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Loki - Rage (colour pencils)

I never used so many different Polychromos (colour / colored pencils) for one drawing... That was the first time that I tried to draw so many details. It was fun to draw, but I think that I need a break. Sleep
Reference was a screencap (Tom Hiddleston as Loki) from the movie "Avengers" (2012), where Loki gives Tony Stark / Iron Man a "death stare".

By the way: If you compare it with the WIP you can see that I changed many things in his face. I erased the mouth, the nose, the left eye,...

Paper DIN A4 (size of the drawing: 17,6cm x 22,1cm) 190g/m², Faber-Castell Polychromos artists' colour pencils, time: > 32h...? Shocked 

Please don't upload my pictures somewhere else without my permission. Don't infringe copyright!

Here some other Loki drawings:
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First I thought it was a photo.
Only colored pencils. Wow! Worship

And I love his expression. Giggle  Sometimes I have the same face, when a crowd of jarring kids are entering my wagon and I just want to read or listen music. :unthinking: 
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Reminds me of myself when the other idiots in my elementary school classrooms prevented the teacher from giving us new stuff to learn.
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i was being serious
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This looks like a movie still, your talent is unbelievable! Love all your other artwork as well. 
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Thank you very much! :)
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I absolutely adore how life-like you make these portraits!
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I think I am addicted to your art.

I've been sharing the hell out of you on my facebook page! :) You are my featured artist of the moment. Want to see? :)
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Thank you very much! :huggle:

I've already seen it! Thank you! I'm always happy if other people share my art and do it right (for example with the share buttons and not uploading!).
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Your stuff is SO PRECISE, they look like colored copies of photographs, and I mean that as the highest compliment I can give. SO FREAKING REALISTIC, and detailed, and gah. I wish I could draw. Never had the patience to learn, so I write smut instead.  Bravo!
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Thank you so much! :hug:
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Ha, ha! I bet Thor pissed him off so hard. XD

Colored pencils? How is that possible? Mindblowing 
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With a lot of patience and practice! ;)
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Colored Pencils. . . ? Wow.
That is just spectacular. I don't have the words. 
You are amazing! 
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Yes, just colored pencils! Thank you! :bow:
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Hehe, you're welcome. :D
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this is beautiful art it really is =D =D Loki's AWESOME 
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You are the best! I can see progress in your work! Hope one day I will be able to draw like you!
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