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In the past days I managed to update some major things on my website and deviantart site! :la: After the very stressful past weeks (I was ill... my laptop "died"... the spray-irrigation system of my main terrarium "turned into a fountain" and submerged the room... and so on) I'm pretty happy that I finally solved all these issues! And yes, I'll continue and also try to answer most of my emails, notes and more (I'm so sorry for the delay!). So here are some of the things I've updated:

Sometimes I have to answer some questions over and over again, so I decided to make a FAQ (frequently asked questions) journal: FAQ
Top 3 questions:
- HOW???!
- How much time did you spend on this drawing? + Which tools did you use?
- Who did you sell your soul to?


I added a "purchase option" to some of my most recent drawings (starting with the Sam Winchester watercolour painting). So from now on you can download things like WIP photos, high resolution scans of the drawing (4x) or tutorials I previously uploaded on Patreon for some points (for example 200 points for some WIP photos or 850 for a package with WIP, tutorial and 4x high res picture), because sometimes it can be a bit frustrating if you spend so much work on some stuff and then it's not available for everyone. You can see in the description of every drawing what you get. I'll always upload these things a few weeks (up to 2 months) after the release on Patreon.

You can also buy these things seperatly (for example if you just want the tutorial without a high res picture or a WIP photo) on my Homepage: Shop (below the drawings, see "Digital").


I updated some of my traditional non fan-art drawings and unlocked the "print option". So now you can finally buy some of my drawings as a print without watermark (for example Lucky Bay)! :) Here are all my prints: Prints

Lucky Bay (drawing) by Quelchii Cherry drawing by Quelchii Black and White Tiger (drawing) by Quelchii

Drawings for Sale!

It took me while, but I also updated the sale/price list on my website. I added all the drawings I want to sell (prices negotiable). If you're interested in a drawing that you can't find in this list, just make an offer. You can find the shipping costs and all other informations at the bottom of the site:

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wow:clap:you're drawings are amazing and awesome. i understand how special and awesome they are.