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Manga-style : Last sketch for Mermay (it's not even May anymore though...) !
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So, um... The surgery was successful?

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YIKES this is dark, very well done! :clap:

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Why is it backwards though

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Because it's not.

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The dorsal fin of the fish that was attached to her is at the front of the mermaid when it's supposed to be at the back, that's why I found it weird.

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This is pretty cool, very underrated ♡

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Holly, it reminded me of a short film on YouTube called tusks

Oh wow, this horrifiying but cool, can you do the same but with adult one?

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Truly horrifying. Great stuff; though you may want to define her irises more, since I originally thought they were her lower eye-lids, and that she had no pupils.

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Le jambes dans le bac vraiment un détail à glacer le sang ( sans vouloir faire de mauvais jeu de mot LOL )

C'est creepy à souhait, j'adore!

Wow that sucks

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