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1. How are you drawing like this? a.k.a. HOW???!
With a lot of patience, practice and good pencils. Here are some of my step by step tutorials (explanation in the description) with my technique: Tutorials
... and never forget: Practice makes perfect!

2. Where did you learn to draw like this? Did you use any books or did you go to art school?
No, I'm a self-taught artist and I didn't read any books. I just learned everything by myself. Sometimes I see a nice technique (inverted drawing) or tool (Aquash brushes) and try it out or most of the time I just invent / find out a strange technique to solve a problem.

3. When did you start drawing?
I started to draw a bit more seriuosly in February 2014 (after a long drawing break, ~6 years). Here is my whole story: Improvement Meme

4. Do you draw commissions?
Yes. You can find informations in my commissions journal: Commissions

5. Do you draw OCs?
No. I don't draw OCs.

6. Can you draw something for me (for free)?
No. I'm sorry, but drawing these pictures takes so many hours that I just can't do it for free.

7. Do you have any tutorials?
Yes, I have some step by step tutorials (explanations in the description) with my technique in my gallery (for free): Tutorials
But I also upload tutorials on my Patreon (Patreon, $5+) and also offer these step by step tutorials on deviantart for points right next to some drawings or on my homepage (My Hompage Shop) after a while.

8. Do you sell prints?
Yes, I sell prints of some of my non fan-art drawings on deviantart: Prints
But I don't sell prints of my fan-art drawings.

9. Which tools / paper did you use?
I always list the paper and the tools in the description of every drawing. For my traditional mixed media drawings I often use colored pencils (Faber-Castell Polychromos), markers (Copic) and a gel pen (uni-ball Signo pigment ink um-153 white).

10. What is paper DIN A4? Which brand is that?
That's not a brand. DIN A4 is just a norm and means A4 formate/size (29,7 cm x 21,0 cm = 11,69 inch x 8,27 inch). If I didn't mention a paper brand in the description and just wrote Paper DIN A4 I've used a no name paper.

11. What's your favourite paper for mixed media and colored pencil drawings?
I haven't found a perfect paper yet. But right now I'm using a pretty good no name drawing paper (size A4, 190g/m²).

12. How much time did you spend on this drawing?
You can find the time in the description of every drawing (behind the tools).

13. Can I use your drawing...?
a) ...and share it somewhere: Yes, if you use the "deviantart share buttons" (for example Facebook) on the right side of the drawing page, because then everything important is included (my name, link to the profile and link to the drawing)
b) ...and share it somewhere (another site, no dA share buttons available): Yes, but I would prefer it if you would just share the link to my drawing (+ name, link to my profile) and don't upload it or alter/edit it.
c) ...as a wallpaper (phone, computer,...): Yes, of course!
d) ...as a drawing reference: Yes, just mention my name and put a link to the referenced drawing in the description. But I always recommend using the original reference photo, because then you don't copy the mistakes of the artist.
e) ...for my story (on deviantart): Just send me a note with your story. Usually I'm ok with that if you mention my name and include a link to the drawing in the description.
f) ...and use it for an avatar or "online wallpaper page decoration stuff": No, because then it's barely possible to refer to the artist (links to profile and drawing) and mostly you have to alter/edit it (I don't like that). Send me a note for exceptions.
g) ...and use it for a video: Just send me a note with your "idea"/project. Usually I just ask for a link to the drawing page or my profile page.
h) ...and print it to put it on my wall (own printer or store): Yes, no problem.
i) ...and print it to put it on my wall (online print service): No.
For everyone: Don't upload my drawings somewhere on the internet without a link to the original and don't alter it + don't say that you drew it. I have no problem with reporting someone. If you see someone stealing my work just send me a note or email and I'll take care of it (especially Instagram!).

14. HOW???! 2.0: Inverted drawings? Any tips?
You just have to invert the colours of a reference in a program like Photoshop, print it, then draw it like that (match the colours exactly), take a photo of the drawing and invert it again. In the end the colours of your inverted drawing should look like the ones in the original photo, so that it looks "normal" again.
For the first attempt I would recommend a very dark picture (probably black background like this one) and I would just use black & white (because that's easier than colour).

15. How do you keep on drawing without having an artist's block?
That's a good question! I don't know! I think I just keep on drawing, because I know that if I stop drawing I would fall into another huge drawing break (the last one lasted for almost 6 years!). I also try to find new tools and techniques to test, because new challenges are always good for a change and much fun!

16. Did you find the break from art (~6 years) helped with your development?
I'm not sure. I think I've lost a lot of time (to improve), but because of that huge break I'm currently drawing so much more than before, because I have to "regain" the lost time. So it probably helped a bit.

17. Where are you from?
I'm from Germany (see also profile), Lower Saxony, near Braunschweig (Brunswick).

18. Is that really a drawing on paper?!
Yes, every "drawing" in my gallery is a traditional drawing.

19. Are you human?
Yes... at least I think so? :D

20. Who did you sell your soul to?
The god of art! The Seriously Evil Laugh by Mike-RaWare

21. Do you sell your drawings?
Yes, I sell some of my traditional drawings. Here is a price list (shipping costs and infos below the table): Shop

22. What's your favorite thing, character, animal to draw?
Everything in my gallery and on my to-draw-list (so all the stuff I like)! It also depends on my drawing mood. Sometimes I watch a good movie or tv show and then I want to draw some fan art immediately. If I'm hungry I can even draw a hamburger!

23. Why is your username "Quelchii" and what's you avatar / profile picture?
Username: My favorite carnivorous plant is "Utricularia quelchii"
Avatar: An interted drawing of an Utricularia quelchii flower - U. quelchii (Inverted Drawing)
Profile picture: A photo of me "surfing" the Wave Rock (Hyden, Western Australia). Photographer: Christian Dietz (September 2011).

You've got another important question that you couldn't find in this list? Then comment below or send me a note. I don't bite! ;)

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Hallo! :wave: Vielen Dank für dieses super informative Journal! :D Könntest du mir vielleicht noch sagen wieviele Polychromos du hast? Oder hast du ein Set gekauft? Ich würde mir nämlich gerne welche kaufen und hätte eig gerne deine Meinung gehört ;)