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Ultron - James Spader (drawing)

Traditional mixed media (colored pencil & marker) drawing of James Spader / Ultron. Can you spot the similarities? :D Next time I'm going to pick a reference with less details, but now I need a break...

When I first heard that the enemy of the Avengers in their second movie will be a robot I was like "Umm ok... That's probably gonna be boring, but I still trust in Joss Whedon... somehow...", but then they announced that James Spader will play this villain (motion capture and voice) so suddenly I was like "OMG! Yes! Reddington will kill the Avengers and take over the world!!! Can't wait to see that!". Ultra Excitement

References: a promo picture of Ultron (James Spader) from the movie "Avengers: Age of Ultron" (2015) and a promo picture of James Spader as Raymond „Red“ Reddington from the TV series "The Blacklist".

Paper DIN A4 190g/m²; Faber-Castell Polychromos artists' colour pencils, Copic Ciao marker, Copic Multiliner 0.05 & SP 0.03, uni-ball Signo pigment ink um-153 white; time: 22h

Please don't upload my pictures somewhere else without my permission. Don't infringe copyright!

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Don't remember if I've commented on this before, but the art is amazing!
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I had to look twice to make sure I wasn't looking at a photograph My Face Intensifies 

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His voice for Ultron was the best 😍
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no strings on me
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Absolutely incredible
Again there are no words but this is beautiful :D 
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Wow.. Took me a while to believe someone actually drew this, ha. You drew both Mr. Spader and Ultron incredibly!
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Thank you very much! :)
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You caught James Spader perfectly!! Love this!Clap 
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james spader  = :love: and he's gold in the blacklist!!
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I agree! (Yay! Finally I can watch season 3 in Germany! :la: )
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season 3 is veryy good i can assure you! :la:
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James Spader..Heart Heart 

I love your work..
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Thanks a lot! :bow:
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Holy hell!  I absolutely LOVE this.  Well done.  Reddington>Ultron any day of the week.  
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Thank you! I agree! :la:
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I noticed something interesting with my blu-ray copy of Age of Ultron, specifically in the deleted scenes. Remember the well Thor goes to with Dr. Selvig (I'm probably spelling that wrong). The deleted scenes show that the well has more of the mystical elements of Norse mythology. The well was an access point for the Norns, the Norse version of the Three Fates. In the deleted scene, Thor enters the waters and is possessed by the Norns. In a creepy voice, the Norns (through Thor) told Selvig about the Infinity stones, and specifically about the Mind stone. It was such an interesting scene that couldn't be explained by the scientific elements seen in the Thor movies so far.
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I think they just wanted to leave out these mystical elements... that's why they changed this scene. They always try to keep the movies more scientific. That's annoying. I hope they don't do that in Thor 3. I want to see magic and "weather storm stuff"!
By the way: It's a shame what they called "extras" on the blu ray (+ steelbook)... just 1 feature (+ 2 mini features) and 4 deleted scenes. Before the release they were talking about the deleted Loki scene... where is it? It was difficult enough to spot him in the movie and the behind the scenes... And I'm pretty sure that there were plenty of other interesting deleted scenes and bts material! FOREVER WAITING Do you remember the Iron Man blu ray extras? That's what I would call bonus material! :grump:
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I also hope they don't do that for Thor 3. But there's no way they can avoid the mysticism in Dr. Strange, He's "The Sorcerer Supreme." The only thing scientific about him was his career before he loses his hands. I was hoping for a deleted scene with Loki, but I don't recall seeing him. Either Way, Loki NEEDS more of his trickster magic. I liked seeing Thor alter the rain in Thor 2, and I liked seeing his fight scenes (especially the tornado in Thor 1), but Loki is the Trickster god. His behavior is nailed down and perfect, but I would like to see him without the space stone, mind stone, and frost giant relic, for a change. He needs more illusions. I would also like to see Fenrir, the Serpent, and other important elements in Norse mythology.

Age of Ultron was the first Marvel movie (except maybe the Amazing Spiderman 2) I ever got for blu-ray, so I never got to see hardly any special features for any of the movies. I never even got to see the Marvel One-shots, I keep hearing so much about.
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Well... Fox turned Galactus into a space cloud. So sometimes I really don't know what to except (but Disney/Marvel is doing it much better so far). XD And I know almost nothing about Dr. Strange, so let's hope the best.
When I rewatched AoU I saw him in the background. You can definitely see him behind Heimdall, but it's very difficult to notice. But yes, he needs more magic in the movies. In Thor they said that he's a master of magic or something like that... ok... I want to see more of it!
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lol I remember the way Galactus looked. I know there are people who don't like the old Fantastic Four movies, but I still like them. They were the movies that introduced me to Marvel, and Reed Richard was my favorite superhero until Iron Man came out. Because of that I decided not to watch the new movie (it looked like it was less accurate than the older movies). I would also like to see Chris Evans play both the Human Torch and Captain America simultaneously, but that's very unlikely. Although… is the perfect scene for Chris Evans.
I'll have to take another look during Thor's dream sequences. If I recall right, Dr. Strange was a surgeon until he lost the use of his hands during a car accident. I think he ends up traveling the world until he finds one of the ancient beings of the universe (I don't remember exactly who he finds), and that individual teaches Dr. Strange the use of magic. There are a ton of things in his story that can't be explained, and often seem more magical than most things in Marvel's adaption of Asgard and the Nine Realms. The Dr. Strange Lore is just dripping with magic, magical items, and magical dimensions. There is rarely anyone who can match Dr. Strange in the powers of magic. He is called "The Sorcerer Supreme" for a reason, so the new Dr. Strange movie might have the most magic of all the Marvel movies.
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