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After so many years I finally decided to come back. I'm very sorry, that I didn't answer you amazing comments and heartwarming messages. It means a lot to me.

But sadly I noticed that this site changed a bit over the past years. I'm not able to find anything on this new "deviantart" and many features are missing.

I've always loved this site, the awesome community and their support, but I decided to try out another site. It's time to try something else. So I'll finally move on to Instagram and start with reposting my old drawings in a new way. It's always been a bit difficult for me to get attention with my drawings, because people sometimes think that they look like photos, when they only see a small thumbnail (and now that I can't even find a traditional art folder on dA it's even more frustrating). So I'll take pictures of my drawings arranged with some pencils, equipement and other stuff (not just boring photos without anything). Hopefully that will work on Instagram and I hope it's the right decision for my art.

Quelchii on Instagram:

This Instagram account will mainly be about my drawings, but I've always been a bit geeky (I love movies, tv shows, video games and collect Funko Pops figures, some Nendoroids, Zelda stuff, steelbooks, concept artbooks, minerals and many carnivorous plants), so I'll try to show you a bit of that as well like for example pictures of my carnivorous plants, collections or when I buy new figures etc. Maybe I can also do some small reviews about artbooks, new pencils for cool new techniques or something like that.

I also plan to try out new techniques, draw some OCs and draw funny small comics about them if people are interested.

It will all need some preparation time and at first I need to reach some more people on this site (Instagram), so in the first upcoming days or weeks I'll mainly post photos of my old drawings (1-2 per day) sprinkled with some new content.

I'll try to keep this account as active as possible (1 post per day), but it always depends on if peolpe are interested (I hope that you still like what I'm drawing/creating...).

I'm looking for interesting Instagram account to follow! Please show me your account or some other amazing artists you follow in the comments!

Thanks in advance for your support and keep on drawing & improving! <3

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Your talent is amazing! I genuinely thought you copied these or just took pictures (sorry, no offence meant) but then I zoomed in as small as possible and saw that their not. This is the best art I’ve ever seen!