreProfessional Digital Artist
Yeah, I think it's only beicause people know about giant, prehistoric dragon flies, so it could go either way. I guess if you put a lady bug, it wouldn't have been a question! ;) Either way, I wasn't intentionally critiquing - I love the piece as is and it is still obvious that they are tiny dragons - dragonflies only get SO big! :D Excited to see more of your work!
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Guchi-Girl1Professional Digital Artist
Wow this is so great! :D The values are incredible and I LOVE the fact that you included the blurred foreground! Very smart :) Keep up the great work my friend :D 
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DM7Professional Digital Artist
Really awesome creatures! :O I really wish I could draw them properly. Lol!
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FurrPurrvProfessional Digital Artist
Very interesting view point and i love the actions that are going in on this picture of the creatures protecting the nest. Great job!
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kiborgalexicHobbyist Traditional Artist
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AmbergrisElementProfessional Traditional Artist
It looks as real as a photo,amazing work!
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MibitatStudent General Artist
Great work! I love how the oranges of the dragon contrast with the background and the dragonfly! The texturing is awesome too!
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SukizukiIzunaHobbyist Traditional Artist
Awesome dragon design!
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Mel4DStudent Digital Artist
I was like meh... just a dragon and a butterfly.. but when I zoomed in.. what the F*ck h*ly Sh*t!!!! the details my god!!! Rage Rage Rage  
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Incredible! The details and everything. You can really sense the emotion of a parent protecting it's own. Way to go!
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NocluseHobbyist Digital Artist
Nice! Good work on the details!
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kukuro-kunHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh awesome! I love the details and everything! <3
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Synth1ightProfessional Traditional Artist
Wonderful work, you have a bunch of great pieces. 
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Among-StarsProfessional Digital Artist
Gorgeous painting. I love how you have handled the sense of depth in the piece.
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WhoopySnoopyHobbyist General Artist
Great work! I love the colors!
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kiborgalexicHobbyist Traditional Artist
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VexscapeHobbyist General Artist
they look like charizards :3
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lostmuseford General Artist
Love it! 
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