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Thor and Loki

So this is the first time that I tried to draw a monochrome picture (with a few colourful hightlights) with colored pencil and Copic marker (no graphite pencil!).
Some people already guessed that Thor is not alone on this drawing (see "Thor and Loki WIP (2)")! Again it was a bit difficult for me to draw his face. I spend much more time on it than on Loki's face... ;) But it always takes hours to get the likeness right, when I try to draw such tiny portraits.

Reference was a screencap of Chris Hemsworth (Thor) and Tom Hiddleston (Loki) from "Thor: The Dark World" (Feature: A Brother's Journey).

Paper DIN A4 190g/m²; Faber-Castell Polychromos artists' colour pencils, Copic Ciao marker; time: ~20h

Please don't upload my pictures somewhere else without my permission. Don't infringe copyright!

Here some other traditional Thor and Loki drawings:
Thor - God of Thunder (mixed media) by QuelchiiThor and Loki (colour pencils) by QuelchiiThor and Loki (marker drawing) by QuelchiiLoki - Puny God (drawing) by Quelchii
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This is incredible! I thought it was digital art. Do you custom-make anything? I’m trying to do a book cover.
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What!? This looks like a monochrome screenshot form the movie dayum!
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I love how it's all grey scale except for accents of their colors!
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Thank you very much! :bow:
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This is amazing!!!! :D
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You're Welcome! 😆
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Shared to facebook page for "people" day 

I know I know they're gods..

but the actors is people :D hehe…
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I think you are the reason behind my new obsession with Loki ;) ahahha :D
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bwhahahah! :D awesome! :D

Nice one 

C x
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Thanks! I don't know?! But practice makes perfect! ;)
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Indeed it does Kawaii Kitty Hamster Avatar/Icon Free To Use! 
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My gosh! I'm going to end up favoriting everything in your gallery.
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Lol! I'm ok with that! Thanks! :D
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Oh, its gorgeous (how do you make them look so real *cries*)
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I don't know!? I just try to draw what I see. ;) I tried to explain it here in these step by step tutorials:
The Trial of Loki step by step
Loki (mixed media) step by step
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Thor is such a useless twit, I have no clue why Loki doesn't just kill him.

(Odin's still worse, though.)
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Exactly my thoughts.
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