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Utricularia quelchii

That was my first try to draw a carnivorous plant with colour pencils. It's the flower of my favourite plant: Utricularia quelchii!^^
Reference picture (by Martin Reiner):…

Printing paper DIN A4, colour pencils.

Drawing from April 2007.
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*feelings intensifies* Holy shit dude this is still better than any drawing i did with colors yet. But  I guess i'm already figuring out how you do the thing with the colors. As soon as I have money to get some of the colors i don't have i think i'm going to start to draw something with colors.
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Vielen Dank! Als ich das hier gezeichnet habe, hatte ich noch keine Polychromos. Nur ein paar alte und sehr billige Farbstifte (u.a. sehr, sehr alte Stifte von Farber-Castell, no name Zeug und sonstige). ;)
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Uff O.O Woooow. Trotzdem respekt an dich o3o
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Oh, I could have been the first, but I went to the shower instead... Stare
Your colouring was already better than mine ever was :D and the contour too :D It all is better than I can draw now :D
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Lol! You missed an unique opportunity. :dignity-laugh:  Now it's too late!
Thank you. Image what would've been possible if I didn't take that huge drawing break between 2008 and 2014... :stare:
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Honestly I can't imagine how it's even possible to be better :D
I think the world wouldn't be ready for that :D
All I can say is that I hope you won't have any more breaks (blow up the world, whatever! :D Atomic Cock  )
And that you will always create with pleasure and joy :)
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Aww. Thank you! :glomp-squish: 
Lol! I hope so!
Explode la plz
Lola-in-the-Black's avatar
I'll get ready! EVIL Laughter! :BombingEscape: Fire Storm Firestorm 2 Sun Surface 3 
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Absolutely beautiful! :)
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Wohoo. Thanks! That's the first comment on my very first deviation!!! Victory Dance Revamp (...that was my first attempt to draw something realistic and I used some really crappy pencils at that time :stare:)
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You're welcome! c:

Well I think it's lovely. :heart:
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