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Loki - Puny God (drawing)

So that's what happens if you try to argue with the Hulk... :D
The lighting effects were very interesting and so much fun to draw and I'm very happy with the golden parts of his armor (I'm even happy with the scan although it looks better on paper). But I think I have a new point for my "never-draw-this-again list": dust and debris on rough (granite) floor.

Reference was a screencap of Loki (Tom Hiddleston) from the movie "The Avengers" (2012) after he got smashed by the Hulk. :shakeloki:  WIP

Paper DIN A4 190g/m² (size of the drawing = 26,3cm x 17,7cm); Faber-Castell Polychromos artists' colour pencils, Copic Ciao marker, uni-ball Signo pigment ink um-153 white, Faber-Castell Pitt Pastel Soft 101; time: > 30h?

Please don't upload my pictures somewhere else without my permission. Don't infringe copyright!

Here some other traditional Loki drawings:
Loki - Finally free (mixed media drawing) by QuelchiiLoki - Do not disturb... by QuelchiiLoki - King of Asgard by QuelchiiLoki - Rage (colour pencils) by Quelchii
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I picture you drawing this while you are laughing so hard, haha!

Great Job and you won a follower xD

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Thank you very much! :giggle:

you are welcome dear!

haha wow that is great!

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I thank the saints for stunt doubles! I loved this scene, too. Loki has to learn that his "I am a God" spiel goes over like the proverbial lead balloon. My second favourite scene with Loki was the one in which he tried to challenge Doctor Strange, and he and Thor got sent to the Middle of Nowhere. One does NOT insult the Sorcerer Supreme and not expect consequences

There will be consequences.

Noooooooooooooo!!! Dad! Are you okay?

Brilliant work!  Though I always have to close my eyes when the Hulk is slamming Loki around....
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I don't know what's a photo and what's art now.
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BOI this looks highly accurate!
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Hulk smashed. Good work.
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Poor Loki, thast must have been painful. Tini Bandaid 
Great work. I'm speechless.
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Favorite scene from that movie! 
Very well done!!
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These drawings are incredible!
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Thanks a lot! :bow:
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That part was so funny when I 1st saw the Avengers. This is amazing. All of your artwork is amazing 
:shakeloki:  WIP 
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Thank you very much! :la:
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You're welcome Captain America Thumbs Up 
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OMG My favourite scene!!!
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I'm glad you like my drawing! :D
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