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I'm back!

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 6, 2017, 1:58 PM
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... more or less. Some people already wrote comments or sent me a message. Well, I'm still alive and I'm so sorry that it took me so long to be active again. Everyday I tried to answer all the comments here on deviant, although I didn't upload anything new. In the past months I didn't draw that much (since December), because of some health issues (it's nothing life-threatening like the pulmonary embolism I had in 2013). A few weeks ago I tried to start again, but then I couldn't finish what I started, because of another problem (my back started to hurt... something with an intervertebral disk). Now I'm going to physiotherapy and hopefully it's getting a bit better. The other problem still remains, but I really hope that it gets better in the upcoming months and that I find a proper doctor.

Now it's time to upload again... :)

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Updates, Prints, Sale List and more!

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 18, 2016, 4:34 PM
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In the past days I managed to update some major things on my website and deviantart site! :la: After the very stressful past weeks (I was ill... my laptop "died"... the spray-irrigation system of my main terrarium "turned into a fountain" and submerged the room... and so on) I'm pretty happy that I finally solved all these issues! And yes, I'll continue and also try to answer most of my emails, notes and more (I'm so sorry for the delay!). So here are some of the things I've updated:

Sometimes I have to answer some questions over and over again, so I decided to make a FAQ (frequently asked questions) journal: FAQ
Top 3 questions:
- HOW???!
- How much time did you spend on this drawing? + Which tools did you use?
- Who did you sell your soul to?


I added a "purchase option" to some of my most recent drawings (starting with the Sam Winchester watercolour painting). So from now on you can download things like WIP photos, high resolution scans of the drawing (4x) or tutorials I previously uploaded on Patreon for some points (for example 200 points for some WIP photos or 850 for a package with WIP, tutorial and 4x high res picture), because sometimes it can be a bit frustrating if you spend so much work on some stuff and then it's not available for everyone. You can see in the description of every drawing what you get. I'll always upload these things a few weeks (up to 2 months) after the release on Patreon.

You can also buy these things seperatly (for example if you just want the tutorial without a high res picture or a WIP photo) on my Homepage: Shop (below the drawings, see "Digital").


I updated some of my traditional non fan-art drawings and unlocked the "print option". So now you can finally buy some of my drawings as a print without watermark (for example Lucky Bay)! :) Here are all my prints: Prints

Lucky Bay (drawing) by Quelchii Cherry drawing by Quelchii Black and White Tiger (drawing) by Quelchii

Drawings for Sale!

It took me while, but I also updated the sale/price list on my website. I added all the drawings I want to sell (prices negotiable). If you're interested in a drawing that you can't find in this list, just make an offer. You can find the shipping costs and all other informations at the bottom of the site:

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 18, 2016, 3:15 PM
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1. How are you drawing like this? a.k.a. HOW???!
With a lot of patience, practice and good pencils. Here are some of my step by step tutorials (explanation in the description) with my technique: Tutorials
... and never forget: Practice makes perfect!

2. Where did you learn to draw like this? Did you use any books or did you go to art school?
No, I'm a self-taught artist and I didn't read any books. I just learned everything by myself. Sometimes I see a nice technique (inverted drawing) or tool (Aquash brushes) and try it out or most of the time I just invent / find out a strange technique to solve a problem.

3. When did you start drawing?
I started to draw a bit more seriuosly in February 2014 (after a long drawing break, ~6 years). Here is my whole story: Improvement Meme

4. Do you draw commissions?
Yes. You can find informations in my commissions journal: Commissions

5. Do you draw OCs?
No. I don't draw OCs.

6. Can you draw something for me (for free)?
No. I'm sorry, but drawing these pictures takes so many hours that I just can't do it for free.

7. Do you have any tutorials?
Yes, I have some step by step tutorials (explanations in the description) with my technique in my gallery (for free): Tutorials
But I also upload tutorials on my Patreon (Patreon, $5+) and also offer these step by step tutorials on deviantart for points right next to some drawings or on my homepage (My Hompage Shop) after a while.

8. Do you sell prints?
Yes, I sell prints of some of my non fan-art drawings on deviantart: Prints
But I don't sell prints of my fan-art drawings.

9. Which tools / paper did you use?
I always list the paper and the tools in the description of every drawing. For my traditional mixed media drawings I often use colored pencils (Faber-Castell Polychromos), markers (Copic) and a gel pen (uni-ball Signo pigment ink um-153 white).

10. What is paper DIN A4? Which brand is that?
That's not a brand. DIN A4 is just a norm and means A4 formate/size (29,7 cm x 21,0 cm = 11,69 inch x 8,27 inch). If I didn't mention a paper brand in the description and just wrote Paper DIN A4 I've used a no name paper.

11. What's your favourite paper for mixed media and colored pencil drawings?
I haven't found a perfect paper yet. But right now I'm using a pretty good no name drawing paper (size A4, 190g/m²).

12. How much time did you spend on this drawing?
You can find the time in the description of every drawing (behind the tools).

13. Can I use your drawing...?
a) ...and share it somewhere: Yes, if you use the "deviantart share buttons" (for example Facebook) on the right side of the drawing page, because then everything important is included (my name, link to the profile and link to the drawing)
b) ...and share it somewhere (another site, no dA share buttons available): Yes, but I would prefer it if you would just share the link to my drawing (+ name, link to my profile) and don't upload it or alter/edit it.
c) a wallpaper (phone, computer,...): Yes, of course!
d) a drawing reference: Yes, just mention my name and put a link to the referenced drawing in the description. But I always recommend using the original reference photo, because then you don't copy the mistakes of the artist.
e) ...for my story (on deviantart): Just send me a note with your story. Usually I'm ok with that if you mention my name and include a link to the drawing in the description.
f) ...and use it for an avatar or "online wallpaper page decoration stuff": No, because then it's barely possible to refer to the artist (links to profile and drawing) and mostly you have to alter/edit it (I don't like that). Send me a note for exceptions.
g) ...and use it for a video: Just send me a note with your "idea"/project. Usually I just ask for a link to the drawing page or my profile page.
h) ...and print it to put it on my wall (own printer or store): Yes, no problem.
i) ...and print it to put it on my wall (online print service): No.
For everyone: Don't upload my drawings somewhere on the internet without a link to the original and don't alter it + don't say that you drew it. I have no problem with reporting someone. If you see someone stealing my work just send me a note or email and I'll take care of it (especially Instagram!).

14. HOW???! 2.0: Inverted drawings? Any tips?
You just have to invert the colours of a reference in a program like Photoshop, print it, then draw it like that (match the colours exactly), take a photo of the drawing and invert it again. In the end the colours of your inverted drawing should look like the ones in the original photo, so that it looks "normal" again.
For the first attempt I would recommend a very dark picture (probably black background like this one) and I would just use black & white (because that's easier than colour).

15. How do you keep on drawing without having an artist's block?
That's a good question! I don't know! I think I just keep on drawing, because I know that if I stop drawing I would fall into another huge drawing break (the last one lasted for almost 6 years!). I also try to find new tools and techniques to test, because new challenges are always good for a change and much fun!

16. Did you find the break from art (~6 years) helped with your development?
I'm not sure. I think I've lost a lot of time (to improve), but because of that huge break I'm currently drawing so much more than before, because I have to "regain" the lost time. So it probably helped a bit.

17. Where are you from?
I'm from Germany (see also profile), Lower Saxony, near Braunschweig (Brunswick).

18. Is that really a drawing on paper?!
Yes, every "drawing" in my gallery is a traditional drawing.

19. Are you human?
Yes... at least I think so? :D

20. Who did you sell your soul to?
The god of art! The Seriously Evil Laugh by Mike-RaWare

21. Do you sell your drawings?
Yes, I sell some of my traditional drawings. Here is a price list (shipping costs and infos below the table): Shop

22. What's your favorite thing, character, animal to draw?
Everything in my gallery and on my to-draw-list (so all the stuff I like)! It also depends on my drawing mood. Sometimes I watch a good movie or tv show and then I want to draw some fan art immediately. If I'm hungry I can even draw a hamburger!

23. Why is your username "Quelchii" and what's you avatar / profile picture?
Username: My favorite carnivorous plant is "Utricularia quelchii"
Avatar: An interted drawing of an Utricularia quelchii flower - U. quelchii (Inverted Drawing)
Profile picture: A photo of me "surfing" the Wave Rock (Hyden, Western Australia). Photographer: Christian Dietz (September 2011).

You've got another important question that you couldn't find in this list? Then comment below or send me a note. I don't bite! ;)

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Contest: Traditional Animals and People Portraits

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 18, 2016, 9:52 AM
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Traditional Media Contest hostet by AmBr0

See also the official journal:
Don't forget to submit your drawings to the contest! Just a few more days to go! ;)


There will be 2 categories and voters choice, obviously in traditional media:

People Portraits:…


Include for each category:
1st place
- 1200 :points: or 3 month core membership
- 3 postcard package with my drawings
- Feature by Andorada
- Feature by ArtHasSoul
- Feature by Lintu47
- Feature and 1 fractal art request by SolidMars

2nd place
- 400 :points: or 1 month core membership
- 50 :points: by jennystokes
- Feature by Andorada
- Feature by ArtHasSoul
- Feature by Lintu47
- Feature by SolidMars

3rd place
- 100 :points:
- Feature by Andorada
- Feature by ArtHasSoul
- Feature by Lintu47
- Feature by SolidMars

Voters choice among the 2 categories
- 1200 :points: or 3 month core membership
- 3 postcard package with my drawings
- Awesome original handmade creation Purity by XRlS
- Feature by Andorada
- Feature by ArtHasSoul
- Feature by Lintu47
- Feature by SolidMars


Yes, I agree top notch. Some of the best people and Deviantart ALLSTARS.
The entries will be judged among jury best criteria.


- The limit of entries is 2 in total. You can participate with 2 people portraits, 2 animals or 1 animal and 1 people portrait.
- The entries must be made in traditional media and submitted into that deviantArt category with a traditional portrait or an animal. Please state the tools used in the description.
- Size at least 600 pixels in its shortest length.
- Judges can also participate but they are not allowed to vote for themselves.
- The entries must have submitted to DA between June 15th and September 30th
- The deadline is on September 30th so plenty of time.
- All the entries must be submitted via note with the subject CONTEST so I can add them to the specific favourites folder.
- Voting for the Voters choice will start on September 30th. For the voters choice pick your 3 different favourites from the specific folders and add the link or thumb on the comments (accounts at least a month old). Only 3 votes allowed in total among the 2 categories.
- For the voters choice you can totally ask for votes and encourage participation.
- I have the right to decline any inappropriate entry.

DEADLINE:   September 30, 2016

Good luck everyone! :tighthug:

Drawings for SALE!

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 20, 2016, 12:31 PM
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Finally I have to sell some of my artworks

A few days ago I received a letter about my student loan debts and I think I almost fainted for a few seconds. So if I want to save a whole lot of money I have to pay everything back at once in a few months. So I have no other choice than to sell my drawings if I want to achieve that goal. I've never been good at selling my works, because I just couldn't sell them... I always kept every drawing, because I love all of them and it's also better to see the improvememt, but now I have no choice. :cries: I need the money. In the past days I also prepared for a carnivorous plant meeting (+ shipping when the temperatures are getting better) and potted nearly 100 plants so far. For all carnivorous plant lovers: I'm going to sell plants soon and I'm also going to sell my old carnivorous plant drawings. You can also see me, my plants and some of my drawings at botanical garden in Bonn (24th April 2016, 10am-6pm). You can also preoder plants, prints or drawings, then I don't need to ship everything and you can see everything in person. :)

So if you're interested in a drawing:
Here you can see how all my artworks from 2014-2015 look on paper (except for one Loki oil painting that I forgot to place on the ground):
My Drawings 2014 by Quelchii My Drawings 2015 by Quelchii
I'm not good at pricing (I'm afraid that I would calculate too much) and I'm also curious what people would pay for my drawings, so just tell me what you're willing to pay for my work.

I can't bear to part from all my drawings, because they're my favourites (or the drawings I want to get autographed one day). So I probably won't sell drawings from this folder (there might be some exceptions... the drawings in this folder are ranked, so maybe I sell some drawings which are not at the top... start at "Sif") and some other drawings: My best drawings
Other things: I would prefer to give away the Avengers sketch cards as a set

Please send me a "NOTE" here on dA or a message on my Facebook site if you're interested in a drawing or painting. Don't forget to tell me the price you would pay. Then I'll tell you if the drawing is still available or if your price is beyond good and evil! ;)

Payment can be made via Paypal (in Germany also bank transfer).

Shipping costs:
Germany (registered/Einschreiben): 5€
International (registered): 8€
+1€/per every additional drawing

Of course you can also support me on Patreon if you like my work and get for example access to WIP photos for every upcoming drawing and more: Patreon
Commissions are currently more or less closed, because I already have some pictures to draw, but you can still ask. I don't bite. :heart:

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My second year on dA!

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 14, 2016, 8:57 AM
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I'm still here!

Two years ago on 13th February 2014 I decided to be active on dA and to start drawing (What happened before? Take a look at: My first journal entry... and My first year on dA) and I managed to stay here for 2 years! I still hope that I can stay here for many more years and continue my work.

This year I received so much love and positive feedback from so many deviants, that I don't even know what to say... sometimes I can't believe that my notification center lookes like a mess all the time (even if I clean it up almost every day)! It just makes me happy! Thank you so much for the support! :tighthug: I'm so sorry that I forget to answer some super long comments sometimes or that it can take several days until I answer a note, but I still try to do my best! I'm also sorry for stopping my weekly/monthly journal features. I really hope that I can find the time to do some features in the future (for example forum features or recent faves).

... and yes, I know that I'm one day too late with this journal. ;) Happy Valentine's Day! :heart:


I'll probably join Patreon soon / in a few days and prepare my site, because I can't go on like that without making some money (otherwise I possibly would have to give up drawing again... at least so frequently). :cries: So now I'm asking you: What would you like to see on my Patreon? I thought about WIPs for every drawing, larger jpg files, old and funny WIPs and milestone goals like many new and more specific tutorials + timelapse videos. So what do you think? :)

The future

My dA/art goals for this year are almost similar to my goals for 2015: test new media (for example acrylics, watercolour pencils, pastels and more), discover new useful drawing tricks, refine my mixed media technique, draw much more from my "to-draw-list" (see profile page), still find the perfect paper for traditional mixed media drawings, join sites like Patreon and last but not least to make my watchers happy (make more specific tutorials, give advice, encourage to improve)! Of course I'll also continue to draw many mixed media drawings! :)

A look back / summary

My first marker drawing on watercolor paper (January): Link - Ocarina of Time
My second oil painting with new colors (March): Loki (oil)
My first watercolor painting (April): Tom Hiddleston (watercolor)
My new avatar (May): U. quelchii (Inverted Drawing)
A self portrait (July): Self Portrait Drawing
My improvement meme (August): Improvement Meme
My second watercolor painting with new colors (August): Benedict Cumberbatch (watercolor)
My first gray paper drawing (October): Tom Hiddleston (gray paper)
My second :heart:DD (November/December): R2D2 and C3PO (drawing)

My best/favourite work of the past year

Tiger (drawing) by Quelchii Loki of Asgard (redraw) by Quelchii Jensen Ackles (drawing) by Quelchii Thor (drawing) by Quelchii MCU Phase 1 villains (drawing) by Quelchii

You can find more personal favs in my gallery folder:
My best drawings (Quelchii)

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Feature #23 - Horror

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 30, 2015, 8:21 AM
Profile l Gallery l Watch Me l Note Me

Halloween is around the corner, so I decided to make a Horror feature with some scary deviations (for the title decoration I used one from my favourites this time and not one of my own drawings)! Like many times before I asked for your help in the dA forum (- Horror FEATURE -) to find great artworks. Thank you so much for your suggestions! They were all very interesting and it was pretty difficult to choose my favourites! So here are the suggestions that'll give your nightmares!!! mini woooo by MeisterMaximum
:scared: by CookiemagiK

Be prepared for some upcoming features: "Ink", "Beautiful Places", "Carnivorous Plants" and more

Featured deviations

Traditional Art
A Forest Nightmare by Inky-Shade Bloody Hand by xabigal-eyesx Gwyrgam by Rhyn-Art American Werewolf In London by ChrisOzFulton If you like to munch, just scream! by constantly-confused

Digital Art and Photomanipulation
Half Minute Horrors by ChanpART My justice for you by DaStafiZ American Horror Story Concept 2 by JSMarantz Horror by Joe-Roberts Clowns Abound by ChristopherCrow Pan by FLOWERZZXU Silenced by the Night by NanoMortis I'm coming for you by MissPoe Werewolf by pmoodie The Scorch Trials - CRANK Design by KENBARTHELMEY Sam by RYANVOGLER The Guardian by Ascending-Storm Demonic Ghoul by shivikai Badmoon by Sanskarans The ghost of the forest by Sanchiko Ambushing zombie by EnemyDesign So, which one do you like? by chirun The ghost by BillyNikoll Waiting at the wrong bus stop by david-sladek Faminto por Almas by Wesley-Souza Strange Chappel at strange night.. #DailyDeviation by PeterKmiecik Halloween 2012 by UnidColor

Photography and more
braaains! by Harpyimages Happy Couple 2 by DugStanat Haunted Mansion by zentron ZOMBIE ME by AustenMengler trapped in a dream by KipKent Face Peel by ARTSIE-FARTSIE-PAINTWept
I had to replace the thumbnail of one deviation with a link, because of a strange error (messed up layout).

DeviantArt | Commissions
Facebook | Website | Instagram | Tumblr

Art Theft and Instagram

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 23, 2015, 3:48 PM
Profile l Gallery l Watch Me l Note Me

Well, I didn't want to do it now, but I've made an Instagram account. On this account I wanted to upload photos of my drawings (on table, not like the cropped scans on dA). I planed to do this in a few weeks or months, but:

:devLiubovKorotkova: sent me an note that someone took one of my paintings - Tom Hiddleston (watercolor) - and claimes that it his own work. This person even removed my signature and my copyright/watermark. So I immediately made an account to report it and to tell him friendly to remove my painting (Link). I hope it works... I also made this account just in case someone has the glorious idea to take my name, because I'm probably the only one who would choose this name (probably nobody likes the frog O. quechii with that name and I know almost all the other Utricularia collectors => U. quelchii... so yes... the only one ;p).

I still don't know how to react to this... that's why I'm writing this journal (I'm sorry if my English is going to be too bad... I'm a bit enraged). Usually I don't like it when people upload my work somewhere else without asking
(and I know it's impossible to prevent that), but as long as they don't edit it and put a link to my profile and the original drawing in the description I'm totally ok with that (yes, everyone has the permission to share my work somewhere as long as it's not edited and contains these links/references => it obvious that I drew/painted this stuff). But removing my signature and doing something like that?!!! Sometimes when I see something like that I don't want to upload pictures on the internet at all. I could use the dA watermark or use even bigger waterwarks, but it always deforms the artwork... :( This is a total drawing mood killer. :cries:
So what would you do, when something like that happens to you or have you already experienced something like this?

Update: He removed my comment and blocked me (I can only see the link when logged out). Ok. He wants to learn it the hard way. I used the Instagram form for copyright infringement.
 Thanks for your support so far!

Update2: Everything is still on his site, but people can only see it if they watch him, because his profile is "private"... this person is just... well, I have no words for this...

Update3: Reported to the police (copyright infringement).

Update4: Instagram removed the picture.

Here's the link to my new (currently very empty), real, one and only Instagram account:

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Feature #22 - Watercolour

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 13, 2015, 4:08 PM
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So here we've got the first feature of this month! In this forum thread (- Watercolour FEATURE -) I was looking for watercolour paintings (watercolour, watercolour pencils + water and mixed media with at least 80% watercolour). Thank you so much for all the beautiful suggestions. It was pretty difficult to pick the best deviations, because there were so many good ones, but I hope that you enjoy this colourful feature! :)
Upcoming feature: probably a Halloween or Horror feature! I'll open a new forum thread to find pictures for this feature soon.

Since last week I don't have so much time (and my back still hurts, too), so there's a delay, when I reply to some of my notes. I'm sorry for that and I'll try to answer my notes soon (especially the notes about commissinos)...

Featured deviations

Summertime watercolour by GreeGW Snow by Night by blix-it Lost in the Cup by LucieOn<da:thumb id="541815781"/> Nature's Embrace by proxi-mity Through Ocean's Heights by Sieskja Scarlett Johansson watercolor by Trunnec Waiting for the stars by RoryonaRainbow Oranienburger Strasse by Laurlolz Reaching by zvoehi Band-Watercolor by mping123 Oak Tree by Kinko-White The Twins - A Watercolour by Dwayne James by dwaynerjames Monsterlicious - Alien cake by brunoces Spring patron - April by JR-Dragona Tom Hiddleston by KseniaParetsky Agent Carter by MariaBruggeman Llawenhyth by loxsiana Let it all go by your-confusion Permanent choices by Regaux Chesh and Totoro by TrollGirl fishing for goldfish by eutopi Indian Summer by CAMartin Bolivan biodiversity - watercolour by MasdevalliaJR - Ebisu - by Losenko Robin's eye by sarahstokes<da:thumb id="186470348"/> Balloons by kalinatoneva Daybreak by Wolf-Smith Endless fight by kandasama Autumn 4 by mwolski coin mort by BlueCaroline

For more traditional art like this please take a look at some of my fav folders and my gallery:
My favourites
My gallery (Quelchii)

Feature #21 - Still Life

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 29, 2015, 4:55 AM
Profile l Gallery l Watch Me l Note Me

A few days ago I openend a forum thread (- Still Life FEATURE -) to find some great still life pictures on dA. And this is the result! I hope that you like these drawings/paintings/photos and enjoy this feature! :heart:

Upcoming feature: Possibly "Watercolour". I'll probably open a new forum thread to find pictures for this feature soon. :)

News: Commissions are open!

Featured deviations

Taste of summer by olegmd Pine Cone by chandito calla natural version II by URM Macallan 18 by zephyrxavier Coca-Cola painting by straewefin dahlia by kosharik69 Rosa/Rose by Mahbopoli Chanel perfume bottle drawing by DMartIT Triad by XRlS Beer Bottle Caps by ivanhooart Still life 1 by yarivt Azalea by steel--blue Pomegranate by marcheba Lumiere002 1080 by Noomelo Dessert Glass DRAWING by marcellobarenghi Oil on Canvas: Trash No. 2 by IMDWDW<da:thumb id="77838956"/> Flower with waterdrops by Maaal-Art Poem by m-v-c Mortality by m-v-c<da:thumb id="365520428"/><da:thumb id="391443989"/> Still life with peppers by christopheberle Grape by DaniiSantos

Citrus Still Life II by aimeelikestotakepics Time in bottles by BillyNikoll beauty of nature by thelittleone93

For more traditional art like this please take a look at some of my fav folders and my gallery:
My favourites
My gallery (Quelchii)

Update: Commissions, FB,...

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 26, 2015, 11:10 AM
Profile l Gallery l Watch Me l Note Me

I finally made a facebook account (this thing will probably stay dead) and a facebook site for my drawings!  Cheerleader by CookiemagiK Here you go:

My Facebook Site

Ok... Now I don't know what to to with this site? I think I have to ask for "likes" or something like that? So please like my site if you like my art. And share the stuff and site or whatever this thing is called! In the meantime I have to find out how to share some of my old drawings via these deviantART share buttons... ^^;

And don't be afraid that I'm going to leave dA. I'm going to use the fb site only to share my work, but I'll still be active on dA. So if you want an answer you should comment on dA (I won't have the time to answer on fb), because I want to keep this site here "alive". :heart:

I'll open commissions next week (possibly on Monday), so always keep an eye on my commissions journal if you're interested in a original drawing:


I'll update the journal (informations, prices, points, maybe prints and so on).

Since a few  weeks my back hurts pretty much, so I'm not able to draw or paint as much as I want. I hope that it gets better soon. Next week I have to do some physiotherapy. Maybe this will help. The problem is that it hurts pretty bad, when I sit on my laptop for too long... but I still have to update my "normal" website. So much work to do and always something like this happens. :stare:

Journal decoration (shameless self-promotion Evil Grin by BurgerBunny):

Agent Maria Hill (drawing) by Quelchii Loki - Magic (drawing) by Quelchii Daenerys (drawing) by Quelchii

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Feature #20 - Traditional Animals

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 13, 2015, 8:03 AM
Profile l Gallery l Watch Me l Note Me

This is a journal feature for some great traditional animal drawings or paintings. Thanks again for your help to find all these beautiful deviations! I hope that you like this feature and enjoy the best suggestions from my last forum thread (- Traditional FEATURE -)! :)

Upcoming features: I have no idea? Maybe traditional still life? Any other ideas?

Featured deviations

<da:thumb id="398421499"/> Vibrant by KristynJanelle MiuMiu by paullung Jellyfish by Mrblcvk Lion Fire by Kstar2105 Barred Owl by ZHField Scarlet Macaw by CamillaMalcus Drawing Squirrel with pastel by mo62 Owl by Mad-Margaret Frog by GhyselenBert Peacock portrait - Original watercolors painting by Kakiaart Wolf Howling by Bengtern Bear by cmloweart Lethal cat by yarivt Child of the sun by mangakasan Snake DRAWING by marcellobarenghi Owl painting by straewefin Falcon by LaLogias Hyacinth Macaw by AmBr0 Care by Celvaya Hunter in the Snow by billharrison<da:thumb id="397926579"/> Peacock Butterfly  (Inachis io) by HendrikHermans<da:thumb id="452817022"/> A wolf and his spirit by red-fox-child Rottweiler portrait by shaynaJreddick<da:thumb id="557347192"/> The Owls Three by IsaiahStephens Aerial Intensity -  Great Horned Owl by denismayerjr<da:thumb id="497624604"/>

For more traditional art like this please take a look at some of my fav folders and my gallery:
Traditional nature drawings
My gallery (Quelchii)

1. How long have you been on DeviantArt?
This account is already 7,5 years old, but I'm active since February 2014. Before I've been here for just 2 days, uploaded 6 drawings and didn't write any comments.

2. What does your username mean?
My favourite carnivorous plant is Utricularia quelchii.

3. Describe yourself in three words.
Curious, friendly, geeky...?

4. Are you left or right handed?
I'm left handed. I can write and draw with my right hand, too, but it doesn't look pretty good.

5. What was your first deviation?
This was my first upload on dA (a drawing of Utricularia quelchii):
Utricularia quelchii by Quelchii

6. What is your favourite type of art to create?
Traditional realism.

7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?
Probably digital art, because then I could erase/correct any mistake and would save a lot of money, because markers are really expensive. ^^;

8. What was your first favourite?
One of my first deviations was a Legend of Zelda drawing, so one of my first favourites was also Zelda fan art:
Link- Shadows of the Past by ramy

9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?
Traditional art (fan art, nature) and photography (nature).

10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?
I've got many favourite dA artists (see also this journal: My favourite dA artists), but my all-time favourite is probably DavidDeb.

11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?
Some of my watchers and my favourite artists! :)

12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?
I don't know. Many artists on dA are an inspiration for my own art and talking to other deviants has sometimes also an impact on me. For example: shaynaJreddick motivates me to practice more yoga, but I was a bit lazy in the past days. ^^;

13. What are your preferred tools to create art?
Colored pencils and markers.

14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?

15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?
That's difficult, because I don't have a specific dA memory. I just try to enjoy dA all the time and I'm happy about every comment. :heart: But coming back after my huge drawing break and getting so many watchers in a short time was a great experience!

Feature #19 - Hidden Gems

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